Why Do We Fear Primary Contention?

Why Do We Fear Primary Contention?

“You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy.” ~ Ronald Reagan

~Greetings my fellow Americans!

While I hope and pray that most patriots are focusing their time and energy more on what’s going on in their own local communities to foster national and spiritual revival, I also realize the ease with which we may be distracted by the 24/7/365 news cycle that is rife with stories of country- and global-wide injustice and conflict for which we are all being made to feel guilty and/or directly responsible. That said, I am also compelled to comment on how our 2024 presidential election season has begun, as I believe it does represent a microcosm of how we seem to have been more inclined to reverse course from the increasingly soulless and former nation we are on track to becoming.

To be clear, I want the eradication of all elements in our national government which have culminated in the presidency of Joseph Robinette Biden as much as anyone. This would be a clear sign that we have not completely lost that apparatus to anti-American agencies. Having someone then holding the “highest office in the land” who best embraces the founding principles codified in our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution would certainly help our individual State and local causes.

This, especially insofar as he is willing and able to lead and facilitate the return of any power and control back to those levels, where accountability to the voters for failure to comply with the will of their majority and/or to sanction election fraud or exploitation of weaknesses in existing laws will be more direct and immediate. All active Executive Orders should be immediately negated, and no new EOs enacted.

Rather, our Chief Executive, a la President Ronald Reagan, should use the office to build a groundswell of support, and put pressure, on those elected to represent us, to compel repeal of any laws which run counter to what is supposed to be our representative republic, and otherwise grants authority to the Executive Branch unconstitutionally. He should call for the censure of judges who “legislate from the bench,” and be the voice of the narrative for true American revival. In other words, get the U.S. Congress to start doing its jobs again.

There is much more that would need to be done to neuter the leviathan which is our national government (including eliminating redundant and/or unconstitutional departments), but true momentum would need to be built before more sweeping and lasting changes could occur (we didn’t get here overnight, and we won’t undo it in that time either). It is seeming likely that we will have two main contenders for Mr. Biden’s office in 2024: former President Donald Trump, and current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Both have a record of accomplishments as Chief Executive of their respective organizations, and (assuming Mr. DeSantis ever formally announces his candidacy) both deserve consideration for replacing the current POTUS.

Sadly, there appears to be a significant faction who believe that Mr. Trump be allowed to take the mantle of the opposition to Biden/Harris without challenge. Well-intentioned people who want to “Make America Great Again” would rather dispense with the process of ensuring that the person best qualified to hold that “highest office” represent all of us who are likewise repulsed by the antics of those who purport to stand for a United States envisioned by the Biden administration.

Things were better for us than they are now for most of Trump’s presidency; his administration badly mishandled the COVID-19 “pandemic,” and enabled the fraud-laden mechanisms which led to his election defeat in 2020. Because most of what Mr. Trump did enact was done swiftly through Executive Orders, Herr Biden was able to reverse it even more rapidly with his own. Though I do not live in Florida, I know people with strong connections there, and by all accounts Governor DeSantis has done a masterful job of leading the restoration of American principles to his State’s government, through formal legislative action, and the citizens to which he pledged an oath to the same awarded him a resounding re-election in 2022.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, President Trump is running a campaign very similar to that which propelled him to victory in 2016, portraying himself again as an outsider quite willing to demean and name-call any person or organization who appears to run counter to his ambition to be POTUS. To date, I’ve not heard anything from him about what he did accomplish during the 39 months prior to “fifteen days to flatten the curve” in which he actually was the POTUS but, rather, repeated touting of his “greatest accomplishment” of Operation Warp Speed, through which “[he] saved 100 million lives.” I have also not yet heard how he intends to inject any longer-lasting government reform or what his vision for this may be; the last I remember him commenting in any regard other than “drain the swamp” or “lock her up” was when he declared during his 2016 campaign that he’d “use big government the right way.”

I have not heard much directly from Mr. DeSantis as of yet in terms of a national vision for the future; that he hasn’t declared his candidacy could be the reason. What I have heard, and seen, is a fellow flawed man, and patriot, who hasn’t been afraid to admit and own up to mistakes (like locking down Florida amid tremendous pressure to do so, then reversing this a month later), and who appears more willing to allow his actions to speak for themselves than to prop himself up by tearing others down.

I voted for Mr. Trump in 2016, and again in 2020; if he’s the Republican nominee in 2024 I will vote for him again. He is far superior to anything the party claiming to be Democrat will have to offer. But that election is 20 months away, and anointing anyone to that position without any scrutiny against, or comparison to, other potential candidates this early in the process is exactly the wrong thing to do if we ever hope to make America great again

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1 thought on “Why Do We Fear Primary Contention?”

  1. I don’t care who runs against Trump in the primary. I don’t know where you got that people want to skip the primary process for Trump’s sake.
    Wanting Trump as our next president does not equate to skipping the primary process, for me, anyway. Go for it. May the best one win.

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