We Deserve Better

If the 20th and 21st centuries taught us anything it’s that the greatness of America is not to be found in our leaders, but in our people.  We are a strong, generous, hard-working, moral people, a combination of every country of the world, all within a framework of freedom, in a Constitutional Republic…the greatest country in the world that deserves the greatest leaders in the world.  But, when you look at our leaders of the past 100+ years, we deserved better, much better.

Starting with Woodrow Wilson (D-NJ, 1913 – 1921), he was born in Virginia and lived in Georgia.  He was an extreme racist, even by the standards of the early 20th century. He wrote a history text praising the Confederacy and the KKK.  Due to Reconstruction, Washington at the time was pretty much integrated.  Neither Wilson nor his wife were going to put up with any of that integration stuff.  So, he resegregated the federal government including the White House. In essence, he reversed what hundreds of thousands of men died and bled for just 50 years earlier.  They couldn’t bring back slavery, but they did try to reverse any Black American progress seen since the end of the Civil War.

Franklin Roosevelt (D-NY, 1933-1945), celebrated by revisionist historians for his handling of the Great Depression and World War Two. He had no problem breaking the precedent of two presidential terms.  Only death relieved him of command.  FDR used his New Deal to set the nation on a course of unlimited federal power while not restoring the economy.   Roosevelt tried unsuccessfully to pack the Supreme Court when he didn’t get his way in legislation.  Unemployment remained high until WW2.

FDR led us into a war for which we were totally unprepared.  Roosevelt failed to read the tea leaves in Europe and Asia, or was aware, but decided to prepare when it became unavoidable, willing to take a hit in the process. We did…Pearl Harbor. Like so many Democrats, Roosevelt saw little use for a strong military, having resisted repeated calls to increase the defense budget.  In 1939, the US Army was 19th in the world with 174,00 personnel, behind even Portugal.  Our Navy had less than 60 capital warships, for two oceans, mind you…and a two-front war.

John F. Kennedy (D-MA, 1961-1963) could have been an exceptional president given two full terms.  He had everything going for him, an adoring and doting public, a media any president would relish, good basic conservative views, economically, and socially (civil rights), with solid anti-communist beliefs. His inexperience and demons, unfortunately, showed in his presidency.  He broke his promise to the men stranded on the beach at the Bay of Pigs, blaming the Eisenhower administration, and could not control his sexual appetite putting the security of the United States at risk.  There was even a full-time federal employee who’s only job was to find women for Jack. Like some presidents after him, he could not see the consequences for authorizing the removal of leaders like President Diem of South Vietnam, leaving the country in chaos.  The rest is history.

Lyndon Johnson‘s presidency  (D-TX, 1963 -1969) was a total failure.  He made the basic mistake of thinking you can have guns and butter, as economists would say.  Vietnam was a disaster that became a quagmire with no satisfactory outcome.. How do you explain 58,000+ dead and 150,00 wounded Americans to their families.  

The butter part was his War on Poverty…The Great Society…welfare!  He single-handedly destroyed the Black family, and the work ethic.  He actually fired Black men from their responsibility as provider for their families and substituted the government.   And maybe that was his goal.  A retired Secret Service agent wrote of it in a Johnson quote…“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference… I’ll have them n*****s voting Democratic for the next two hundred years”. 

If there is anything a Democrat understands is that a citizen that is not needy will not vote Democrat!  If they’re not needy, make them needy and promise them the stars.  And it continues today (You’ll own nothing and be happy).

Richard Nixon (R-CA, 1969-1974) another could-have-been-great president.  But, his paranoia did him in.  He mishandled Watergate and resigned in disgrace.  Gerald Ford was never given a chance to show his stuff, he was drowned in Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

And then we have Jimmy Carter (D-GA), the peanut-farmer president that carried his own luggage (with nothing in it).  He was promoted to his level of incompetence, came off as amiable, but was malicious.  He forgot he had a military, treating them as a forgotten stepchild. The Iran hostage Crisis was his Waterloo.  He could have prevented the crisis and the fall of Iran by backing the pro-West Shah.  Sure, Pahlavi wasn’t perfect, but I challenge anyone to prove that the Iranian people are better off today.  Iran is near revolution.  General MacArthur always said (paraphrased)…”Back your friends and reform them later.” 

Ronald Reagan (R-CA) came into office as a needed breath of fresh air.  Iran showed their deference for the new president by freeing the hostages almost the moment he took office.  Reagan understood that any great power must spread some measure of fear to the enemy.  Without fear there is no respect.  Fear is just as potent if not more when it is unspoken.   No competitor likes an adversary to be an unknown factor.  It drove the Soviet Union into the ground.

Bush, Sr. (R-TX), what can you say except “Watch my lips, no new taxes.”  The Democrats convinced him we needed to raise taxes.  He did 20 months later and they turned on him, reminding Americans what a liar he is during the next election cycle.  Politics is a dirty business with dirty people running it. 

Now we have ‘Slick Willy’ Bill Clinton (D-AR) and his campaign manager, Ross Perot.  Without Perot’s independent run, it’s almost certain Clinton could not have pulled off a win.  People had reason to dislike Perot, even if his positions on gun control, balancing the budget, and ending outsourcing American jobs were right on. 

Clinton managed what no one else could accomplish, not even JFK…bring the presidency down to a low moral point unmatched by any president in our history.  

It was almost a standing joke that people could relate to Bill by understanding who he was married to…Hillary Clinton.  At least Bill was a moderate, not Hillary.  She’s a liberal’s liberal, but, like her husband, no core values.  When Bill ran for president, she was Hillary Clinton.  When he won, she became Hillary Rodham Clinton.  When you run for president you defend marriage. After you win, you allow anyone to marry anyone. Because she’s married to Bill, she became very good at witness tampering and money laundering. 

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton should have learned the lessons of Iran when she arranged the end to Libya’s Gaddafi.  She managed to change Libya from a stable, prosperous, secular Islamic country to an unstable, economic mess with groups battling for control of its vast energy resources.  I’ve always been amazed how leaders arrange the ‘removal’ of other leaders that are a carbon copy of themselves.

She approved just about any traitorous activity as long as they donated to her foundation…tech secrets to China, control of vast amounts of plutonium to Russia, and the infamous Clinton body count.  Oh, let’s not forget they looted the White House after they left and sold government property for campaign donations.


Worst of all, she chose to leave our people in Benghazi to die.  We can only thank God she never made it to the White House.


Bush, Jr. (R-TX) was a disaster from the start…eight years of war.  The 9-11 attack, the intelligence failures, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a president determined to go to war even if the reason is bogus, forcing democracy on a country with no culture or inclination to support it…now rife with bribery, kickbacks, and embezzlement.  Again, further destabilizing an already unstable region of the world, the Middle East…causing mass immigration of hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East into Europe.  They are still paying for it.

The president that fooled almost everyone…Barack Obama (D-IL), the mystery wrapped in an enigma.  With no real knowledge of his early life, college records sealed, a birth certificate with many questions, scant information on his family, here was a man with a chip on his shoulder.  He managed to convince millions of Americans that America was a racist country and its greatness was illegitimate, even proclaiming it to our enemies.  Passing himself off as a Christian African-American with roots in early America, he had no such background.  His background was Muslim, living in Indonesia for much of his early life. He warned us that the seas were rising and then bought a mansion on the ocean in Martha’s Vineyard. Any accomplishments were of the anti-American variety, weakening and destabilizing our country.

President Trump (R-NY) despite being foiled at every turn from within and without managed to turn America around faster than any president in our history.  Our enemies withdrew into silence at his strength.  I have never seen such hatred by any opposition in my lifetime, foreign or domestic.  It was almost a scream from the bleachers to ‘stop making America great again, it’s not in the plan’.  

Joe Biden, (D-DE) the former Senator from Delaware, the hair kisser. For his entire career he had nothing to distinguish himself, except for being a lech and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He lied constantly about his background, his accomplishments, his education…an infamous plagiarist.  One of the most corrupt politicians in our history.  Biden and his family sold influence on a grand scale to anyone who will pay and still do. Not only influence, the Biden family also participated in technology transfers to China through a long time friend, former Montana senator and Ambassador to China, Max Baucus. With contacts in high places, China mysteriously gets approval to buy high tech companies in the US.  They also get their technology, which is then transferred to China.  Fox News

How this man could have become president is astounding.  His government is totally unresponsive and unaccountable to citizen’s needs, especially the EPA, the Dept. of Transportation, the FBI, even the Dept. of Defense, allowing Chinese spy balloons to crisscross the country unmolested. But, these are different times.  The powers that be demanded mail-in voting, no ID voting, ballot harvesting, voting machines that can be tampered with, and the unscrupulous to oversee the operation, and there you have it.  They wanted someone they could control, do what they wanted, sign into law what they wanted, ignore what they wanted him to ignore…with the core values to match.  The Great Reset is demanding our dismantling and the team, headed by Biden, are the ones to do it. And so they are, at least for now, but he is quickly becoming a liability.  They need a younger, more steady and reliable unprincipled person.

Americans are a different sort.  We are a combination of every ethnic group, creed and nationality, all combined in what Winston Churchill called, the ‘American Race’, all yearning to be free.  The American character, in spite of almost 100 years of liberal, almost demonic  indoctrination, stubbornly holds onto our religious and spiritual roots, embodies a desire to succeed where one cannot succeed elsewhere, with a deep desire for personal sovereignty and independence that success demands.  A great people.

Concerning our present realities, Churchill also said…’Americans will always do the right thing – having first exhausted all possible alternatives.’ Asking questions we already had answers for, out of an innate entrepreneurial soul, and a spirit of strength, common sense and decency, I believe we have tried everything else, every form of perversion and idiocy, and are now ready to get back to being American.

We deserve as much from our leaders.  In fact, We Deserve Better.

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US Foundation. Reprinted here with permission.

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  1. Consider:
    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7 King James Version

    So, what is it we deserve better?

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