Political Parody As a Weapon Part LXXVIII

Parody As a Weapon Part LXXVIII; Better dead than Commander Red?

Last week, in Part LXXVII, the true face of Joe Biden as the offspring of the father of all lies was examined. This week, we will turn west from the Washington, D.C. (as well as west from Greenville or Rehoboth Beach, DE) and head to America’s dairy land, to mock an even smaller cheese than the one currently occupying the White House.

Last weekend, leftist terrorists continued their campaign of vandalism and violence against the 93 acre police training facility outside of Atlanta, Georgia that has been dubbed “Cop City” by its opponents. Among nearly two dozen charged with domestic terrorism for their role in the coordinated assault was a staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) named Thomas Webb Jurgens. Jurgens has since been described as a “legal observer” from the National Lawyers Guild, as apparently ANTIFA and anarchist terrorists believe that designating certain of their co-conspirators as “medics” and “legal observers” gives them a free pass from the legal consequences of their trespassing and other conspiratorial acts.

Apparently, as compared to the communist attorney front group, the Bank Robbers Guild (which is seemingly more capitalist in their outlook even as they engage in wealth redistribution) never considered having the “lookout” who would warn his fellow criminals of the approach of the police given a position where they were exempt from legal jeopardy by calling these confederates “legal observers”.

It was also reported that of those arrested, only two were from the State of Georgia, and some of the leftist terrorists were from outside the US, having traveled to the greater Atlanta area from Canada and France. There were some from Massachusetts and a couple from Wisconsin, where the left was complaining in 2020 of people crossing state lines in response to protests (at least as far as Kyle Rittenhouse was concerned). It is from Wisconsin and leftist ANTIFA protests that the basis of today’s song parody is formed.

During the unrest following the death of George Floyd during an arrest in May of 2020, there were “mostly peaceful” protests in communities around the US. At an event the first week in August in Waupaca, WI, demonstrators openly carrying rifles were told to stay out of the roadway, but refused to comply. When police directed Matthew Banta off of the highway, he defied the commands, and while resisting arrest he kicked, bit and pointed his rifle toward police.

Later in the month, Kenosha police officers shot fugitive Jacob Blake as he attempted to escape into a running van where he found a knife, and additional protests broke out in Wisconsin and throughout the country. Police in Green Bay encountered several individuals walking toward a protest wearing helmets, eye protection and carrying baseball bats. When confronted by a uniformed police officer in a marked vehicle, the members of the group fled, though police did apprehend the red-headed and helmeted Matthew Banta, whose flight was unsuccessful. The police report and news articles at the time of the event noted that Banta, who was also carrying a propane torch described as a flame thrower and smoke grenades, dropped into the fetal position and burst into tears.

Banta was positively identified by police as the ANTIFA member known in their intelligence bulletins as “Commander Red”. Despite his tears, he was charged with new offenses in Green Bay as well. In September of 2021, he was convicted of misdemeanor bail jumping and obstructing law enforcement and received 90 days in jail and two years of probation for these charges. In December of 2022, the crying-on-the outside-commander from hailed from Neenah, WI pled no contest to felony battery of a law enforcement officer in Waupaca County and received three additional years of probation.

Perhaps the red-headed militant learned a lesson from his brief incarceration and public humiliation that resulted in his not joining his antifa comrades in Atlanta in their latest mostly peaceful protest. Nonetheless, the histrionics displayed during his previous direct actions and his euphonic hometown and organization bring to mind the great smooth jazz composition by Stan Getz that is perhaps the best elevator music selection of all time- “The Girl From Ipanema”. I have borrowed the tune (without any of the Portuguese lyrics) to parody the brave stalwarts of ANTIFA.


All fascists know there’s nobody meaner

Than the ANTIFA Commander from Neenah

But if he’s tested he drops when arrested and cries

Cuts through crowds just like a lawn mower 

        With smoke grenades perhaps a flame thrower   

      But if he’s tested he drops when arrested and cries

Police commands are really a trifle   

   They can’t his street marching stifle

Or stop him pointing his rifle

But each time that the handcuffs appear 

He will drop to the ground with a tear

No one can say he got away cleaner

The ANTIFA commander from Neenah

Brief incarceration and then probation he cries

He drops down and cries

#Parody #Ridicule #Alinsky #Biden

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