Fixing the Real Problem!

     When we elect the wrong people to office, what is the first thing they do? They go and figure out how to remain in office. Second, they go and figure out to obtain more power. Then, they figure out how to steal elections so their ideas become permanent. The time span this takes is determined by the particular wrong candidate who is selected. It is also across the ideological spectrum. It leaves no one out. The good ones just choose to stay out of it.

     They corrupt institutions to consolidate power, like the schools. When you start teaching propaganda and outright lies, start telling them it is alright to be something they aren’t, like Billy being Sally, you reduce the time spent on them learning the things essential to survive and thrive in society. They also become tribal. This group, that group, and then one day, it is one group against another, which is post-modernism, otherwise known as modernday communism. Who was the first target? He remains the target to this day, to a growing number. He is the one who is really in control.

     Jesus said that they hated Him before they will hate you and I. Christianity is the ongoing enemy of governments and evil ideologies, and Christianity is what this country was founded on, regardless of what anyone wishes to say otherwise, about our founders.

     When churches feel as if they have to appease culture, in order for them to keep their pews filled, society crumbles. I can’t think of a single church that is immune.  Our country has to believe in something, in order to survive. God should be our priority. He created all of us, and everything that surrounds us.

     What we need is a revival of the beliefs that founded our country, which includes a strong faith in God. He is the bedrock of everything. Without Him, we can’t fix our problem. God fearing men and women built this country, only to allow evil to take it apart, piece by piece. Without the first five books of the Old Testament, or the Torah, we would have no laws. Look at our laws today. They don’t come close to resembling what is the Ten Commandments, and all the other definitions of justice that we once had.

     Every problem we face is because we allow evil to overcome good. Begin there, and the largest of the problems becomes solved, temporarily. When you begin to fight back against evil, that is a sign to God that you are on the right track. Did you know that? You will be known by your works. According to the Bible, there will be a final judgement. The best we can do is to maybe postpone that time, if one believes in the word of God, but judgement will come. And He will return like a thief in the night. He will give no warning, He will just come. When that time comes, in the flickering of an eye, it will be too late. Now is the time, for you to do something about your own life, and its future.

     That list God gave Moses may seem like an easy list to follow, but to one degree or another, almost everyone who walks the Earth breaks one or more, in their hearts or by their actions, and the degree matters very little. God even gave us a way to be saved, through Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. He paid our debt, and many act as if that is a simple myth. It is a struggle, but the struggle is worth it, to repent and ask for salvation. I struggle every day.

     Get to know Him, before it is too late. You don’t have to go to a church to do that, but reading the Bible and talking to God is not too much to ask for. I’m not saying to not go to church, because I have recently found one that continues in the tradition of faith I was raised by. It took me years to find it, and I am glad I found it.

     There are two things I do, early in the morning, almost every morning, nowadays. While I cook breakfast, while the bacon is on, I pick up the Bible and read another chapter. I’ve also learned to like burnt bacon, from getting enthused about the message. I still fry the eggs over easy, though. Find your way to do that. It was me who was holding back. I found out how easy it was to just plow in and start. You just might find that opening your heart to Jesus is really the easiest thing you ever did.

     The next time you get cranky about something you have no control over, like what lefty person or government just did against you, it will temper how you react, because you then know who is really in control, after reading that one Book.

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2 thoughts on “Fixing the Real Problem!”

  1. Great post Mark. When we approach God, and ask Jesus into our hearts with humility, we are definitely on the right track… We are on the winning team, life will be imperfect, but we know who is really in charge and get to spend eternity with the King of Kings.
    Blessings to you, yours and the AFNN family.🙏🇺🇸

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