Fantasies and Nightmares

Sick fantasies from sick twisted ideologues.

     If any political or military leader wanted to start a war, we hold the distinct honor of having the most foolish military leadership in the world, along with the most foolish, evil and greedy ideologues in charge of that military.  I believe they must be trying to live out fantasies, and the fantasies get produced and played out in old movies. How else could we end up going down A rabbit hole this big? Alice has already been spoken for. Another movie, “The Company” portrayed Alice quite well in her use by the Soviets against the CIA. Another completely different fantasy to get to, one of these days. At least “The Company” was more interesting and less haunting to watch, than “Outbreak”.

     I’m reminded of those Hollywood movies in the past, that seem to me to set the stage for things to come, like “Outbreak” for setting up the authoritarian public health control over us, and the Peter Sellers film about our government fighting WWIII with complete buffoons, in Dr. Strangelove, just to name two. I think those were prequels to the real big show that happens in the Biden Administration. Really, is Milley a fit in the dystopian Bidenworld production, just the wrong uniform, to be the crazy Air Force General of a SAC wing? Dustin Hoffman was perfectly cast in his role of fighting a deadly virus, and if you saw that movie, it ended in as much of a tragedy that the other movie did, by using a fuel air bomb on a town. Really, they think we are a joke for wanting to live sane and productive lives. There has to be some kind of connection, because you can look back and see the left having fantasies of events to come. The loudly proclaim when it is “Their Time to Rule”. Ask them.

     China is being given special access to everything we are, have and thought we kept secure. It’s to the point that all China had to do was to invade our government and take it over, by those greedy willing participants in the Biden administration. Instead, Biden sends them a special invitation to just walk right on in.

     It’s on the order of what Obama said about “taking us down a notch or two”, but taking our country to its knees, instead. Talk about setting the stage for Biden’s movie! Don’t leave out those egg prices and the Cooties, producer.

     It appears to me, that every time something happens, leadership trots out a spokesman to deliver a prepared speech made up of only narrative, and hiding, for the most part, some kind of agenda that looks to be the selling off of our country, to China. Usually it is an idiot with multiple intersectionality. I don’t believe anything coming from this administration, but it does fuel fantasies for the left. And I used to laugh at Jen Psaki!

    We know they want “us” to start a civil war. Giving away our sovereignty is a good way to accomplish that goal. Only an evil person would do something like this, as a precept to take total control over our country, because they have left out a few wildcards, like all those things they think are on their side.
However this all goes, it won’t be China who invades us, or maybe even China invading Taiwan, it will be us trying to take back our once great sovereign country, from evil morons and demons. I think the left would rather do a remake of Red Dawn, so we could all scream and rage about the patriotism of those kids, screaming “Wolverine!”, while they laugh knowing it is really more fodder for the end of our country.


    What always puzzles me, is where do they think they will end up, after all these fantasies? I got over delusions after I understood the plot line in the Prisoner, the old TV show. Took me years to do that.

     Those 200 million from the east, crossing over a dried up Euphrates River being pretty much the Chinese Army is an interesting clue that Scripture mentions. Revelation is no movie, although I can imagine the left making it their next fantasy, without understanding why it was even written. That’s one I expect them to tackle anyway.

    Yep, I can see it now. A Predator flies over my house and sends me to my death by Hellfire execution, because I wouldn’t take the mark. That makes me laugh at all the stupidity, knowing full well that many of my neighbors are active and retired soldiers who know that all they had to do was to send an Apache, from literally right up the road, Fort Campbell, over me and take a shot, but I know my neighbors better than the government knows their soldiers. And they are not going to be doing that. They just think they will. But, you never know how things change because of fantasies. That one is actually a bit borrowed and added to, from a book trilogy, by Matthew Bracken, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Seems to be playing out, also. I can take you to some of the scenes around the post, from his book. Good job, Matt! I know he is no lefty, but he did a great job writing down what the left really wants. He just had a different ending.

I’m waiting for “Enemies” to play out in real life. If you read the trilogy, you would see the connection between today’s radical left and his book from several years back.

So much for fantasies. Many are future nightmares, just waiting to happen.

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  1. “…Revelation is no movie…”

    But if the book were to be made into a movie, you can be pretty sure Hollywood would try to turn the Anti-Christ into a hero like they wound up doing to the Hannibal Lecter character from the Red Dragon/ Silence of the Lambs novels.

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