Feel Good Gun Measures Part 4

When it comes to getting the base energized in politics, there are few things or issues that can do it quite like going after the Bad Orange Man-and it has been that way for going on seven years or more. Which is strange from the standpoint that he was once a “go to,” big ticket money touch point on the “A” list for political events. Which shows how loyal and appreciative the swamp is-and how it came to be known by its original location and later its reputation (same-same.)

The other base “energizer bunny” issue is gun control and the battle to neuter the 2d Amendment. I wrote the first three Feel Good Gun Measures articles to highlight just how ignorant, silly, counter-intuitive, ridiculous and shrill these arguments have become. And-yes-I did think they would get worse over time when you have a president willing to say anything that comes into his head that he believes his peeps, acolytes, sycophants and fools will consume without question to carry the water and engage in the battle: no matter how big the lies or how silly he comes across in the telling.

I spent a bit of time in this series on his silly argument that you could not-for instance-own a cannon during the period the 2d Amendment came about, but I did so only to point out the amazing fact that he seemingly went out of his way to earn the Pinocchio Award-willingly-and seems oblivious to the great fit it is to this day as he continues to spout the nonsense.

A favored companion to the above and another ignorant gun control canard is the “Founders never considered things like a semi-automatic or automatic weapon in their deliberations, given the state of weaponry at the time.” Which really sounds convincing and compelling until you consider that it is more of the same: “crap,” given the emerging-albeit limited use-technology of the time represented by air rifles that would have been known and provided “repeated fire.”

So, it was no surprise when he recently trotted out the “success” of the 1994 Assault Weapons ban as a talking point for a new round of publicity and distraction from a plethora of issues that should be the focus of the US government. Whether success, meh, or failure, the significance of the legislation continues to be a point of debate regarding results that at the most basic level did not even resolve the definition or ambiguity of the term sufficiently to foster a follow-on: and remains ambiguous and a point of disagreement to present.

Nor should it surprise anyone that policies based on gun control and not focused on illegal weapons or the criminals that wield them is simply not going to be conclusive nor widely supported going forward when lies are being used as the basis to conduct the dialogue or negotiation: just more political arm twisting and tough talk, which is the norm in the swamp. Brace for some tough blue talking and some RINO caving as we head into summer.

Even less astounding is how feckless our elected officials, representatives and our government have been during our lifetime on what can be called the “big issues” like energy, pandemic level health issues, a “war on drugs” bumper sticker issue that gets worse by the year as more and more Americans die, a “war on poverty” that has resulted in the dissolution of the nuclear black family, third-world level poverty rates and some 70% single parent households, an out of control border that has empowered the drug cartels profiting from controlling access-while our government obfuscates, changes terms, stonewalls congress and conflates illegal aliens with migrants and US immigration policy.

Easy to point out the bad things and be a critic these days, but what steps should be taken if we are to take our government serious-that they really do want to do something to reduce crime, murders and illegal guns? Keeping in mind-I don’t believe they are serious because of the constant lies and BS and mistruths that show absolute ignorance of crime statistics and amateur-like misperceptions about guns. It is telling that most government officials are not talking about criminals with guns, nor illegal guns-for instance handguns-which dominate as the weapon of choice in most gun related crimes.

There is also the issue of “background checks” and the so-called “gunshow” loophole. I related in this series how silly and nonsensical that “loophole” myth is compared to actual. Also, how stores like Bass Pro Shop handle firearm applications all the time where the applicant is rejected, and the reason provided through the system is: “not a citizen.” What do they do with these applications? Several salesmen over a four-year period advised that they shred these applications and don’t maintain records of the rejections: corporate rules.

Gee, the above seems like it could be a good start when you consider you have illegal aliens signing official government documents attesting to being eligible to get weapons they are not authorized to possess because you have to be a citizen-and these migrants, immigrants, illegal aliens-aren’t…

Or maybe start with the facts and statistics and a recent article that walks through a bit of both. I don’t watch much television these days but on travel recently the folks I was traveling with passed the time while talking by watching 48 hours focused on Louisiana-New Orleans-mainly Baton Rouge, and Oklahoma-Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Many observe that the reason these police/murder shows fell out of favor briefly was that 95% of the criminals and about the same number on the victim’s side were drug dealers or gang members-and it sends “a bad message and image, culturally,” that is one sided: Umm, OK. The youngest killer was 14 and he was sentenced to life for murder-and it was not his first, but-you know-compassion for the young, obvious racism and all that equity crap…

When you consider there are some ~3200 counties or equivalents in the US (and of course-about 435 aggregations or pockets of ~730K or so people that qualify for a House Seat,) it’s incredible to see the statistics-from this piece-“1% of counties have 21% of the population and 42% of the murders” and “2% of counties contain 31% of the population and 56% of the murders.”

Wowzer! That’s 31 and 62 counties, respectively, accounting for over half the murders. Or put another way, ~3138 counties containing 69% of the population account for 44% of the murders.

And yet idjiots in our government spout this nonsense about assault weapons, semi-autos, magazine capacities and the like as if that would be an easier solution than cleaning up these cesspool counties that account for all these murders…a recent article made the case-the point-that the US has the lowest closure rate on murders than any other western democracy or modern state: the lowest/worst.

From the above piece:

The CPRC study showed that while 2% of counties populated by Democrats were responsible for 56% of the country’s murders, 52% of counties had no murders and 68% of counties had at most one murder.

These numbers clearly show that America is not a violent country, that we do not have a crime problem and that gun culture is not the issue: crime culture in Democrat cities is the issue.

Democrat crime cities and counties have created a massive social problem that otherwise would hardly exist. As the study notes, “If the 1% of the counties with the worst number of murders somehow were to become a separate country, the murder rate in the rest of the US would have been only 4.31 in 2020. Removing the worst 2% or 5% would have reduced the US rate to just 3.71 or 2.99 per 100,000, respectively.” We could have the murder rate of New Zealand.

The article quotes those who profess puzzlement over the increases in crime that accompanied the rise of ANTIFA, the Black Liberation Revival Movement and the riots, looting and mayhem that followed the George Floyd death. Maybe that had something to do with the defund the police movement, the encouragement of demonstrations that became riots, the pent-up anger associated with COVID restrictions and widespread looting that many dismissed as “just” in the name of “reparations.”

Recent articles indicate that the worst cities have seen the light but are going to have difficulty rebuilding in the wake of simply willy-nilly abandoning security measures and manpower in the not-too-distant past.

And then there is the poster child, California. As this American Thinker article states, “take California-please!” In case this didn’t prove somewhat depressing enough, I end with this article with a note of despair and helplessness and hopelessness for recovering the former glory days of the Golden State. This rot actually started long, long ago but seems to have accelerated or degraded markedly in the last five years.

Who is next?

Max Dribbler

23 March 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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    • Idjiot prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case…wanted the jury to “feel the sense of danger and outrage” of being on the pointy end…judge should have slapped his arse…

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