The Idolatrous Worship Of The Left

Citizen Writer, Unpopular Politics opines on the the idolatrous worship of the left. Human beings are born to worship. It is an innate quality that we all possess, and that need finds expression in some way or the other, even if worship is not given to the one true God. One has to stifle that desire, and bury it in order to deny it.

We know the left generally hates God and anyone who tends to reference or appeal to God, but that does not mean they lose their innate need to worship.

They fill that void with a bunch of substitutes. They willingly bend their knees to a pantheon of idols that come in the form of “worthy causes.” environmentalism, racial idolatry, LGBTQIA+++++++ ideology, and so called social justice, are just some of the movement deities that come to mind.

Perhaps nothing demonstrated it as clearly as their recent devotion to anti COVTRSCAM-19 measures by the Government, and the left’s insistence on getting everyone to indulge in the sacraments of vaccines, mask wearing and lockdowns.

Remember when the left used to be suspicious of big pharma? I mean, they absolutely hated big pharma. They’d talk about special interests, the pharmaceutical lobby etc. with absolute scorn. All of that changed and they became unwavering devotees of big pharma in their devotion to big Government anti COVRUSE-19 measures.  Not just big pharma but the conglomerate that claimed exclusivity to the science relating to COVRACKET-19.

The left became worshippers of big pharma, proselytizing on behalf of the industry. They looked to their prophets like Anthony Grauci and other oracles like the mainstream media for guidance, and instructions on what they needed to do to show their devotion.

They unquestionably followed any word decreed by their prophets, their oracles and scribes, obediently indulging all of the sacraments with a religious fervor that rivals any modern day cult.

With nauseating self righteous pomposity, many of them willingly cut off relationships with family members, lifelong friends, neighbors and anyone who dared to question what their religious leaders espoused during the lock downs.

Like true Branch Davidians they obeyed every word to the letter, never wavering to the right or left.

They had no problem stoning any heretic who refused to do obeisance to their false Gods. As they persecuted the unfaithful, they assuaged their consciences by screaming the words science, or conspiracy theorist as the rocks flew from their hands at the heads of the persecuted.

They chanted those magic words to ward off any evil spirit that tempted them to think or listen to other voices. Any threat of an independent thought was warded off by those all powerful words. SCIENCE, CONSPIRACY! And all was well again.

Confident that they defeated the evil spirits, they were free to indulge in the sacraments of masking their two year olds, or vaccccinating their 10 year olds, while telling anyone who opted not to go that route that they were evil sinners, worse than Hitler and going straight to hell.

They possessed the monopoly on the scientific data you see.

They preached their fire and brimstone message with the zealotry of a middle aged monk demanding that the poor soul he is about to burn at the stake recant and beg forgiveness.

No one questions their monopoly on science. Don’t you even dare.

As they go about their business, masked up as they drive alone in their vehicles, or while going for a walk in the neighborhood, on the hiking trail, or on the beach; they refuse to believe what is now so clear as it stares them in the face.

A real, unfortunate, deadly disease was used as an opportunistic power grab by the diocese, using the priesthood to gain more power and control in the lives of the faithful, and those they attempted to drag unwilling to the altar to worship.

As the diocese casually admits to a lot of what many of those they persecuted were saying from early on, the faith of the believers is steadfast.

They have to worship after all. That need does not disappear simply because you are a Godless leftist

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