Will Santos Be Expelled from Congress?

By US House Office of Photography – Rep. George Santos

A handful of New York House Republicans have joined with their Democratic counterparts in requesting the expulsion of Rep. George Santos (R-NY). Reports of potential campaign finance violations and a record of fraud and deception have necessitated this proposal. However, amidst these allegations, Rep. Santos has continued to display confidence he will be exonerated.

New York Republican Representatives Marc Molinaro and Anthony D’Esposito voiced their support for a resolution proposed last month by New York Democratic Representatives Ritchie Torres and Dan Goldman that would expel Santos from Congress. In an official statement to Bloomberg, Molinaro outlined why he believes “dishonesty is fundamentally destructive,” while a spokesperson for D’Esposito articulated how Santos’ presence in the House “is a stain on the institution.”

Congressman Nick LaLota (R-NY) was the first House member from New York to call for the expulsion of Santos a day prior, releasing a statement reading, “Based on seven years serving as an elections commissioner, I have never seen a more convincing example of election fraud.”

To prevent future congress members from profiting from campaign finance violations, LaLota and D’Esposito are working on legislation that would bar violators from receiving “compensation for biographies, media appearances or expressive or creative works.” According to Axios, this legislation is a step towards ensuring justice for those who have been violated.

In light of accusations of campaign finance irregularities and evidence that he misrepresented themselves personally and professionally, there has been a recent uptick in Republican criticism of Representative Santos. In addition to calls for his expulsion, a coalition formed by five New York House lawmakers has previously suggested Santos’ resignation.

Several facets of Santos’ personal history and his campaign finance statements were called into question in an article by the New York Times less than two months after his election to Congress. Santos later confessed that he was untruthful about several details, such as working on Wall Street and receiving college degrees from Baruch and New York University, along with other untruths. As a result, irregularities in his campaign finance statements and financial disclosure forms have gone under investigation by the House Of Ethics Committee and Federal Elections Commission. Despite this adversity, Santos has refused to resign and remains confident he will be exonerated of wrongdoings.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched a billboard campaign targeting five New York freshmen Republican Representatives—LaLota, D’Esposito, Molinaro and Mike Lawler, and Brandon Williams—for their involvement with Santos’ campaign. They have all called for his resignation; D’Esposito even returned the donation. This campaign aims to hold representatives accountable for their actions and contributions.

The US House is considering a resolution to expel Rep. Santos from Congress, provided he is found guilty of misconduct by the House Ethics Committee. Republicans hold a slim 222-213 majority in the House, making it difficult for the measure to pass without unanimous party support. However, Speaker McCarthy has said Santos will be removed if necessary, and Goldman expressed confidence that Republicans would back the push for his ousting. He commented to Bloomberg that “I think eventually there will be a lot of pressure that comes to bear on the speaker to bring a floor vote to expel.”


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6 thoughts on “Will Santos Be Expelled from Congress?”

  1. What utter nonsense. You quote Democrats as if they have any credibility whatsoever when it comes to ethics. Very laughable. Every Democrat you mention is a despicable lying scoundrel. The biggest resume liar is none other than Joseph Robinette Brandon. With that fact in mind, do you really think the Democrats are upset about lying? They simply want that seat. Wake up!

    • I am awake, my friend. My point is one lie for another? That seems to be what you’re saying. And NO, I don’t think the Democrats are credible. You know I don’t mind the criticism, but you always have to talk down to people (me). You seem to have a problem when the article doesn’t suit you. Wake up, and all articles don’t suit me either.

      • Your point is a liar among a den of liars. He was duly elected and should serve his full term. It is up to his constituents to remove at the next election, if they so choose, not the other liars in Congress. That’s not talking down to you. That’s talking truth to you.

        • Now, this is more like it my friend. I put the article out there so people can see how the hypocrisy runs rampant in Washington. Thanks for the comment.

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