Biden’s “Diverse” Cabinet

My friend, Tom Miller in Birmingham, Alabama, and I have similar reactions to the news coming out of Washington, D.C. Just last week, we both heard the Raggedy Ann mop-head press secretary of the current administration, bragging mind you, that Biden has the most diverse cabinet in the history of presidential cabinets.

Well, that touched a nerve here on Tupelo Brake and over in Birmingham, so we both looked up some information on that amazingly diverse cabinet, independent of each other. Tom sent his thoughts to me, and they were so good, I’ll just use his words to begin this article.

“I’m sure you saw the press conference yesterday from the most brilliant and capable press secretary EVER! After calling Biden, “Obama,” she went on to rant about how diverse the Biden Administration is. With Obama pulling his former VP’s strings, Biden can now claim that he has out obama-ed Obama on racial equity, diversity, and identity politics. The devil with competency, efficiency, productivity and the merit system. Let’s get diverse and lead the world, going away, in buffoonery…but with Biden as president, not OBUMMER.’

We both made lists of the most diverse group of incompetents ever assembled in any administration, cabinet by cabinet, and here’s what we found, starting with Raggedy Ann mop-head, Karine Jean-Pierre; foreign born, lesbian, black, a clueless moron way over her diverse head, who couldn’t answer a question without her thick 3-ringe binder of nonsense, weasel-worded “facts” if her life were in the balance.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris: Pixabay


Kamala Harris, VP, completely worthless, cackling moron, former CA senator, mistress of Willie Brown who appointed her to her first political job, funded now by Soros, and the next in line if Biden finally implodes. Partial to yellow school buses and Venn diagrams.



Deb Haaland, first American Indian, Secretary of the Interior, a community activist from New Mexico.


Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, first gay secretary who knows nothing of how his department operates or that it is responsible for keeping the supply chain moving, from the port cities to the shelves of businesses, or that he is responsible for the transportation services of the country. East Palestine, anyone?


Admiral Rachel L. Levine, image: Wikipedia


Rachel Levine, transgender imposter, an ugly man who transformed into an uglier woman, former admiral, US Public Health Service. Ewww. Wasn’t Biden the one who made this freak an admiral?




Lloyd Austin
SECDEF Lloyd Austin: Official Photo


Lloyd Austin, first black Secretary of Defense. The Afghanistan debacle is as much on his head as it is on Joe Biden. Supports DIE in the military, proponent of gay and trans soldiers; doesn’t worry much about defending the country, as long as the military is inclusive of any pervert that wants to join up. Another Biden type who makes his money by selling his name and position.




DHS Sec’y Mayorkas


Alejandro Mayorkas, First Latino Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, who has let millions of Latinos and non-Latinos flood the country…all the while calling the border SECURE. Hopefully, he’ll be the first DHS Secretary to be impeached for not doing his job.



Xavier Becerra, the first Latino head of the Department of HHS, a Soros-funded radical activist from California.

Janet Yellen, first female socialist head of the Department of the Treasury, another obama holdover.

Cecilia Rouse, first black woman chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, worked for Clinton and Obama, and wants economic opportunities to be EQUITABLE.

Catherine Chi Tai, first Asian to be US Trade Representative; doing the opposite of Trump when it comes to dealing with the Chinese.

There are more like John Feckless Kerry, Avril Haines, Marcia Fudge, Jennifer Granholm, Meshelle Regan and Shalanda Young, but I am running out of room to list them and their lack of qualifications. However, rest assured that they are all radicals, obama holdovers, hopelessly and completely useless and incompetent, no matter their color, their sex or their choice of sleeping partners.

Quickly, this is what the diverse woke geniuses and Biden have done in two years:

reversed all of Trump’s executive orders; stopped pipelines, cost jobs, increased gas prices (later ‘lowered’ by selling our gas to the Chinese commies and depleting our fuel reserves). All this while, they were approving Putin’s Nord Stream Pipeline, then begging OPEC, Russia, Venezuela, etc., to sell us more oil…and we have the largest reserves of oil and gas in the entire world.

They seriously botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan that cost American lives, endangered many more who were left behind…along with 85 million dollars in equipment and weapons…just so Biden could say it was done on the anniversary of 9/11. Biden and his DOD brain trust had US forces abandon Bagram Air Base in early July, 2021, without notifying Afghan Armed Forces that they had left. The base was taken over by the Taliban a scant 6 weeks later.

They reversed the Trump policy of “stay in Mexico” and created a disaster at the southern border, letting in untold numbers of low-lifes, terrorists and general Covid-infected pond scum, ie, failing miserably to “faithfully execute the laws of this country to protect Americans.

They have shackled the American people with the highest inflation rate in 40 years. High energy prices at the gas pump and power bills, record high food prices, not to mention the shortages created by the completely messed up delivery system, from the ports to the 18 wheelers.

They mandated the covid-19 vaccine causing us to lose military members, police, fire and EMS public servants and much-needed healthcare workers. And now, there is a Sudden Death Epidemic, resulting from those who did take the shots, and They are puzzled over this development. Thanks to Fauci, Moderna, Pfizer; to this day, Fauci still cannot force himself to say where the Wuhan virus came from.

They have politicized the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA, and made the Deep State deeper.. The corrupt media cover-up on Hunter’s laptop and the kickbacks and deals that the corrupt Biden family crime syndicate has made with Russia, Ukraine and China through the years…all ignored and laughed off.

Mr. Miller suggested this scene: get pictures of all these diverse appointees and morons and put them next to the scene at Mod Eisley Spaceport in Star Wars where Obi Wan Kenobi warns Luke Skywalker:

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.” Sounds like Obi Wan was talking about the Biden cabinet except that he left out “useless and incompetent and clueless and hopeless and radical” in his description.

Just look at that cabinet of radical activists, ladies and gents, and you will see why our country is failing and becoming a socialist, putrid helluva mess. Diverse, yes indeedy do, but the absolute worst, most incompetent cabinet in the history of the USA

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