Boundaries-How Are They Taught?

How are boundaries taught? Human beings have a herd mentality. Humans need to associate with other humans, they need feed back from other humans. Without sharing ideas and thoughts with others, humans become isolated. Solitary confinement can destroy a mind. The isolation drives humans to imaginary friends or to a machine, such as HAL from “2001 A Space Odyssey”. Without the flawed, yet personal, interactions of family and friends, more and more isolation only resorts to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for dialogue and company.

But that does not fill the void. There is still an emptiness, a longing for company. One might say that AI can provide all the answers, but AI has a terrible flaw… regardless of the ability of AI to learn, to become the greatest chess player, to solve world shortages, to intercede in conflicts, no one can program a conscience within the AI environment. And without a conscience, the Artificial Intelligence quest will never replace the human condition.

Simply put, within the day to day existence of a human being, there are some decisions that come down to a matter of the heart, the conscience. Sometimes we listen to our conscience, often time we ignore it, but it is there.

Indeed, when we reach the age of reason, the continuing boundaries of behavior are taught by our conscience, that gift from God, the Almighty, that provides the difference between right or wrong. It takes time to achieve that discussion with our conscience, to listen to an inner voice that in many ways mimics the years spent with the first teachers of boundaries – our parents.

Yes, parent is plural, meaning two parents. And for this discussion, parents mean a father and a mother. Why? Because a man and a woman are different, they think differently, they act differently, they look different, they solve problems in a different manner, the plumbing is different, everything about them is different, a contrast. And when they become a team, combining their strengths and weaknesses, there is no better unit to teach the necessary boundaries of human behavior. That inner voice tells them that while they are different, the sum of their differences makes them a unique example of love with the ability to teach boundaries, and to enforce those boundaries.

For those climbing up a wall, sit down and breathe. Yes, some marriages are bad, yes, some of the various marriages we now tolerate are better than some conventional marriage, but it does not take away from the absolute truth that a marriage between a man and a woman is the best union to raise the next generation.

There is proof and it is easy to see. Traditional marriages have been in existence since the beginning of time. Had they not worked in the greater majority of the time, a different process would have been created to raise children, while creating a separate process for the sperm donors and the egg donors to make replacement people.

There is another proof that cannot be broken. Since the beginning of time, Nations have protected marriages between a man and woman in order that that union will populate the next generation, producing a continuing revenue stream for the government.

If one studies the history of man, there is another truth that quickly emerges, families enjoy living in communities and this instinct creates new boundaries, the boundaries required to create a thriving community and expanding that community to a larger ethnic population.

What does that mean? Families teach right and wrong, some even teach manners and etiquette, many teach the wonderment of the Almighty. But the community, the herd, teaches involvement, mutual support, community assistance, an ethnic way of thinking. The community teaches the need for everyone to become a contributing member of society, of the community.

For self, being accepted by the community, the herd, evolves into realizing that one is part of a bigger group driven by mutual goals and common boundaries, resulting in the improvement of self, and as a result, the community. There develops the understanding that the first priority of the community, the region, the ethnic group, the nation is the continuation of the species, within the boundaries of the society.

Sadly, we live in a society where less than 5% of the population (politicians, pundits, Big Tech and media) influence the boundaries of 33% of the population. The result is that the 33% of the population, those under the age of 30, they are simply lost.

My generation grew up in a time when we were trained how to properly take cover under a school desk to mitigate a nuclear blast. We were a scant 5-miles from an Air Force Strategic Air Command base, and we knew there was no accuracy in a Soviet Union nuclear warhead. But we still practiced, we worked together as a herd, we stored hundreds of half-gallon Hi-C canned juices with lots of sugar. We understood our need as children to be a contributing member of society. We knew that everyone was different, but we had a single common goal, to prepare for a nuclear holocaust.

Yet, there was no uptick in suicides, even though we understood that our future could end in a simple heartbeat. There was no increase in robberies, even though we knew that if we survived there would not be enough food and supplies for everyone. There was no increase in the murder rate, differences were tolerated, life was respected. These were boundaries that needed to be maintained for the herd to survive, and we had to rely upon one another to maintain that herd mentality, that life.

Most importantly, life included weekly conversations with God, the Almighty. Most Court Houses displayed the Ten Commandments, stone monuments outside the Court House reminding us of the boundaries of life and the need to respect those boundaries, for those boundaries meant that we respected each other. It was mutual reliance on each other regardless of differences against the forces of evil, for we knew that the threat was real. The evilness and the godlessness in the hearts of man was due to the eliminations of boundaries in our adversaries, who followed the teaching of satan himself, when he first explained to Eve that by eating the forbidden fruit, there would be no boundaries in life for there would be universal knowledge of life.

Indeed, society was not perfect, there were issues, there were problems, there was injustice, but the focus was hardly ever on the negative, it was on the positive. Martin Luther King spent little time discussing the tragedies of being a member of a minority group, a group identified by their color. Instead, he focused on a common boundary in our lives: that man should be judged by the content of their heart, and not the color of their skin. That profound statement summarized the entire Civil Rights movement.

What about today? Is it any different from years past? Why yes, it is! Today we increasingly throw away all boundaries, especially in the younger 33% of the Nation. They are told that the lack of boundaries results in ultimate freedom and liberty. They are told that they can be their own society, there need be no compliance. The continuation of the species is immoral due to climate change. It is perfectly OK to do whatever, to whomever, for there have always been injustices. Lies are championed as truth.

How is that working out? Silly question, IT IS NOT WORKING OUT.

How many have read the novel “Lord of the Flies?” It is a 1954 novel written by British author William Golding. A group of boys are stranded on an island and they must fend for themselves. They required food and the ability to signal for help. It started with boundaries to behavior, assignment of tasks required to support the entire group, but over time, it morphed into chaos, total freedom, no boundaries, complete insanity, and no community.

But in the novel, a ship’s Captain arrived and saved the boys.

Who will save the United States if we continue down this path? Anyone? Anyone?

Tom Weaver, PATRIOT ©2/26/23

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