A Good Guy With a Gun and the Golden Minute

The Good Guy With a Gun and the Golden Minute.

At this point, there can be no question that preventing a single murder from morphing into a mass killing, requires the timely arrival of a good guy with a gun who is willing to use it. Let’s call that the “Golden Minute.” Monday in Nashville, Tennessee proved that as yet another school shooting, this time with a mentally disordered person taking out her issues on innocents, 3 adults and elementary school children. 

According to ABC News

A shooter armed with two assault-style rifles and a handgun killed three students and three staff members at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday morning, authorities said.

Further down

The suspect was shot and killed by authorities in a lobby area on the second floor of the school roughly 14 minutes after the 911 call was placed, according to police.

Read: ‘Nightmare’: 6 killed in ‘calculated’ mass shooting at Nashville school

CNN Reports (emphasis mine)

Police said the shooting was targeted, closely planned and outlined in documents from the shooter.

Hale left writings pertaining to the shooting and had scouted a second possible attack location in Nashville, “but because of a threat assessment by the suspect – there’s too much security – decided not to,” Drake said on Monday.

Read:Covenant School shooter was under care for emotional disorder and hid guns at home, police say

Several things stand out from this incident. I’ll focus on two. One: the shooter apparently selected this school because it was the softer of all the targets she had checked out. Two: the police arrived within minutes and immediately began to “march to the sound of the guns,” killing the shooter within 14 minutes of the 9-1-1 call for help. The death toll was thusly limited to 6. This was a stark difference from how matters were handled in Uvalde, Texas, where the police response was say, less than heroic.

So, what can we take away here? Simple. There is a reason mass killers choose gun free zones. They want to murder the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time. In a gun free zone, governments and sometimes even private entities use the force of law to preclude effective resistance, relying on a rapid response from police forces. There’s a huge problem with that. As daytime radio pundit David Webb** says, “If you surrender your rights, you’ve relegated your safety to police response time.

The above is most certainly not to disparage law enforcement. Law Enforcement did a stellar job in Nashville. Like most of the men and women in that profession I have had the privilege to work with these warriors, who despite their own personal risk, “ran to the sound of the guns,” and dispatched the shooter before she could kill more innocents. 

But, that’s not the point. In mass shootings, the critical issue is time. It is borderline axiomatic that no matter how many gun laws we enact or how many unconstitutional federal regulations a President signs off on (Bump Stock Ban) none of these can ever prevent a determined killer from gaining access to a firearm and getting off that first shot. Leftist platitudes notwithstanding, that’s the way it is. Period. Full Stop. The critical time element spans from that first shot until the first “good guy with a gun” shows up. The time it takes for that good guy to show up is inversely proportional to the casualty count. On multiple occasions, a speedy arrival has limited a possible mass casualty event, to one or two victims. It’s self-evident that the quickest a good guy can show up is if he is already there.

There are a couple of ways to ensure such instant arrival of the good guy with a gun. These are options that put an armed citizen able to respond, within that Golden Minute before a single casualty becomes a mass murder. The first is pretty common—armed security officers. You see this at many government facilities. In certain situations, this might be the preferred solution. However, this solution is not universally practical or necessarily even desirable.

There is the added expense and, possibly worse, forcing citizens to undergo an airport-style screening in order to go to the movies. Most importantly, it abdicates the responsibility every adult American has for his own protection, that of his family and his fellow citizens.

The other way to ensure instant arrival of the good guy is lawful concealed and/or open carry by law-abiding adult citizens who have not been adjudicated mentally or criminally incompetent to do so by a judge. Gun free zones preclude this possibility. By force of law, they prohibit adult citizens from defending themselves, their neighbors, and, in the case of schools, the children in their charge. As in the December 2015 shooting in San Bernardino with 14 dead, a gun free zone allowed killers to ply their evil trade in a leisurely fashion, even having time to reload in order to continue their mayhem. 

It’s time we as Conservatives publicly and loudly rebuke the liberal left along with their RINO enablers. We need to call them out in simple, clear language. We need to demand the left be accountable for their continued desire to prescribe solutions that not only don’t work but take away our right to self-defense and cause needless deaths. It’s time we look them in the eye and instead of acting as though their policy is a legitimate political position, start ascribing malice to them.

Next time, we’ll discuss how starting with individual, constitutional liberty from the top down, and government response from the bottom up, will provide a much better and more flexible solution than any one-sized fits all approach that requires big government to enact.

Stay tuned

For more discussion, read: Most Assault Weapons…Aren’t

** You can find David Webb on Sirius XM 125, M-F 9:00-Noon.

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13 thoughts on “A Good Guy With a Gun and the Golden Minute”

  1. We have numerous laws on the books prohibiting murder, rape, robbery, etc.
    Yet we still have people committing these crimes.
    If those who commit these crimes do not obey these laws then what makes one believe they will obey “gun free zones” so that the criminal will stop, read the sign of “gun free” and then leave?

  2. Excellent, Mike. Your argument boils down to “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”. We are our own first responders. I don’t trust the very whacked out teachers and school administrators we now have. These schools should be hardened with cops, ex-cops and ex-military who know how to use a firearm.

      • It lived with them, they knew it had at least one long gun they assumed it sold, they did not notice a stock pile of 7 weapons kept in their house, they knew it was emotionally unstable and was in therapy yet did not question it when it left the house with a back pack it refused to explain and let it leave and roam freely around without notifying anyone in authority. Clearly it was in a pretty constant state of rage. How about see something say somthing….a great gun grabber…. mommy? And don’t get me started me on the therapist

    • Sure, and you could condemn every parent, all the way back to Adam and Eve. I feel guilty enough, already, about whatever shortcomings I had with the two boys I helped raise, okay?
      Do we know anything about the parents, other than they cared enough to put their girl in a private Christian school? Not really.
      What we do know was that the dead trans-activist murderer was an employed individual with severe mental problems, that the severity of her problems may not have been even apparent to her parents. She lied to get the guns(form 4473 at POS in gun shop. There is a lot more to this story that we may never know, but we do know the murdering dead trans- activist killed people and the Metro Police and the politics are keeping us from being able to read her manifesto. That might give the only glimpse into her insanity that we will ever know.

      • Mark…..I read that the “Christian” school in 2017 was found to have pedophilia going on in the school the principal was indited along with others…..maybe this is why this child was angry….

  3. Yeah, the most obvious argument against gun free zones was the attempted mall shooter who burst out of the bathroom expecting to have a field day and got promptly nailed by a recently approved LTCC who was there at the moment. I don’t know how anyone can go through life unarmed. Even house insurance is mandatory until you own it.

    • If you are talking about that Indiana mall shooting, yeh, good that that got reported, isn’t it? That young man was one of the few good guys with a gun at the right place and time, and it got good reporting, too.

  4. There could be a lot we could learn about this ,mentally deranged dead transgender activist, if that “Manifesto” is ever released.
    For example, we might learn the depths of her brainwashing, and where it came from.
    She was willing to break a federal law, the one about lying on a form 4473, then using the firearm in a crime. But that is nothing compared to what her peers and “influencers” did to encourage the very sick behavior that ended in six innocents dead.

    Thank God for those Metro cops who did their jobs. At the level of the beat cop, and their swat team(?) or rapid response team, there is no room for criticism.
    It is the administrative level and Davidson County Metro Counsel and that idiot mayor Cooper that is hiding that manifesto, and they should be punished for doing that.

    • The Uvalde shooter had TWO Daniel Defense AR, the most expensive production AR’s made at $2,200 a basic copy, TWO Eotec red dots at $700 EACH, dozens of mags at $14 each, tons of 5.56 NATO ammo that is not cheap, and NO JOB.

      The site that tracks govt jets reported a CIA owned jet touched down 47 minutes before the school shooting, and lifted off 22 minutes after.

      Science Channel, which has never been prone to BS shows, did a full hour narrated by a former CIA field commander titled “Mind Control”. It went into several modalities but focused on MK Ultra, that looked promising enough it was handed over to DARPA and went dark 15 years ago. They have spent MILLIONS on it. Appears they are near a fully functional status on a small scale, and the CIA narrator was totally floored at how advanced it had become. Sound, chip, remote influencing, drug, wave technology has all come a LOOOOOOONGGG way the last two decades, as you know.

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