Globalist Folly Back In Season In The Swamp (Part 26)

In recognition of about a year since I wrote a three-part focus under the Globalist Folly series where we visited the unholy penchant of the people we select to represent us lying out their butts about all manner of things large, small, material, inconsequential-just lies-it struck me as a good time to revisit the topic in light of recent events.

Not the least of which is the release of the 6 January 2020 video evidence that those charged with a variety of Jay Walking type offenses have been unable to view or to use in defense of the charges made by the US government against them-because, INSURRECTION!

Everybody knows by now that Fox News and Tucker Carlson have been afforded access and have begun to release portions of the video that wholesale debunks much of the narrative created, propagated, shouted from the heights by the 6 January Insurrection Committee, and carried forward by the LSMBTG for 3 years and counting.

This is no cause for celebration by either or any side in this choreographed “sham” travesty of American History that put the “banana” squarely into our constitutional republic.

We’ve likely all seen the footage, heard the accusations and counter accusations. What was needed as these events unfolded-starting in January 2020-not in March 2023-was an accounting by adults in our government-our elected officials-of what happened and why.

But apparently none could be found! We elect absolute clowns to represent us in Washington DC: clowns! And I repeat myself, but most are absolute F’N clowns, liars, self-centered, narcissistic, looking out for number one survivors, whose primary goal in life is perpetuation of the species-that they see in the mirror every morning-re-election and survival: rinse and repeat.

Where and who is the pipe-bomber? We don’t have a dozen or so thousand hours of video tape-there is in excess of 42K-at least that is what has been reported. And you know something-I don’t believe that number either-and how could you when you consider what lying fools we’ve listened to as represented in the LSMBTG over the past seven years and counting.

We gained key insight into why our overpaid, distracted, feckless, anal-retentive and political government bureaucracies represented by Attorney General Garland have been unable to solve what is becoming one of America’s great mysteries, that being the identity of the FBI contract pipe-bomber for the 6 Jan 2020 insurrection hoax: oh, I went there.

You see, his (AG) office has similarly been unable to bring to justice the many fire bombers, attackers, graffiti artists, etc., who have been attacking pro-life and pregnancy service clinics-over 100 attacks and counting-and also those stalking Supreme Court Justices, mainly because many of those attacking-who are telling us who they are by taking credit for their crimes-OBTW-apparently figured out that our vaunted federal agencies can “getchya” very easily if you attack during the day when video proliferates and there are witnesses. So these genius groups have been attacking at night-when it is dark-quite the impressive and unexpected new tactic, technique and procedure that has apparently totally flummoxed our FBI and DOJ.

And we should have known that would happen when you consider the shoestring budgets they struggle under. DOJ only has about 54 billion dollars a year, with the FBI budget about 10 billion: very difficult to track and work and pursue some of these issues with such taxpayer “crumbs,” considering the FBI only has 35K people, while the DOJ a scant 115K.

With all those radical, terrorist-like parents attending school board meetings, complaining about their kids being raped by males allowed in the girl’s bathrooms, pornographic material in the library purchased with taxpayer funds, aberrant drag queens welcomed to school functions teaching overtly sexual material to grade school students who are ill-equipped to deal with mature topics-I mean, our agencies are busy keeping these parents in line!

Plus you have these catholic, religious radicals identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center-a very helpful left wing leaning lunatic fringe organization hell bent on fostering chaos in America-who have done the great service of identifying some of these out of control religious groups who-if you can imagine-long for the return of mass in the original Latin and yearn for purity in their religious doctrine that is true to the tenet of marriage between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation and families: can you imagine the horror that could result from such “out of the mainstream thought?”

So these feds are bijee, bijee, bijee doing the big stuff-raiding those involved in investigations from the smallest fish in the pond who might be cooperating-but apparently needs to be taught a lesson-to the biggest-and “orangest” fish in the pond-who was cooperating and going back and forth-but then there was the little matter of the discovery of “real” unauthorized classified information at his political opponents place-so that raid had to take place pronto to get that narrative more in line with the plan to cover up the one, sensationalize the other, and ingratiate yourself to your democratic handlers who always know the right questions to ask.

Next in importance after the mystery of the pipe-bomber-and it bears belaboring that most of the “facts” that we were given about what is known read like what dog poop on a cracker that we are being told is some green new deal tastes like. The clever pipe-bomber used a standard kitchen one hour timer that was frozen-stopped-at 20 minutes to the hour-both of them-so there was no chance they were going to go off at 1PM/1300-particularly since initial reports and video evidence showed placement the night before-on 5 Jan 2020.

The bomb at the DNC HQs where VP elect Harris was hanging out was less than 100 feet from the front entrance, so well hidden there placed against a bench in the mid-day sun that none of the secret service detail who screened and cleared the facility and grounds for the VP (disciples of Stevie Wonder and Hellen Keller) noticed it. But between the bomb found at the RNC HQs and subsequently the DNC, 2 of the 3 security teams were distracted away from what should have been their primary duty that day-guarding the 3 major entrances to the capital.

That darn clever pipe bomber slipped away amongst all the video and security and attention like a crackhead looking for fill for his pipe: gone. Now he is on video, used a cell phone, waved to passing police-but just gone like the Pink Panther, a total mystery to this day. The FBI later allegedly blew up the devices and insisted they were “valid threats:” so is my you know what the day after burrito lunch special Thursdays at the VFW….

Meanwhile the security that did not get distracted were implementing the Alfred E. Newman procedures to maintain peace within a huge crowd that outnumbers you several hundred to one, lobbing stun grenades, directly firing bean bags and pepper spray, whacking with batons, a very large-but not yet-unruly crowd of arriving Maga-who were pretty much trapped in an area where if something happened to rouse, anger or stampede the crowd-they had no way to go but forward and sideways up to the capital. That happened and was the other pretty strange tactic adopted by what qualifies as the most inept crowd control team in recent memory.

Now breech teams were already working their magic on select points-one such team working an undermanned security point-led by the “not a Fed” federal agent Ray Epps who was instrumental in the penetration of the security position he is on tape helping take down.

And why am I going through some of this all over again? Well with the release of the footage we have the context of the inside events to augment the obvious chaos that was going on outside the capital with the mostly trapped crowd being abused by security until they started to break out of the ambush.

Those who broke windows, damaged the capital, did mayhem and violence and fought with security-they need to go down and go down hard. But the reason to belabor the above is that all this choreography-the timing of the pipe bombs being found, the departure of the two security guard teams-and again, why were there just 3 teams on the key barriers leading into the capital-where was the rapid reaction force that should have responded to the pipe-bombs? Did they not have a surge or reaction force designated?

All to say that the timing to open doors that could only be opened from the inside-letting the crowd into the capital-at the same time the evacuation order was given for the officials in the capital to “run away,” evacuate, was just too well timed and choreographed to be an accident.

I’ve pointed out previously that much like what was done in Michigan during a protest at the Capital, somebody working for the “three-letters-”the FBI-advised Michigan officials to let the “armed” citizens into the capital to diffuse the situation and they were lucky and fortunate that none of the citizens were as crazy as they would have you believe, so there was no violence. Now its just a coincidence that the same FBI agent was posted to Washington DC during this time.

But while all that chaos was going on out front where people had a pretty bad reaction to getting hit with stun grenades, pepper sprayed at point blank range, hit with riot bean bags, batons, the crazies were breaking windows, attempting to breech doors, when all of a sudden the doors opened and people began walking in and the politicians were trying to get out and it was like a two-way fire drill, with one set streaming in and another set of people trying to stream out.

I don’t know about and can’t speak for anyone else, but was that the plan all along for our elected officials? Scare the hell out of them with the information about the pipe bombs-give the evacuation order-and then everybody gets out the best they can like some Monty Python episode (run away?) While the peasants are storming the proverbial gates? Mrs. Sayles had a better evacuation plan for her 4th grade class who could not spell or pronounce “evacuation.”

I’ve watched Senator Chuckles Scummer talk about what a terrible thing this is for the video to be released and also his RINO partner in crime from Kentucky-who does not like “what was depicted.”

What I saw was a man-albeit, a crazy man-being leisurely escorted by security through the capital until security found a door that was open, and then they went in and said prayers and did whatever. That is what the video showed-what I would call “depicted:” I don’t know what slick RINO face is referring to when he says he takes the word of the capital police, but it perpetuates what our elite elected official class has done to us for the better part of the 21st century: shame you into believing their lying lips over your lying eyes.

So they did not want to stop or arrest or accost the misnomered, so-called “Qanon Shaman,” in the interest of “diffusing the situation,” much like the FBI advised the State Police in Michigan. But unlike the situation with the citizens in Michigan-many of whom were armed-there was no pipe-bomb distraction and no lingering fear of one going off.

Hand in the back-if the Capital Security knew about the pipe-bomb-which they obviously did, since it was the rationale for the evacuation, and they did in fact evacuate our representatives because of it, doesn’t it seem incredibly risky-and dumb-to let these people into the capital-if they believed there was even a 5% chance that there was a threat of finding another pipe-bomb? Unless-of course-they knew there was 0% chance of another pipe bomb because ole Pete the contracted FBI pipe bomb guy had only made two of them.

Capital Security opened doors-from the inside-that could not possibly be opened from the outside-and let these dangerous, rabble-rousing insurrectionists into the capital even though two pipe bombs had already been found and they had to believe-but moreso-its protocol-to lock everything down-evacuate-clear the building.

So seeing the “depiction” of Shaman Chubaca being leisurely escorted throughout the capital in consideration of the pipe bombs, and the reign of terror unleashed by security on those trapped at the entrance to the capital is just weird: hinky!

Hmmm, security escorted those people through to diffuse the situation, but was nobody concerned there might be a pipe bomb being brought into the capital with those they carelessly let in and escorted through the building?

The only good news about any of this is we now know who to blame: McCarthy, Tucker Carlson and Fox news.

I think they give the game away when they doth protest so much about releasing the tapes and then double down-including the family-who are apparently outraged that Tucker is somehow sullying the name of the poor police officer who died in the shadow of the “INSURRECTION” of natural causes, when they failed to show similar outrage and protest with the truth when the lies about his being murdered by a MAGA maniac yielding a fire extinguisher were propagated by people who had to know different-a tale that is still supported in some quarters of the LSMBTG-but there he is on the tape walking around and doing his duty long after he was reported to have been killed.

We are supposed to be outraged that Tucker would stoop to such lows as pointing this inconvenient fact out, which the insurrection committee, the coroner, the family and his comrades in arms and everybody involved in this sham had to know within days of his death. These people basically staged things, setup and embarrassed our president and themselves (and-yes, I know, it’s not like a difficult or great feat) by putting on the veneer of tragedy-and yes, his death was tragic and by all reports he served honorably and heroically-but I and everyone I know was led to believe he was honored by the President and congress because he was murdered at the hands of a MAGA supporter wielding a fire extinguisher while doing his duty, defending the capital.

That’s not to mention USAF veteran Ashli Babbitt, shot to death at point blank range by a coward with a gun who could just as easily pushed her back through the window or asked the guards mere steps below her with long guns to take care of the matter: a total cold-blooded murder.

Or Rosanne Boyland, who died after being beaten senseless by a Capital Police officer who used way over the top, illegal force against a defenseless victim. Yet many still believe it was a drug related death.

When you watch the violence that was inflicted on Victoria White, it astounds that she survived it. Is this the type of “depiction” old RINO puss is unhappy with?

This makes you wonder what country this happened in and why…

Max Dribbler

9 March 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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  1. Let me just say that if there were any honor on Capitol Hill, the DC city morgue would need a massive expansion to accommodate the outbreak of Mass Seppuku.

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