Where is the “Powell Doctrine” When We Need It?

We have spent $113B in Ukraine and shipped them weapons and munitions we will likely need in a war with China that many general officers predict by 2025. If we had America-loving leaders instead of America-hating fascists running the country, we might have a more rational and explicable approach to Ukraine. Instead, we have typical Biden policy on any issue: a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, modified constantly, and inconsistently reiterated by his staff and apologists but never explained to the serfs who must pay for it through forcibly-extracted taxes.

Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) says Biden is the best communicator in the White House. That’s an incredibly stinging indictment for the rest of the White House staff. President Regan was a great communicator. For all his demagoguery, racism, disingenuousness, and arrogance, Obama was a good communicator. Biden is awful. He can barely string together a coherent sentence. What he stands for is often in question, and his staffers, puppet masters, and handlers consistently have to clarify or walk back his statements. For instance, he has repeatedly contradicted himself on gun-grabbing attacks on the 2nd Amendment. Even after his lies are debunked by Leftist propaganda machines like the New York Times and Washington Post (gun control, Georgia voting laws, his involvement in the civil rights movement, the visit to Nelson Mandela, etc.), he repeats them, nonetheless. Biden said that he would never send M1 tanks to Ukraine because that would lead to World War III, yet last month, the Pentagon announced we were sending M1 tanks to Ukraine.

Leading into and in the early stages of World War II, FDR commissioned Frank Capra (It’s a Wonderful Life, Meet John Doe, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Mr. Deeds Comes to Town, Lady for a Day,, and others) to make the “Why We Fight” films. These explained to ordinary Americans (the “deplorables” in “fly over country”) why we were spending American treasure and blood. So, if Biden is the great communicator that KJP claims he is, why don’t we have a common understanding of why we are supporting Ukraine? Some think it’s a resurrection of the Containment Policy (that led to years of fighting in Southeast Asia). Some think we’re just there because we don’t like Putin. The cynic in me thinks we’re supporting Ukraine to divert attention away from the host of failed, anti-American, America-last, America-hating, woke, Leftist, Marxist, and fascist policies of Biden and his handlers.

Several politicians have publicly asked, “What’s the use of having an army if you don’t use it?” General Powel took much flak from the ruling class and media pundits for opposing the use of the US military without answering three simple questions first.

  • What is our objective?
  • What does success look like?
  • What are our exit criteria?

To that list, I have added a couple more. So let’s walk through them, shall we?

What is our objective regarding Ukraine? Why is spending US treasure in Ukraine in our national interest? I have often said that the Department of Defense is misnamed and should be the Department of War. But since it is called the Department of Defense, what about shipping money, weapons, and munitions to Ukraine has to do with defending the US? If you broaden that definition to include “defend our national interests around the world,” I think the ruling junta needs to make that connection for us plebes. I can make a case for why this might be true, but KJP’s “great communicator” in the White House has a responsibility and duty to explain that to all of us in clear terms before he gives a single penny of our hard-earned cash to people who love us and our money today but will hate us tomorrow. Nations don’t have “friends.” They have allies with the same values and objectives and can work together to achieve their shared self-interests. So, what about precision munitions, modern weapon systems, and using our military to train Ukrainians is in our national interest? What part of that is “defense?” What part of aid to Ukraine is more important than defending our SCADA systems from daily Chinese attacks, improving our power grid, repairing our aged rail and road infrastructure, building nuclear power plants, or helping the people of East Palestine, Ohio? Since neither the bloviator in chief nor his puppet masters have explained what THEY think the answer is, we are all left to guess – and fork over our cash.

What does success look like? All recaptured territory returned to Ukrainian control? Does that include repatriating the thousands of Ukrainian children kidnapped by Russians and put up for adoption in Russia? Does that mean recapturing Crimea? What does success look like? How do we measure when we are done? We have so far spent $113B in Ukraine – and not a penny in East Palestine. Did the ruling class sign us up for perpetual war in Ukraine to the tune of $113B a year? Or did we commit to $113B one time, and we’re done? Biden was mewling about Ukrainian “food insecurity,” the latest Leftist euphemism for “hunger,” but half of US servicemen cannot feed their families and must go to food banks. Is that what success looks like in Ukraine?

We know that government cost estimates are a lie, but without a definition of success, how do we even make a sloppy, inaccurate, lying guess at the total US commitment? Rational humans – meaning people outside the government – generally define the problem they are trying to solve, the initial conditions, the goals, and the estimated cost before spending money. The government never does that. For instance, we have spent billions of dollars on affirmative action programs without measuring whether they have the intended impact. Thomas Sowell has repeatedly asserted – with facts – that black people were better off 100 years after slavery than 50 years after affirmative action. I assert that poverty, lawlessness, education, and family structure have been made worse by government affirmative action “help,” yet, we don’t measure affirmative action and reassess the programs periodically – or ever. We spend dollars extracted from the productive part of the population to keep funding counterproductive programs. Did Biden sign us up for another big government spending spree that will never be monitored for effectiveness and never end? Is Ukraine another Affirmative Action?

Related to our objective and definition of success is our exit criteria. How do we know we are done and can withdraw? We still have troops in Japan and Germany. Those wars have been over since 1945. On behalf of KJP’s “great communicator,” Austin and Miley presided over the most embarrassing and disgusting retreat of the US military since Task Force Smith – yet none of them were fired over their grotesque failure.

Here is my question: What does the deplorable American taxpayer in flyover country get out of all this money we give to a foreign government nearly as corrupt as our own? Is the aid free, or do we get something out of it? Is it a loan or a grant? When the war is over, do we get our equipment back? How many of our high-tech weapons are now in the hands of Russians and Chinese? Will Ukraine owe us a big pot of money? Do we think they will ever pay it back? What interest rate are we charging? Could we have Ukraine assume $113B of our national debt? We did what we usually do: we gave Ukraine a blank check drawn on American citizens’ bank accounts.

Powell was right. The elitist hawks in the government should have to answer these questions before the first dollar is spent. Instead of exercising a check on the President, Congress willingly spent our money – not their money – on another foreign adventure without explaining why and how much to the billpayers. Has the Biden junta signed us up for $113B annually to Ukraine in perpetuity? Since neither KJPs “great communicator” nor his posse has deigned to explain it to the serfs, we will only know when our grandchildren are still paying this bill.

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