The Epidemic of Silence, Part 2

In last week’s article we talked of how the Elites, the globalists, demoralized the West by mocking Western values with the goal of creating chaos, confusion and helplessness to lower morale and morality…what the Marxist/Fascists need to construct a new societal system,  a New World Order.  It’s called demoralization.

With the understanding that this New World Order is godless, without faith in an unseen, but more than evident Superior Being, the Elites can become the superior beings, mold society into their image with them at the top of the pyramid. If you think such changes are occurring with lightening speed, you would be correct.  Their goal is to be well past the point of no return by 2030.

Building on that, when a society gets to that point of demoralization they become helpless, they lose courage and the conviction of what their common sense says is wrong. We see it every day.  Parents accept the unacceptable concerning their children.  They are confused, too willing to believe they may be wrong.  When parents take their children to the library and find a drag queen presentation, they sit in silence, like so many millions of people, unwilling to be rude.  They put the feelings of deviants before their children’s moral education. But, this is not only about morality.  After all, other people with advanced degrees are telling them another reality. Every day doctors are telling their patients that the COVID vaccine is safe and effective, unfortunately, whether they themselves believe it or not.

Another reality?  There is no such thing, of course, but this new society is attempting to do away with the very basics of human reasoning…cause and effect.  In its place they are introducing mythical or unworldly connections between events.  How else can they ‘move a person from one gender to another’?   It is not only gender reassignment, they are preparing for transhumanism, the enhancement of the human condition, capabilities and longevity, build a super human by the use of sophisticated technologies…AI.  They will climb the mountain and ‘be as God, knowing good and evil’ (Gen 3:5).  Or so they believe.

We have entered a very dangerous period in history.  It is now a time when science has overtaken reason.  Because we can, should we?  Sadly, it is almost always YES.  The temptation is too great for people without faith in something greater than themselves.  

Why has gender fluidity become an everyday conversation?  Many schools are guiding students into the opposite gender based only on a child’s fantasy and then NOT advising their parents of what they are doing.  They are changing the perception of reality, especially to the child who is willing to accept the magical.

Human beings are social creatures.  We need to be accepted.  If everything around you has changed, like the person in a foreign land for a prolonged period of time, he/she is going to do whatever it takes to absorb the new culture and feel welcomed.

Slowly, people will come to believe that any moral choice is based on social context. For some, their choices are wrong, for others their choices are understandable, therefore overlooked. People have been primed for many years to accept this ‘new reality’. Right and wrong become almost irrelevant, dependent on accepted norms of social behavior and context.  Government in major cities has become numb to crime, almost in acceptance.  But people still die or are changed forever. 

Have social norms changed recently?  Of course. All the Elites have to do is change the accepted social norms to their needs and they have the perfect recipient of their new world order.

Whoever thought the LGBTQ movement would push as much as they have. The media have dived in with both feet. Even Disney has accepted it and pushing it.  We were told they just wanted acceptance…civil rights. On these pages years ago we said plainly that it was not acceptance they were demanding, but approval.  A big difference. 

This New World Order, this Great Reset is not merely about a financial reboot, it is:

A redesign of the world’s economic and political systems to destroy nation sovereignty, to further enrich the already rich, further empower the already powerful, limit or eliminate the competition from would-be competitors, further downgrade or eliminate the middle class and keep the poor exactly where they are, but limit their numbers, initiate the 4th Industrial Revolution and reduce the world population through abortion, planned pandemics, and vaccines because the vast majority of people will no longer be needed…all under the cover of performing an honorable undertaking for the good of mankind and to save the planet.

Everyone has a talent, whether it is writing or speaking, or serving on a school board, running for office, or financially supporting a good cause.  We all have something to contribute, and contribute we must. 

Silence is no longer an option.

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