Tilting At Windmills, Part 2

Tilting at Windmills, Part 2

We made too many wrong mistakes.”

-Yogi Berra

So what else may be affected by the turbines? Whales. There have been 178 Right, Sperm, and Humpback whale fatalities along the Atlantic coast since 2016. (Stop These Things, 2023) Radical environmentalists initially blamed the Maine lobstermen for killing the endangered Right whale. But these whales don’t migrate to Maine’s lobster grounds. Then, as Sperm and Humpback whales were also being killed, people began to look elsewhere for cause.

As it turns out, the low-frequency modulations put out by the turbines seem to affect the whales’ navigational abilities as well as scattering their plankton food source. NOAA Fisheries is investigating further and Congressmen have protested further turbine development until the causes are resolved. (Townhall.com) However, the Biden administration undaunted by logic and common sense in 2021, blessed the Vineyard Wind Project while seeking to dismantle Maine’s 150 year-old lobster industry, 4,500 jobs, and a $1.4 billion in revenue without understanding the consequences of their action.

And then there’s the fiberglass windmill blades. Currently, they cannot be recycled. In fact, Industry analyst Wind Europe recently estimated that “by 2025, around 25,000 tonnes” of blades will be retired annually. But there may be a forthcoming solution as a Danish manufacturer has determined a chemical solution will break down the blades’ epoxy resin to a recyclable material.  But then again the government told us the untested Covid vaccine was safe and Solyndra was Obama’s jewel in the Green Energy crown. But let’s wait and see.

Still another problem with the windmills is, wait for it, they rely on wind.  As I would expect Deep Thoughts to explain, “The propellers use the wind to make electricity because the wind blows over the propellers and the propellers turn and and then electricity is created from the turning propellers as a result of the wind blowing over them.” Or something. Aerodynamics aside, what happens when the wind doesn’t blow? That’s what they recently encountered in Scotland and the progressive government had to admit the turbines had to be driven by—you guessed it—diesel fuel. (dailyrecord.co.uk)  Or, as in Texas, they simply iced up and quit.

Now, I’m certainly not an opponent to discovering other forms of energy which will be more tolerant and beneficial to the needs of people and planet. But I’m intolerant when listening to hypocrites with a factless radical agenda, who have no plan, and who arrogantly push regulations and restrictions on things they don’t wish to understand. Sound familiar Mr Biden? Mr Kerry? Mr Gore?

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