Parody As a Weapon Part LXXXII; Understanding the Constitution is Hard.

Political Parody As a Weapon Part LXXXII; Understanding the Constitution is Hard.

Last week, in Part LXXXI, we tried to take out the trash known as the Biden family affairs. This week, we will sort through other forms of garbage, and mock the misinformation put forth by the former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In Part LXXX, there was a brief examination of New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the travesty of an investigation and indictment he was framing against Donald Trump as he ignored the increase of violent crime in his city. On March 30, another crime took place in New York City as it was illegally leaked that Bragg’s grand jury had issued a more than 30 count indictment against the former president. The 45th President of the United States was arraigned on the cut and paste series of charges from beyond the statute of limitations of an imaginary crime on Tuesday April 4.

In response to the news of the indictment, former Speaker of the House and San Francisco-area congressional representative Nancy Pelosi issued a press release lauding the indictment and the circumstance that now Donald Trump will have an opportunity to prove his innocence. It was apparently forgotten by the former self-described “master legislator” and once the second-in-line for presidential succession that the American criminal justice system is based on the presumption of innocence of the accused, and that the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution prohibits compelling a person to testify in a case against himself or herself.

One might think that someone with two four-year terms as the highest ranking legislator in the United States House of Representatives would have a greater understanding of the Constitution, and the principles at the foundation of our criminal laws. Additionally, given Pelosi’s family experience with the criminal justice system with her husband both as a defendant as well as an alleged victim of a mentally ill illegal alien burglar, it certainly would seem in order that she would have greater familiarity with the systemic presumptions, but she has let down the people in this regard as well.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that democrats have shifted the burden of proof from the accuser to the accused, as Senator Chris Coons prominently set that as a standard for Brett Kavanagh when he was falsely accused of sexual assault while he was undergoing confirmation hearings for his seat on the Supreme Court. While that was not a criminal proceeding, it nonetheless it indicative of what congressional democrats believe the standard for republicans accused of wrongdoing, and Pelosi continues to engage in the behavior she accuses her opponents of doing.

The congressional democrats that Pelosi led have been supported financially in large part by the Hollywood left. One of those who has given a couple of hundred thousand dollars to democrats and leftist candidates is writer/ producer Judd Apatow. While his politics have wrought tragic consequences for this country, he has managed to write and produce many funny films. One of his more under-rated films is “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”, which was a spoof of the Johnny Cash -based “I Walk the Line” and similar bio pics such as “Ray” and programs such as VH1’s “Behind the Music”. The talented John C. Reilly played the title lead of an early rockabilly performer who experiences tragedy, romance, sin, recovery and redemption over the decades, and featured a number of good quality music pieces in the genre. One of these numbers is “Guilty As Charged”, which is an entertaining song to view even if one does not indulge in watching the entire movie (which I purchased used as a DVD from an estate sale, thereby funneling no additional money to be laundered into democrat coffers). I have borrowed the tune as it is both rhythmic and topical for an exploration of the former House Speaker’s lack of understanding of the fundamentals of American criminal jurisprudence.


Good morning, your honor
May I have a change of venue?

If you wonder why so many cry tears
Pelosi was the House Speaker for years
We don’t have to guess what her own words meant
Now Trump has to prove himself innocent

It’s clear her base of knowledge should be enlarged
Trump’s guilty, he’s guilty if charged

Should we put crazy Nancy in a mental institution
Wrapped in a strait jacket while she reads the Constitution
What could she learn if we lock her in a room
The accused is innocent is what we presume

The basics of due process are for her too hard
Trump’s guilty, he’s guilty if charged

It’s easy for Nancy to be confused
The Botox she’s been taking with her brain is infused
Still her words don’t jibe with the things she saw
That’s not what she said when they charged her husband Paul

Karma’s gonna get Nancy sooner or later
She’ll have a meltdown like the ice cream in her dual refrigerator
Her lack of understanding has even come to her own house
And somehow had an impact on her and her spouse

There is a presumption that you can’t disregard
Trump’s guilty, he’s guilty if charged
Never drop a lit match on a fireworks barge
Trump’s guilty, he’s guilty if charged

Oh, Trump’s guilty, he’s guilty if charged
Just ask Nan, he’s guilty if charged

#Parody #Ridicule #Alinsky

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