It’s Never a Good Idea to Mix Science and Politics

Science and Politics; It’s a bad idea to mix politics with most things, especially science, which by its very nature demands the absence of bias and open minds. Science is nothing more than the investigation of the natural world, and a set of protocols for doing so professionally, in a way that minimizes human bias and error.Unfortunately American schools do an abysmal job teaching science to students, and confidence in research is damaged when scientists do unethical things, like Fauci did when he funded gain of function research and lied about it. 

I’ve been a member of the American Chemical Society since 1978. We do surveys from time to time to see what the average person thinks about our field of study (Chemistry). Like all scientists we are taking a hit due to the controversy surrounding global climate change and terms like “Follow the science” being debated in the media. 

The issue gets back to funding by governmental organizations. Research cost money and lots of it comes from government sources. In order to the keep funding flowing the researchers need to produce results favorable to the agency providing the funding or the funding ceases to continue. 

There is a lot of great research going on that is being funded through grants. Grants are the lifeblood for most university studies. Sometimes a project can provide both a scientific result and a political perspective at the same time but the cost increases geometrically to get a result desired in lieu of the results obtained by actual research and analysis.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Never a Good Idea to Mix Science and Politics”

  1. Despite several stellar exceptions, there largely is no more true “science” today, as it mostly has sold out to the popular agenda (e.g. the “gay” and “trans” lies and fraud), unwilling to tell the truth and stand against the (lack of) culture. Some are even alarmed that experiments that once were thought to validate certain scientific truths cannot be replicated, exposing them as fraud, not science.
    Long ago true science understood that theology was the queen of all sciences under King Jesus. Having abandoned that truth and reality for satan’s lies we’ve degenerated to lying in even corrupt, incompetent SCOTUS “justices” denying the simple reality that men are men and women are women. See “The gay invention” at for the lies and fraud about “gender” and “sex” where you can see that if you use “gender” for anything but language you’ve been brainwashed by lies and fraud. Also see

    • At least as important as the above is the sellout on the related frauds of abortion and the Wuhan “virus” and “vaccines” and the many more dying from the latter than the former, insanely screaming “my body, my choice” for abortion (a proven lie with the baby having different DNA), but rejecting that for the “vaccine” which is rather rewriting the gene therapy. Whole books could be written by the informed on what a massive, laughable lie and fraud modern “science” has become since rejecting Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, John 14.

      • Oops! Sorry! To clarify: At least as important as the above is the sellout on the related frauds of abortion and the Wuhan “virus” and “vaccines” and the many more dying from the latter (“vaccine”) than the former (“virus”),

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