Another Fake Democrat Meme Dissolves

Another fake Democrat meme dissolves;  Much of the article below first appeared in the Canada Free Press website on May 14, 2021.  It was originally entitled: “Democrats manufacture a fake ‘Insurrection’ to re-impeach Trump.” It is replicated here, with permission from the CFP editor, because the “Insurrection” narrative has now been debunked. First by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who released the message of long-hidden videos from inside the US Capital, to the messenger, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson.  The howling from all Democrats and some Republicans, who pretend to work for the nation in the Capital building, is well underway.

You’ve heard the saying: Throw a rock into a pack of wild dogs and the one who yelps is the one that got hit.

In this case, the two leaders of the pack got hit and both are yelping.  Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell.

A NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT video (still posted) showed “protesters” being ushered into the Capitol Building by Capitol Police via a rope corridor. Several officers are standing near the door.   Here’s part of the live audio exchange between Lester Holt and NBC’s reporter on-site:

NBC Reporter: “For ten months, because of the pandemic this has been completely shut down. Not to mention that this breach means that there are, that every single one of these protestors has not been screened. This is an unprecedented security breach in the capitol, at least in my experience.  Where you have so many people here who have not been screened by Capitol Police.  Every single time you to go into the Capitol you go through a magnetometer, your bags are checked, and police do a sweep of what you bring into the Capitol. Every single one of these protesters who is here have not been treated by the Capitol Police.  Aides and lawmakers are messaging us trying to figure out what’s happening, but as you can both the Senate and House are in lock-down until this is resolved.”  


Lester Holt: “Yea, it is an incredibly disturbing scene we’re watching right now. A number of apparent protesters who seem to be peacefully, or voluntarily, or somehow, being led out of the Capitol right now. They seem to be heading toward.”

Reporter: “No” 

Holt: “Or maybe not.”

Reporter: “No.” 

Lester Holt: “Is that the exit?” 

Reporter: “That camera, the shot that we have, that you see right now, is of them walking towards the House Chamber. That’s not the exit. They are walking toward the House Chamber right now, in that camera. So, they’re not going anywhere. They’re going directly toward where the debate is going on in the House Chamber.”

This video was an early challenge to the media meme that Trump intentionally provoked an “Insurrection” by his followers who forced their way into the Capitol Building. That accusation led to a Second Impeachment of Trump after he left office.  The unstated intent of that exercise was to preclude Trump from running for the Presidency in 2024.  Media embellishments of the meme helped give it credibility.  A mini-Trump Russia Collusion format. 

National Public Radio (NPR) posted a report on the “riot”.

The riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 has led to one of the largest criminal investigations in American history. The attack, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation views as an act of domestic terrorism, ended with five people dead, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer. Since that day, the government has brought charges against more than 430 individuals.”


[NOTE: The “five people dead” claim that day has never been identified and substantiated. lt continues to be claimed by the Department of Justice.]

NPR included perp photos and the criminal charges leveled against many of the 430. A popular charge was having entered the Capitol Building. Taking a selfie while in there is proof of guilt.  As NPR reported: “Most of the people charged in connection with the storming of the Capitol face allegations primarily related to breaching the building. But a smaller number face more serious charges and a greater threat of prison time if convicted.” 

Also from NPR:

At least 28 are accused of committing conspiracy, one of the most serious charges brought. At least 82 are accused of committing acts of violence, particularly against police. At least 38 are suspected of causing property damage, like breaking windows or doors to gain entry to the building. At least 27 are accused of theft, like the man photographed carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern or one woman who allegedly took a laptop from Pelosi’s office.”

The interstate federal investigation to round up all the ‘insurgents’ stands in stark contrast to the efforts to identify the Antifa/BLM rioters who spent months breaking windows, accosting civilians, looting merchandise, and destroying small and mid-sized businesses in towns across America.  They were called “peaceful protestors” by many in the media.  The investigation to track down the D.C. insurgents was, it seems, led by FBI Agents. Here are two examples, as told to the writer, of how that worked:

(1) An active-duty, field-grade military officer led a group of people on a religious mission to D.C. on 6 January. A couple of weeks later, two FBI agents visited the leader and asked for the names of the other members of the group. The leader politely declined to do so.

(2) In a far distant state a small group of men drove to D.C. in early January, not to participate in an insurgency, and ended up witnessing the event. None entered the Capitol Building. Two FBI agents visited one of the group members and asked for a list of the others. The man politely declined to comply.  

The D.C. event falls short of the Reichstag Fire, but it carries the same patina.  The Nazi regime used the fire to round up communists and Jews and send many to concentration camps.  

Wonder how the out-of-town visitors to D.C. during the “insurrection” were identified? Well, it’s easy to follow a credit card trail. One or more banks shared their customers’ credit-card use in D.C. that occurred in and around January 6.  Hotel rooms. Restaurants. Car rentals. Easy-peasy.  Regarding behavior suggesting conspiratorial acts, does this map of BLM/Antifa protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death suggest any coordinated effort that could represent a conspiracy?   The headline of an August 24, 2020, New York Post article read “BLM protesters set Portland police station on fire as riot intensifies.” So, was that an insurrection?   

Major unanswered questions remain concerning the January 6, 2021 D.C. event.  How many of the insurgents were not Trump supporters but agent provocateurs? Are they, too, being sought by Federal Agents? 
The D.C. event falls short of the Reichstag Fire, but it wears the same patina.

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3 thoughts on “Another Fake Democrat Meme Dissolves”

  1. “How many of the insurgents were not Trump supporters but agent provocateurs? Are they, too, being sought by Federal Agents?”
    Of course not, because they initiated this entire Buffalo Jump at the behest of the Fifth Columnists and Enemy Within we’ve come to call “the Deep State.” 🙁 They’ll be protected until they outlive their usefulness as shadow Organs of the Regime, then they’ll quietly disappear into mystery as yet more either “Mysterious Suicides” or just Missing Persons and unidentified bodies.

    A regime that openly proposes to mass-murder its own citizens in false-flag attacks (see Operation Northwoods) is one where NOTHING is out of bounds for them.

  2. The protestors showed up to protest the certification of the 2020 election. Pelosi used them to dismiss Congress before any objections to the certification could be made by congresspeople. Since no objections were made the election could not be disputed by Pence, or later by anyone.

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