DIE Hydra!

DIE Hydra!


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The image above is above is Heracles and nephew Iolaus fighting the hydra. This was Heracles second of twelve labors. The hydra had nine heads and when Heracles destroyed one, another sprouted in its place. Heracles and Iolaus found that if Heracles destroyed a head and Iolaus burned it quickly, the head would not grow back. Eventually, they killed the hydra, killing the ninth, immortal head last.

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) movement is like the modern version of the hydra, lying in wait to attack and shifting heads as required. The figure shows some names the DIE movement has used. As courts declared one name illegal or otherwise diminished it, the movement simply changed its name. Much like the hydra.

The blog entries below discuss the terms in the figure. As the figure shows, as well as The Critical in Critical Theories show, the root is Marxism.

What the figure does not illustrate is the ninth immortal head. For this model, that head is fascism. I initially thought it was authoritarianism, but the problems go beyond simple authoritarianism. While fascism is authoritarianism, it goes much deeper. For more details on corporatism, see Part 1 and Part 2 of the Corporatism series.

On the surface, this seems to make little sense. The Marxist body hosts the Fascist head. In theory, Marxism and Fascism are on opposite sides of the economic spectrum. But as we saw with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, they are both authoritarian forms of control in practice. The entire hydra is based on an authoritarian approach to government.

Social justice warriors will tell us that is untrue; that they are working for freedom. But as the old saw states, “by their fruits ye shall know them.” The hydra’s fruits are:

  • Firing academics that do not toe the line;
  • Firing people in companies that do not adhere to the DIE mantra;
  • The new Biden Administration doctrine that says companies must have a social justice pledge to receive federal funds;
  • The federal support or at least a blind eye to the ANTIFA and other riots;
  • Legal discrimination against white males.

This is an authoritarian approach, plain and simple. I suspect many of the social justice warriors do not understand this and simply want to help what they see as disadvantaged elements of society. But those pulling the strings understand it and use the unsuspecting social justice warriors. If we look at the effects of the Great Society, we’ve spent over $22 trillion and the people the programs are supposed to help are worse off and the central government is stronger. See Critical Thinking and Policy: The Wars on Drugs and Poverty, and Creating the Monster: The American Bureaucracy and Part 7: The Great Society.

So what can we do? The example of Heracles and Iolaus is instructive.

Statue of Liberty torch open to public in new museum: photos - Business ... It takes team work. Heracles could not kill the hydra on his own. The two had to work together in a symphony of action to destroy a head and seal it with a torch. The torch is also emblematic of knowledge and liberty. Only a thirst for liberty stands up to a tyrant and the people must work together to remain free.

Memes are hard to kill, especially when in the hands of a skilled puppet master. Attacking the meme is tough. You need to understand the puppet master and take him on rather than the meme itself. See the Puppet Master series: Part 0, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. The torch is emblematic of the critical thinking required.

So what should we do:

  • Reclaim education. Right now, social justice warriors and their authoritarian puppet masters control education. Education is the lifeblood of a free Republic and citizens must be well-educated and learn to think critically. See the P21 and other initiatives for ideas. Constitutionalists need to reform education and ensure it serves liberty, not authoritarianism.
  • Teach virtue. Virtue is critical to resist the siren call of the puppet master. Virtue begins in the family and we need to strengthen our families.
  • Reform the media. The media are the tool to control meme propagation. I don’t mean censorship and government control. That is what we have now. Parents need to stand up and teach their children and keep them away from violent games and protect them.
  • Reform congress and the bureaucracy. Congress has too much power and, as Lord Acton intimated, they abuse it. We the People, need to stand up and show Congress they work for us. They are NOT our masters. We need serious bureaucratic reform to stop this unelected “branch” of government. Regulatory Capture is killing citizens and morphing our republic.

As I’ve worked through the issues with corporatism, fascism, and marxism, I’ve wrestled with why corporations embrace the social justice approach when it can work to their disadvantage by hiring less qualified people. I suspect the answer comes in two dimensions.

First, these corporations a global. Weakening the US components does not affect the overall corporation. They can do much of what they want elsewhere.

Second, forging a strong relationship with the US federal government and manipulating it through regulatory capture allows them to operate with far less control and interference. The extreme of regulatory control places them in control of the government. It is no accident the lobbying industry is so huge.

Puppet masters are evil. They are the modern hydra.


3 thoughts on “DIE Hydra!”

  1. Reforming Congress and the bureaucracy will necessarily lead to a taming of the lobbying industry. Individuals and corporations have the right to petition the government on matters that directly affect them. If Congress is limited as to what it can directly affect, lobbying will decrease. The question is how to accomplish this.

    • The Convention of the States for a Constitutional review and amendments can do that outside of Congress. There are quite a few states that have already approved it and more with one chamber’s approval and waiting for the second chamber’s approval. We need a grassroots level approach to get the state legislatures to approve the convention and pass key amendments and maybe repeal others, such as the 16th and 17th Amendments.

  2. We need draconian enforcement of the 10th Amendment by the Supreme Court. A blind epileptic monkey can could find whole swaths of federal spending (and bureaucracy) that are unconstitutional and belong to the States.


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