The Denial of Objective Reality

The Denial of Objective Reality; 

“Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”

~ Matthew 12:25

Greetings my fellow Americans!

If there’s one thing that’s likely to be obvious to anyone grounded in the notion of a reality, and Creator, outside and above ourselves, it’s that the media and government psyop to which we have been being subjected over the past few decades bemoaning the injustice, and decrying the illegitimacy of, the American founding, coupled with the redefinition of many heretofore universal distinctions (e.g. male and female), has been systematically dissolving all ties to fundamental principles heretofore regarded as “common sense.” Whether deliberately orchestrated and executed, or a passive manifestation of our general falling away and/or detachment from worldviews rooted in Natural or Divine Law, our western civilization is undergoing such a foundational disintegration.

As sinister and nefarious as such a stratagem for defeating a nation rooted in individual liberty and religious freedom appears to be, it should likewise be acknowledged that it may be the shrewdest and most effective way known to expose the relative frailty of any civilization or society, and foment implosion thereof, simply through language. Like all nations before us, our initial purposes for allying with each other, and defending what we had intended to produce, or actually produced, together was first constituted in a shared verbal discourse; among those aspects of our founding which truly made America unique was that this conversation about why we chose to co-exist was formalized in writing—first as the Declaration of Independence, later as our Constitution. Not only did our Founders speak these shared beliefs, they also were willing to sign their names to the documents which enabled others to see to what each was committing to producing for themselves and each other, at great risk to their personal safety (especially in the case of the Declaration).

Putting these into writing not only strengthened that personal resolve; it also served as a constant reminder of to what they had jointly committed, since—as most everyone has probably realized by now—it is easy to forget exactly what was said, and why, in conversations which have previously occurred, even recently. Even with that additional reinforcement, the meaning of those written words was predicated on a common background of learning and interpretation among those who wrote, read and signed, or who otherwise to the worldview described later pledged their allegiance. Like those reading this right now, you are automatically applying your learned interpretations of what the words I am writing mean, and attempting to make sense out of them based on your backgrounds of obviousness. Based on how closely yours is aligned with mine, you are either agreeing, disagreeing, or not yet sure what to make of it. Stated another way, the language used to constitute our founding is only as effective at causing a proper interpretation of it as the ability of its readers to listen to it properly.

For such a document to have merit and longevity of original purpose requires proper education of current and future generations of people to discern original intent and to translate to modern situations. It is nothing more than a piece of parchment with a bunch of scribble on it otherwise, which is to what I believe the U.S. Constitution has been reduced for many who reside within our geographic borders today. The history of human existence from biblical times through today is not being properly taught so that those who don’t now understand what it meant to be an American from the perspective of those who fought and died to make it possible for them to be may. Be it lack of, or mis-, education, we are gradually losing the “common sense” which has underpinned the allegiance and patriotism which made America great.

And that shared background of obviousness has been rooted in belief and acceptance of an objective reality, made manifest by a supreme Creator who

created man in his own image…male and female he created them.

~ Genesis 1:27 (emphasis mine).

Unless and until we can again agree on basic premises such as this, the American part of the United States will continue to shrink and dissolve

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1 thought on “The Denial of Objective Reality”

  1. The erasure of historical truths is part and parcel to the problem we face when we see that truth become accommodated in ways that don’t come close to resembling truth, anymore. Erase our history and it erases that objective reality. All it takes after history is done away with, is what replaces it, which is indoctrination. The current indoctrination is based on whatever one wishes truth to be. Our society has lost a fundamental foundation when it leaves history in the trash can. Hard to pick that back up when the trash goes to the incinerator.
    If we don’t remember where we came from, how will we get anywhere in the future?
    The quote from Matthew is something that we have been reminded about, and conveniently isn’t taught anymore. It’s directly sourcing “United we stand, divided we fall”.

    Teaching woke and diversity, throw in the pronoun thing, and it leaves us with nothing. That has to change, if it can be.

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