The Knock Out Punch to CRT

The Knock Out Punch to CRT; Stopping Critical Race Theory isn’t good enough to expunge Cultural Marxism from American schools. We – that means you, Citizen – have to change what’s being taught by the Higher Ed that teaches teachers. It can be done and it must be done.

In September 2001, I perused my daughter’s brand new textbook for 12th grade U.S. Government. The foreword proudly proclaimed that this public school textbook benefited in the very latest insights through the “lenses” of race, class, and gender. When I searched, I found nothing to contradict what I’d taught 20 years earlier about U.S. Government at West Point. There were oddities like a table showing female farm ownership during the American Civil War. It was insipid, but not dangerously wrong.

Fast forward to 2023 with Critical Race Theory spreading its Cultural Marxism in classrooms everywhere and the push back in the free states and conscious communities.

Rolling back blatant lies in education is a good first counter-punch. But, it’s just the first jab to set the Commies back on their heels. Much more is needed to get a knock out.

Consider the arena of History and Social Studies in the fight for Education – as one of seven defining institutions of American Civilization.

The Virginia Board of Education revised an awful, politically correct and fully woke draft of the Standards of Learning (SOLs) to something that smacks of real History and Social Studies. Yet, it remains deeply flawed in its basic concept – What is the story of America?

Is it the tale of the American Melting pot? That was accepted scholarship in the 1960s. Or, is it the story of fixed identity groups in a hierarchy of permanent victimhood – even though, supposedly, the groups exist a co-equal, “Multiculturalism?”

The Virginia SOLs are stuck on the stupid that White, African-American, Indigenous Peoples, and Women are identity groups and cultures set in concrete. The schools aren’t alone in this fantasy. If you visit the Jamestown, you’ll see the same story at both the National Park or the State Exhibition.

That’s not what happened after 1607 when 104 Englishmen and boys showed up and named the place where they lived “Jamestown” and called the country “Virginia.”

Two cultures from the British Isles settled Virginia before the American Revolution. Those cultures became sub-cultures in an overarching American Culture defining American Civilization after the Revolution. The two cultures were Tidewater and Frontier.

Tidewater was English “Cavaliers”, Anglican, and planters. The Frontier was Scot-Irish “Clans”, Presbyterian, and fighters. I’ll forego the interesting history that brought those formerly warring cultures together and what happened up to the cataclysm wrought by The Recent Unpleasantness of 1861-1865 to get to the point: Namely, these culture assimilated all others and all other immigrants. Virginia never became “multi-cultural.”

And, no, multi-racial isn’t multi-cultural. Culture commands – one culture at a time for every society on the planet throughout the history of humanity.

The Left hates the idea of assimilation because they hate E Pluribus Unum. You can’t divide in the name of inclusion and separate by proclaiming a presence and voice to “marginalized” groups of people. Also, you can’t keep everyone glued in groups if people live as individuals in the communities that unify as a (formerly) consensus American culture.

The Left disputed the concept of a melting pot America after the schism of the Vietnam War through the 1970s and 1980s until 1987 when the race pimp Jesse Jackson joined protests at Stanford against a mandatory class in Western Civilization. Academia listening to such a scholar as Jesse Jackson says enough, quite clearly. Obviously, rhyming “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go!” seized the intellectual high ground.

This rot has been taught in Higher Education for 30 years now. How many History and Social Sciences departments have anyone teaching who is immune to the Cultural Marxist cancer?

Even if the answer is “no one”, there’s a solution to the problem.

Consider when the Hebrews in the Old Testament would go apostate and “do evil in the eyes of the Lord” in a single generation. Even if false teaching continued for several generations, it could be turned around suddenly. To change what was being taught and practiced, the better reformers cleansed everything completely. They broke the idols, cut down the poles, smashed the altars, and killed the evil priests.

It’s time for cleaning out the temples of academia. Especially, the schools that grant degrees and certificates in education. Minus the violence, of course.

Pulling up Cultural Marxism root and branch means changing the curriculum of what’s being taught in the teaching – Education – institution. At the same time, alternatives need to be built up. Conservative schools need to improve their curriculums to produce better scholarship than the Human Secularist Totalitarians ensconced from community colleges to the Ivy League.

The material to teach better is readily available. It’s just a wee bit dated. Yet, the truth – based on good scholarship and real knowledge – always ages well.

Yes, there are arguments about what is truth, but in history and social sciences, those disputes have clear boundaries for educated and sane people.

So, stop Critical Race Theory today. Teach with rational empiricism. Tomorrow, let’s win with “Hey, hey, hip hoorah, Western Civ is here to stay!”

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