Leftist History Repeats and it’s an Ugly Rhyme

Because history is now considered racist by left wing Americans, and leftists dominate public education in this country, few Americans know or remember the history of their own country. Meanwhile, the left-wing, bigoted, anti-American mainstream wing media spend 24/7/365 spewing their hateful rhetoric about how (white) Americans are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, intolerant and violent. Per the left wing mythology, those qualities are nowhere more evident than in police departments around the country.

Those organizations are nothing less than dens of KKK sympathizers who spend their duty hours hunting black people, including near billionaires like LeBron James. That slanderous hate-filled narrative is what set off nationwide, and even world- wide, riots after George Floyd, career criminal, drug addict, and abuser of at least one pregnant woman, was killed by rogue cops. The violence was justified because in the media narrative Floyd was just the tiny tip of a very large iceberg of white cops who murder black Americans with impunity. Enough was enough!!

Of course, the whole narrative of a systemically racist America would seem odd to a person who knew nothing about America except historical fact. That person would know that America was never aligned on the idea of slavery and racial caste. More than half of the country was against it from the beginning. That person would know that America outlawed the importation of slaves in 1808, 53 years before the Civil War. They would know that in 1808, almost the entire world outside of the British Empire still allowed slavery, and it was not based on race.

In fact, it is quite likely that more Caucasians were held as slaves than were Asians or blacks. That person would also know that hundreds of thousands of white Americans fought a war against people of their own race to free black people from slavery. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of other whites fought for what they saw as their sovereign right to self-government. The result was freedom for millions of black slaves, death for over 600,000 whites, and a half a million white soldiers maimed for life.

The Jim Crow period in the South that followed the Civil War was shameful, but it is instructive to note that there was no mass migration of black Americans to other countries. No huge movement of black Americans to Mexico, back to Africa, over to Europe, up to Canada, or to Asia. However, there was a massive migration of black Americans to the northern United States. Why? Why would black Americans remain in a systemically racist country where cops were hunting them every day? More to the point, even today hundreds of thousands of black people from all over the world do everything they can very year to get to America. Why?!?! Are they crazy masochists?

Of course, any sentient person knows the answer to that question. Despite the best efforts of race baiting Democrat leaders, free-lance race hustlers, opportunistic, money-hungry lawyers, and self-hating white liberals, the non-white people who pour into America every year can discern the truth: America is NOT a racist society, and the police are NOT hunting anyone. If anything, criminals are hunting cops and law-abiding citizens with near impunity in many Democrat run cities. Prosecutors routinely let violent criminals go free without even posting bail. They coddle and pamper them with light sentences and easy parole even if they do prosecute them for their crimes, which is always in doubt.

Sadly enough, the population that suffers the most from crime, and the rampantly increasing rate of it, are black Americans. They are victimized at two or three times the rate of Americans of other races, and the numbers continue to worsen year after year. Only zealous (and ignorant) liberals, and lying race baiters would ignore the appalling toll that criminal violence takes on black Americans and focus instead on the comparatively nonexistent problem of cops killing blacks. The demagogues in the media and on the left get away with it because they have successfully brainwashed a significant percentage of the American population into believing that their country is racist and white cops are routinely murdering blacks.

The cabal of scoundrels, bigots, grifters, and liars who make a living stoking racial hatred is large and repulsive. It includes our current President and Vice President, well-known racists like Ilhan Omar, Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Maxine Waters, and the usual cast of self-loathing whites like Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, and the preacher at my former church. It is a roster of the most despicable humans one can imagine. They stand for nothing but rank opportunism, with racism as their bread and butter. They love to paint whites as the primary source of violence in this country and love to portray cops as the worst offenders in the war on minorities. So far, 2023 has not been kind to their narrative.

There have been a number of random mass shootings this year, and one can imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth going on in Democrat and media circles as incident after incident reveals a perpetrator who is non-white. Predictably, unlike when a white male is the shooter, the media barely give the incidents a passing headline when the shooter is non-white. Ergo, very few Americans know that there have been two mass shootings in California this month, both perpetrated by Asian men against Asian victims.

It is also quite likely that even fewer know that Tyre Nichols was killed by five cops in Memphis, Tennessee. There is no 24/7 coverage with images of the accused juxtaposed with photos of the victim as a child. There is no handwringing over police violence or racism in the community. There are no calls for the cops to be imprisoned immediately and the police department disbanded. No Riots. No burning buildings. Sadly, it is easy for one to guess why that might be. Unlike in the Freddie Grey case in Baltimore, all the accused officers in this case are black. SHHHHHHHHH! Let’s not disturb the American people with stories that do not fit the left-wing narrative that only white cops kill black perps. Only white cops are violent and treat black people like dirt.

For years, the media, corrupt racist politicians and race baiting community leaders in the south used racial hatred to gain and keep power. In that time, they lined up on the side of corrupt government because that was where the money and power was. Eventually, Federal intervention, black resistance, and the consciences of a majority white population, combined to destroy the white racist power structure in the south. Unfortunately, the Democrat party, black racists, self-loathing whites, opportunistic grifters, and sleazy lawyers saw the example of the southern white supremacists and how it worked and are now using the same tactics in black communities all over America.

By telling blacks that the government is racist (just like the KKK told white southerners that Federal government hated them) corrupt politicians, local bureaucrats, fee hungry lawyers, and sensationalist media stoke racial unrest and hatred for power and profit. That kind of seething resentment cripples a community’s ability to prosper. That is why the south lagged behind the rest of America for so long economically. Hatred is a poverty of the soul, and its fruit is poverty in the physical world as well. Unless black Americans can see through the lies and learn the real history of their country and all its people they will not prosper any better than white Americans did when they were duped into thinking that black Americans were their enemy and the federal government was systematically exploiting white southerners.

Liberals love to bash history because it was mainly written by white males, but the truth is that history can tell us things that can guide a society toward prosperity and away from catastrophe. It is likely that the folks profiting the most from the current narrative know that all too well. Knowing that, they work assiduously to keep their acolytes from reading, hearing, or seeing those facts and instead keep feeding them a steady diet hateful lies, racist propaganda, and empty promises of government sponsored reparations/retribution. Anyone with a passing knowledge of history knows that the left wing’s agenda is a dead end because it is built on a lie, and that is the opposite of what one needs to prosper.

As one historic quote from 2,000 years ago rendered it:

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

– Jesus Christ

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