Political Parody As a Weapon Part LXXV-Why Balloons Appear

Political Parody As a Weapon Part LXXV; Why Balloons Appear. On the day that he was born our opponents got together and decided to create a gaffe come true.

Last week, in Part LXXIV, a trial balloon was launched in tribute to songwriter singer/ songwriter Jimmy Webb, in light of current events precipitated by what the Chinese call weather research. This week, the catalogue of another great American songwriter will be accessed to further explore whether the Chinese Communist Party might be interested in the effects of wind currents and climate change over North America, or if they are engaged in research of a somewhat different nature.

On February 8, Burt Bacharach passed away at the age of 95. The nonagenarian had been one of the most successful and prolific songwriters of the second half of the 20th century, as we touched on briefly in Part XXXVI. Working on his own and in collaboration with others, Bacharach penned hundreds of hits, from Jackie DeShannon’s “What the World Needs Now” to the theme song from the original version of “The Blob” with Steve McQueen. Though he wrote primarily music for the adult contemporary format, his music appealed to the youth of the time as well (many of whom are seniors today). His works were recorded by such diverse artists as Richard Chamberlain, the Drifters, the Shirelles, Marty Robbins, Perry Como, Jack Jones, Tom Jones, Chuck Jackson, Gene Pitney, Gene McDaniels, Herb Alpert, the Stylistics and again and again by Dionne Warwick.

As the ode to the blob that leaped and creeped indicates, Mr. Bacharach’s songs did not focus exclusively on love, though that and the occasional tragic consequences of this emotion did dominate. One of the groups that did have success from the Bacharach collection of love songs were the Carpenters.

The siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter dominated the adult contemporary middle of the road pop music charts as the 1970s began, impressing then-President Richard Nixon enough to invite them to the White House to play in 1973. Anyone involved in the wedding industry during this era will recall that no ceremony or reception was complete without hearing “We’ve Only Just Begun”.

Of course, over half a century ago when the Carpenters were featured on the air waves at pop/rock radio station 1380 WAMS in Mount Cuba, Delaware as well as the adult contemporary 1150 WDEL off of Shipley Road north of Wilmington, a county councilman named Joe Biden was preparing for his U.S. Senate run. As most are likely aware, Biden successfully passed the electoral test in November of 1972, and he was foisted onto the national stage that he has yet to relinquish, even though (as Robert Gates noted) he failed every performance metric on foreign policy during his career. Outside of using the democrat vote counting apparatus to achieve victory in elections, Biden has failed in almost every other way as a legislator and executive.

The story of the Carpenters also point out how one can be successful in one way while a failure in what is ultimately most important. While she was recording hit after hit and entertaining millions of fans with her melodious voice, Karen Carpenter was afflicted by mental illness and an eating disorder, and eventually died of heart failure in the early 1980s brought on by her starving herself to death.

Beyond having elections certified in his favor, Joe Biden has constantly felt the need to claim achievements he never achieved from events that never even happened in his life. The inability of his administration to prevent a Chinese spy balloon from traversing the breadth of the US over its most strategically sensitive locations and subsequent attempts to adjust are an indication of how ill-prepared the current occupant of the White House is for his constitutional role as Commander-in-Chief. It also appears that the military has similarly concluded this, and now considers his orders “advice” that can be heeded or discarded as needed.

After he was selected as Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008, during the campaign Biden spoke to supporters off script about how Obama would be “tested”, and how he would pass the test due to the “spine of steel” that the then-senator from Illinois/ community organizer possessed. While Biden was well-known at the time as being gaffe-prone, the deterioration of his faculties over the 15 years since then can easily lead one to conclude those testing this commander-in-chief have shown he has a brain of mush.

One of the Carpenter’s first hits was “Close to You”. This not only described the distance from which Biden would allow our adversaries to conduct aerial surveillance, but it was a Bacharach-David composition whose rhythm and meter lend themselves well to a parody of the tests that the current occupant of the White House faces and fails.



Why do huge spy balloons appear
When a Chinese summit’s near?
Looks to me, they seem to be
Testing Joe

When Joe says Shoot it from the sky
Do four days pass on by?
Military, acting contrary
Testing Joe

Back in Twentytwenty democrats all got together
And decided to launch a puppet regime
So they grabbed a senile clown and propped him up
And set out to create a left wing dream

That is why now Afghanistan
has in charge Taliban
Just like Vlad, they’re breaking bad
Testing Joe

On day one in office all his aides they got together
And handed him a stack of orders he should pass
So he signed his name and it’s a shame but now
that’s why it costs so much for gas

That is why trouble ‘round the world
just distract; Look- a squirrel!
As we wail, he tends to fail
Testing Joe

Vacant smile, brain dead senile
Testing Joe

Waaaaaaaah, Testing Joe
Waaaaaaaah, Testing Joe
Haaaaaaaah, Testing Joe
Laaaaaaaaah, Testing Joe

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