Has WW3 Already Begun?

Has WW3 Already Begun? Generations of warfare refer to the evolution of tactics, technologies, and objectives throughout the history of warfare. The first generation of warfare was characterized by the use of line and column tactics, exemplified by Napoleon’s campaigns. The second generation saw the introduction of machine guns and indirect fire weapons in World War I. The third generation of warfare emphasized the importance of maneuver and mobility in World War II. The fourth generation focused on irregular warfare and asymmetric tactics, such as in the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars. Finally, the fifth generation of warfare goes beyond conventional methods and involves the use of social media, economics, propaganda, and psychological warfare to achieve strategic goals.

In this new era of warfare, proxy wars are a common strategy. These are conflicts between two opposing powers where neither directly engages in combat against the other. Instead, they support and supply resources, such as weapons, money, and military advisors, to their respective allied factions or proxy groups who fight on their behalf.  We are currently witnessing a proxy war between the NATO and China; using Ukrainian and Russian sons and daughters as the pawns.

As a consequence of this evolution, the US will no longer be the world’s superpower. Instead, China is poised to take its place. China’s investment in fifth-generation warfare strategies, including cyber-attacks and propaganda campaigns, has given them a significant advantage over the US in this new arena of warfare.  Since 2001 the US Department of Defense unfortunately focused solely on the Global War on Terrorism.  Neglecting the evolving 5th generation of warfare.  Meanwhile China capitalized on this opportunity to position itself as the future Global Superpower.

While the US sends billions of dollars and aid, support and weapons to Ukraine, the battle may already be lost.  Because of the USA’s failed reaction to the Global Pandemic, our economic dominance of the planet has been diminished.  Oil has historically been traded only using US currency since after WW2.  Just recently many oil exporting countries have now decided the US dollar is no longer stable enough to maintain status as the “petrol dollar.”    

In conclusion, the evolution of warfare has led us to the fifth generation of warfare, characterized by the use of social media, propaganda, economic and psychological warfare. Proxy wars are a common strategy in this new era, where two opposing powers indirectly support their allied factions. China’s investment in these strategies has given them an edge over the US, leading to the likelihood that China will replace the US as the world’s superpower. The US must adapt its strategies to the new reality of warfare to maintain its position in the world, if it’s not too late already.

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1 thought on “Has WW3 Already Begun?”

  1. While the events that led to the initiation of hostilities in the First World War are not so difficult to identify, WW II is a bit more challenging. If you ask an American, it started December 7, 1941. If you ask a Pole, you’ll probably get September 1, 1939. You will likely get different answers from Manchurians, Chinese and Ethiopians. As such, your opening question is quite relevant.

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