Smart Move for DeSantis? Support Donald Trump

If the prevailing winds continue, President Donald Trump will be indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney. I’m not sure what the crime is. But that’s not important to Democrats Communists. 

Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime

~Lavrentiy Beria – Stalin’s NKVD head 

By all accounts, the Manhattan District Attorney is attempting to convert a misdemeanor (at best and with considerable stretch) into a felony in feared hope that he can publicly perp walk a former President of these United States.. Last time I looked, non-disclosure agreements with financial strings attached aren’t criminal and are in fact a common result of many civil suits either ongoing or threatened.

The DA has an interesting theory that tidying up your personal and public affairs prior to, or even in the middle of a campaign, is somehow a violation of campaign law. I’m not a lawyer, nor have I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. However, I’m pretty sure that getting a haircut, buying a new wardrobe, and in some cases, settling a current or potential civil suit, can be part of that, even if it results as is common, a Non-Disclosure Agreement accompanied by a monetary payment. Wanting to remove such distractions beforehand (or even during) a campaign in this writer’s opinion, in no manner, constitutes a crime. What we really have is political witch hunt. We all know it. Caveat: I’m not a lawyer, but I know a good one currently helping defend some J6 defendants. Click here for great legal commentary on how this Trump indictment is playing out.

So in all of this, just where does Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fit in? Before I go there, a standard disclaimers/disclosures.  If Inauguration Day in 2025 had as its guest of honor either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, your humble scribe would be perfectly happy. My preference would be for  Trump followed by two DeSantis administrations, if for no other reason than to provide an abject lesson to the left and their quisling RINO enablers; You don’t get to steal presidential elections. If you do, there will be consequences.

So how does DeSantis fit in? Simple. He has been the target of some Trumpian attacks lately. Donald Trump has referred to him as “Desanctimonious” and has attacked him for his Covid response; Typical Donald Trump, attacking threats, real or imagined. For his part, Governor DeSantis has refused to respond in kind. He has simply kept his head down and doing the things he needs to do to continue Florida’s “net importer” status for refugees from blue states like California, which by the way, is hemorrhaging population. So far I don’t see that he has put a foot wrong.

To seal his position as a Trump policy candidate (unannounced) but without the Trump personality baggage, DeSantis should publicly decry the political witch hunt by the Manhattan DA. Anyone with half a brain knows that if the legal system is able to lay a glove or two on Trump, that could be a huge help to DeSantis, as long as he isn’t thought to be hoping for or enabling such by the Trump base. By coming out strongly against such a wrongful use of prosecutorial power against a competitor who has routinely badmouthed him, DeSantis comes out the bigger man and doesn’t alienate Trump supporters. He won’t be seen as taking the side of an enemy of all conservatives for. his own political gain.

Final note: For his part, Trump should stop attacking DeSantis and focus on Biden and the damage his team is doing to America. In any case…Buckle up.

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11 thoughts on “Smart Move for DeSantis? Support Donald Trump”

  1. That could be DeSantis’s big win, being thrown away. This is how you tell from a mediocre opponent and a politician who has craft and character to out maneuver his opposition.
    Like what Elon Musk said, yesterday, about arresting Trump this making him a sort of martyr, which I believe Musk is concerned about being a DeSantis supporter, Trump would gain in the eyes of some, but DeSantis might gain the most, by showing his chess playing ability.

    Several prominent Republicans, like Lee Zeldin and JD Vance, have come out and backed Trump with very strong statements of support that could make this leftist, Soros backed DA prove to be a very big fool. Trump knows how to play chess, or poker, whichever your choice of comparison is, and all this means to me is that the real battle will be who starts WWIII first? Trump, in a political battle for the presidency, or Biden, to seal the fate of many future dead American soldiers.
    That’s how much of a big deal I think the Democrats will make of this, when it backfires.
    The stage is set, and all of Hillary’s horses and all of her men…
    Just wait to see how the left destroys the world for the sake of power and control.
    We ain’t seen nothing, yet.

    • “Just wait to see how the left destroys the world for the sake of power and control.”

      Agree 100 percent…when a DA, who should know better does somthing this desperate against a President who already has sympathy for the 10 PREVIOUS Witch Hunts …It now is becoming obvious that this is a diversion from another desperate start World War III…AND divert attention from the Joe and Hunter laptop and the much bigger Banking collapse….followed in due course with the Globalist-WEF Great Reset with Digital Currency and Chinese style Social Credit scores…leading to total loss of freedom…Ten years ago this would have been insane to consider this…The Globalist are going for broke….but the fate of the world hangs in the balance..I hate to say it but Donald J. Trump is one of the few people that can stop the Globalist and CCP world power grab….Which is another reason to target Trump..for the 163rd time.

  2. I think that for the future of America, the sooner DeSantis backs Trump and ends what could be an ugly primary battle, the better. Let us all save our fighting for the enemy and stop wasting resources fighting with each other.

  3. It is a smart move for DeSantis to support Trump.
    But it is an even smarter move for Trump to stop attacking DeSantis.
    Trump has nothing to gain by his personal attacks on DeSantis, and equally bad is his attacks on DeSantis’ record as governor. Trump will lose votes if he continues the attacks on DeSantis.
    The only person who can beat Trump in the primary is Trump.

  4. DeSantis is going to run. I support him fully. Trump will implode. Sooner or later, I’ll write another piece about Trump – “Humpty Dump Trump” – as a Greek tragic figure doomed from the start by his character. Hopefully, he will implode so badly that his most devoted cult won’t throw the election to the Commies. DeSantis will win if we can get past the cheat in the swing states. Therein lies the question.

  5. Hopefully, President Trump will continue to function like The Roadrunner to the democrats’ Wile E. Coyote, and the Acme District Attorney’s case blows up in their faces like the rest of the products. Governor DeSantis should make it clear that he supports denying the left their “Beep, Beep- My A$$” moment.

  6. In my opinion, DeSantis is a weak replacement for Trump. Yes, he has made some sensible decisions as governor but he best remember who got him elected the first time around. When you want to know whom a politician truly represents, look at his donor list. Little Ron has some rather hefty billionaires at his back, & those people don’t support someone without getting some sort of payback in the future or by having a hand in setting policy.

    DeSantis would do himself a great favor by denouncing the charade from New York, for it would show MAGA that he hasn’t completely sold out. To me, he is in the same boat with Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley,Tim Scott, etc……..MAGA lite at best. I wish this weren’t so, for I had once looked at him as a continuation of Trump’s policies, with the same willingness to fight for everyday Americans. He doesn’t have Trump’s abilities or strengths or international savvy, and while he’d be superior to whatever idiot the communists chose to run in 2024, he’ll never be the leader that DJT has been and IS.

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