War With China What Would It Look Like?

A war with China; There is no mistaking that China is aggressive.  They are spoiling for a fight, feeling their oats, so to speak.  They, like so many communist countries, are very much like your typical  organized crime syndicate, not out to defend their people, but closer to defending their hold on their territory and its economy.  They have a money maker and will defend it.

The Chinese people, for the most part, have long since retreated into a fetal position.  The World Economic Forum even suggests that The New World Order’s population should be made up of 50% oriental since they are totally accustomed and accepting of regimentation.

The balloon that recently traversed the United States was not a weather balloon or a balloon for the Chinese New Year.  It had multiple antennas capable of collecting intelligence, could maneuver or change direction, had a large solar array for power and the balloon maker has proven ties to the Chinese military…says the State Department.  The balloon was part of a major surveillance program, another example of China’s ongoing effort to spy on just about any country they see as a threat.  They guessed that Biden would not respond before it completed its job.  They were right.

CCP spies are everywhere, They’re in our government (Sen. Feinstein had a Chinese spy on her staff for almost 20 years), our universities, even our small towns.  They’ve purchased land adjacent to sensitive military bases.  Why they are allowed to do that is no mystery. We have too many stupid people in responsible positions, many of them on the take.

The Biden administration and Democrats would not be anxious to go to war with China.  They are business partners and the money exchanged may be too much to risk.

Nevertheless, our government has said many times that it will defend Taiwan.  But, considering our present leadership, I am not sure.  Biden may try to convince America that Taiwan is not worth American blood and treasure (but Ukraine is?) or that China’s occupation of Taiwan won’t change anything, like in Hong Kong.  Of course, that would be a lie.  China promised Hong Kong considerable political autonomy in 1997 for 50 years, their “one country, two systems’ policy.  That has all but disappeared.  In 2020, Beijing initiated a new national security law, cracking down on dissenters and punishing critics.  Anyway, Biden may not want to risk not receiving his next check from the Chinese Communist Party.

If you think I’m being facetious, the NY Post (1/27/23) reported just 2 weeks ago that “the Biden family has done five deals in China totaling some $31 million arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence — some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency.”

So, where is China militarily? First, I’ll say that China is not a superpower by the definition created after WW2.  That is, a country that can exert influence and project power all across the globe.  That would make China a regional power, not a global one.  That would be true, but it requires qualification.  Through Xi Jinping’s foreign policy, his Belt and Road Initiative, China has managed to build airports, roads, and docking facilities in more than 150 countries.  In a military emergency, I believe China would at least attempt to assume the use of all or at least some of the facilities it has built.

China has a modern military and is a nuclear power.  It can deliver a nuclear warhead to the U.S., but our nuclear capability is 20X larger.  China’s military, as pretty as it looks, has never been battle tested, unless you want to consider its war with Vietnam in 1979.  China didn’t do too well.

China has an almost unlimited supply of military-age men, mostly single (not enough women).  They boasted in 2011 that they can field an army of 200 million men (Revelation 9 said an army of 200 million men would attack Israel from the East, an interesting side note).  China has only one established foreign, military outpost, in Djibouti.  If standing armies were the gold standard of military power, China would indeed be right up there.

The CCP has a powerful economic sector.  It can cease supplying many countries that depend on them for medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and untold manufactured goods.  But, it has been changing of late.  Nations such as Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, and India have begun to supplant China for manufacturing because of forced labor, child and prisoner labor, COVID policies, and authoritarian tactics. Many of these policies of tight control, which will eventually kill China, are admired by  Democrats who can’t see beyond their craving for an more autocratic society. The Washington Post reported that Apple supplier, Lens Technology, uses slave labor in its factories in China.

China is losing its status to India as the most populous country.  Due to China’s one-child policy for many years, India will probably surpass their neighbor in population this year, a long-term problem for China since it has an aging population, and is not seeing any success in boosting their birth rate.

So, what will a war with China look like?   When you consider the inevitable miscalculation, the action followed by the reaction, you have any number of dangerous scenarios that could materialize.  As of now, Taiwan seems to be the most likely catalyst.

Imagine another of the almost routine illegal Chinese incursions into Taiwan’s airspace by China’s air force, to demonstrate to Taiwan they they are owned by China.  But this time, instead of heading back to the mainland they make a 90 degree turn toward the island and begin the attack.  And it’s a massive air attack from aircraft already airborne with additional resources taking off to guided missiles on their way to their targets, airfields, aircraft still on the ground, communications, power stations, bridges, anything military, government buildings, docks, ships in and out of harbor.  It would have to be done quickly with no letup.

The CCP would have to create quite a diversion to hide the military buildup on their coast.

Taiwan would almost certainly still have airpower as many aircraft are hidden in mountains.  They would hit mainland China’s airfields, radar, military batteries, ground troops preparing to cross the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan’s army would head to the beaches to lay mines and prepare for the invasion.  All this action by Taiwan would be, to my thinking, a holding action to slow China down until the US arrives with Japan, and Australia, with carriers, other warships, submarines, fighters and stealth bombers, all to eliminate the Chinese fleet crossing toward Taiwan.  The Chinese would also have to consider any action by India, most likely in the form of an invasion of China’s Himalayan border to the south, long a contested area. Tibet may even rise up to take advantage of the instability and preoccupation with Taiwan and attempt to reclaim their sovereignty.  Vietnam is a question.

This conflict could go in a thousand different directions.

I am not as concerned about our military as I am about our leadership,  not just in Washington, but in the Pentagon as well.    It seems much of our top brass are woke, meaning they have spent more time thinking about transgender bathroom policies than defense.  That Chinese balloon could have been shot down over Alaska with no threat to anyone.  Our leadership continually shows serious weakness and ineptitude.  And that is as dangerous as wanton aggression.

Understand this, war is not just strategic planning or preparation, or winning or losing.  It’s dealing with loss of life, grave injury, and severe damage to our country and the people left behind that have to deal with it for the rest of their lives.  But, if war is upon us, we must be committed to winning it, no half war, no holding back, no quarter given.

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US. Reprinted here with permission.

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2 thoughts on “War With China What Would It Look Like?”

  1. I can see China invading Taiwan and assuming the US will speak loudly and do nothing of significance, especially with Biden in the White House.

    What China should do is just keep up the soft war. Keep supplying critical supplies to countries around the world, buy up natural resources, develop global allies, spying, plant spies in the US government, continue to buy US politicians, buy off Hollywood, the US media, professional sports, etc., fuel the debasement of the American mind with TikTok and other crap, all while collecting data on everything about Americans. In other words, America is on track to burn itself down. All China needs to do is keep handing us matches. (This is assuming they can retain control over their own country.)

    I think our best bet is to foster relationships with India and other large countries capable of supplanting China’s manufacturing capabilities. Without selling their crap to the world, China doesn’t have much else to leverage in a war situation. There are other suppliers, if we took the effort to foster them. It is critical to our long term national security to not depend on China for anything. We’d be well served to try and foster relationships and trade within the Americas.

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