The greatest scam in the history of America.

Unpopular Politics: The greatest scam in the history of America is not COVRUSE-13, but the response to COVRUSE-13. A low down dirty abuse of citizens based on all kinds misinformation, censorship, and a false claim to exclusive knowledge of the science by a bunch of quacks and dishonest people.

In the history of the world, has there ever been a response of quarantining the healthy the way we did? The response has always been to quarantine the sick and everyone else go about their lives while take necessary precautions.

There is a reason many indigenous tribes succumbed to diseases brought in by Europeans when they first came to the Americas. They were never exposed to the diseases the Europeans brought with them. As a result they never had a chance to build any resistance so when they were infected they died out like flies; so much so that to this day people say the Europeans did it on purpose, and committed genocide.

For some reason the smart sciency types told us that staying tucked away for our own good,  so that our exposure to the disease would be kept at a minimum, was the way to go. 

Thousands of elder people died lonely deaths deprived of the sense of touch and their loved ones’ comfort. Thousands of them died because some governors mishandled the crisis from the beginning, and people died directly because af their asinine policies.

Think about that for one moment, sick and dying, or just experiencing your last days on earth, and some bureaucrat says to you, and your family sorry no can do. You can spend these last days with grandma.

By the way take this shot in your arm or lose your job. Take it or you can’t go to a restaurant, but if you want to protest and rage in the streets over a false narrative, that’s allowed. If you are crossing the border illegally no varkccines are necessary. And don’t you question the safety or the efficacy of the varkccines either…science deniers.

Americans live such lives of luxury and are so spoiled, and privileged; they think that they can be protected from all the natural consequences of just being alive. They think there is some kind of magic bullet possessed by the government that could make everything alright, so they just went along with all of this nonsense.

They say hind sight is 20/20 but a lot of this did not have to happen. Many experts were sounding the alarm from early on and saying this is an overreaction. Rethink these measures., but they were shut out of the discussion. Everything they had to say was shut down and they were rejected when they offered solutions based on their expertise.

Now the guy in the White House who boastfully declared a few days ago that “half the women in my cabinet are women,” is telling us that they’ll officially declare the pannnnndemic over in a few months.

Thanks guy with half the women in your cabinet woh are women. We feel better now because now that you said it it’s true.

It still makes the blood boil

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