America’s Armageddon

Armageddon is defined as “the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil[1] We are indeed in the midst of a centuries long battle between good and evil, it is primarily a cognitive war that is occurring both domestically and globally. This ongoing battle, in current state, brings to the forefront the real possibility of America’s Armageddon – not decades from now, but next week, next month, or in the next year! Why do I believe this?

Let me start with a premise that we must continually assess, imagine, and project where we are heading as a society. We must ask, if we have no long-term strategy, then who is guiding our country and to what end? If we have no strategy, we defer to the strategy that our adversary’s layout. We defer to their vision of the future. We defer to their driving the agenda – as we can only react. And reacting being a defensive maneuver, is a losing proposition. So continued assessment, imagination, and projection are essential if we are to consider the strategic consequences of our inaction, especially given we lack a long-term strategy for US national security.

To this point, I must harken back to a key finding from the 9-11 Commission. Over two-decades ago the 9-11 Commission stated the following about our Intelligence Community – that “A ‘failure of imagination’ was the greatest problem that allowed the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 to happen.” So, as I assess, imagine, and project what is next for America – and as I do so, I am frightened by what is the most obvious of outcomes. That is, I believe, we are on the precipice of America’s Armageddon by 202X – fill in the blank.

Americans live in a bubble of bliss. We are very myopic, short sighted, and for the most part live in the moment. Few of us plan anything more than a week out, less years, or even decades. If you ask Americans, most believe our freedoms will be sustained forever. Few fully understand or comprehend how thin the line is between tyranny and freedom. Even fewer understand that diligence and constant tending to those freedoms is required and that to ensure freedom for future generations requires that “all” sacrifice.

There is a balance – or state of equilibrium[2] – that exists between good and evil which can shift suddenly. As my Theory of the Information Equilibrium[3] proffers – there is in fact an equilibrium that exists between good and evil, and the equilibrium shifts between good and evil, tyranny and despotism, freedom and dictatorship, depending on the flow or constriction of information.

In today’s America, we are seeing the balance of the information equilibrium leaning heavily today towards evil, despotism, and dictatorship. America’s Armageddon is upon us – less we act swiftly.

Why is it likely that we face America’s Armageddon in a week, a month, or year(s)?

I need not imagine the Iron Curtain falling, the nearly 3000 murdered on 9-11, several million plus murdered worldwide from a biological weapon (i.e., China Flu or Covid-19 for those more politically correct) including over a million Americans, or the over a hundred thousand murdered each year by fentanyl each year – as these are facts.

But given these facts, we must wonder “are Americans awake?” Do we truly realize that our nation is no longer an island of freedom separated by two oceans, but a land that is now borderless, with millions of illegal aliens invading? Do we understand this chaos, anarchy, and total disregard for our laws – in a nation that is based on laws – is aided by an internal insurgency that is hell bent on altering the fabric of our nation for the sole purpose of obtaining absolute power?

We will we be like the Venezuelans, who took their freedoms for granted and found within a few short years their country’s prosperity and freedoms evaporated? Or will we wake up and realize, like our founder’s, that we must throw off the reigns of tyranny, take back our country, and if necessary, understand that doing so may require us to lose our fortunes, our homes, and our lives?

I recently wrote an article titled The Progressives Unrestricted War of Terror on America[4]. I discussed the impact on Americans’ cognitive domain in the context of the polyvagal theory and why Americans are failing to believe what we see, and as part of the ongoing domestic and global Cognitive War. A war of purposeful chaos, terror, intimidation, and subjugation across multiple fronts. It is in this context, that I assess, imagined, and projected what the future strategic outcome for America could be given our current environment. It is not a pretty picture.

So let me begin, by repeating my warning – a warning for all ages – regarding the ongoing Cognitive War from a paper I wrote for the Intelligence and Defense communities in February of 2018[5]:

Unless we adjust our future operations and investments to account for the paradigm shifts that have occurred under our feet, our nation and its intelligence operations will once again awaken too late, to a different reality, which is likely to end badly with significant and long-term impacts to our nation’s security and place as world leader.

I project such a negative and reactive outcome to occur either because we lost the cognitive war totally, our adversaries succeed undermining our institutions and democratic foundation to such an extent they are no longer viable, or, because our efforts to counter in the cognitive domain came too late.

If we fail to act in the cognitive domain, we will likely end up in a major kinetic conflict resulting in devastating outcomes, in physical and human toll – recovery is questionable.

If I focus on the second part of that warning where I state – “our adversaries succeed undermining our institutions and democratic foundation to such an extent they are no longer viable, or, because our efforts to counter in the cognitive domain came too late” it is not hard to imagine America’s Armageddon, where the degree of destruction, devastation, physical, and human toll would be on par with, and likely exceed that of a major kinetic conflict.

I believe America could be turned on its head from a thriving economic and military power – to a toothless shell of chaos and anarchy where the population – that survives – is thrown into martial law. Where we see our economy tank – as we recede into decades or a century long depression.

This outcome is a real possibility. Let’s imagine two scenarios that are not farfetched.

In the first scenario, we can imagine where a group of insurgents have infiltrated our country, to undertake specific attacks across the US to disrupt our society. Given we now have 1.5 million illegal got aways, plus thousands of Chinese nationals – across our country – we must acknowledge we could have an army of over 30,000 such insurgents in each of our fifty states.

Even if we imagine only 1% (300) of these illegal got aways and Chinese nationals are insurgents, if they decided to undertake either a coordinated or uncoordinated actions to sabotage and subvert our country, they could cause extreme harm, disruption, and destruction. A mere 300 insurgents would suck up most of the any state’s law enforcement and emergency response resources to handle, address, and stem complete chaos, panic, and anarchy. We could split the difference, and imagine 10% or 3000, of the fuller 30,000 being insurgents. Why? Because these individuals were aided by the cartels, who are working with China, and therefore have a mission, a purpose, to their entry. What is it? And let’s not forget, they’re still coming over the border!

I am not even addressing the other 6 million illegals who’ve entered our country in the last two years. I am only focusing on those aided by the cartels who purposefully escaped being stopped, arrested, or detained. At the same time, we cannot completely ignore the 6 million illegals, as our nation is only beginning to realize the tsunami of costs and impacts across our education, economic, social, healthcare, and justice systems. Six million illegals, that’s equivalent to 6 cities of 20,000 people being added to every one of our fifty states, do not live in America without impact!

Let us consider a second scenario. It is also very realistic, but a bit more nefarious. As this scenario advances scenario one, but is purposefully aided and abetted by compromised leaders (e.g., executive and legislative branches) and numerous compromised or complicit bureaucrats to facilitate the demise of America as we know it.

In this scenario, we see the actions of insurgents quickly lead to the imposition of martial law. Albeit, the declaration by the president or a set of governors, would not be to protect us from our enemies, but to subjugate and control true patriots.

I contend this scenario is not at all unrealistic, as we’ve seen our justice system weaponized against one political party, the arrest of Donald Trump for a misdemeanor, the attempted coup via the Steel Dossier, the purposeful undermining of our energy security, defunding of police, release of felons whose felony charges are reduced to misdemeanors, labeling parents as domestic terrorists, and ignoring of oaths of office and the law by opening of our borders north and south to whomever wishes to enter. Anyone of the latter events is cause for great concern, but together they paint a picture of a purposeful strategy given such acts are not coincidental. In simple terms, the current actions by a set of radical left progressive extremists are not ad hoc. It is more likely a well-planned, and staged, implementation of a strategy. We must consider this a real possibility if we are honest in assessing, imagining, and projecting what can unfold.

How will America’s Armageddon could unfold?

What would one do if they were planning to subjugate America? Given the lessons from the China Flu (Covid 19) lockdowns, defund the police, and BLM / Antifa summer of love – we can conclude that it would be necessary to not only terrorize Americans (as in the Progressives Unrestricted War of Terror on America[6]), but also remove the will and ability of the citizenry to fight back. Concurrently, using this terror, it would be necessary to increase their dependence on the state for basic survival.

This is not a very hard to do. Just think of how the China Flu (Covid 19) crises was used to subjugate, lock down, control, censor, and achieve a cult like appeasement of the state. America fell into a submissive state of appeasement with little problem. So how could a dystopian or compromised minority take power now? It starts with one of the two scenarios I laid out above – where they create a crisis, and in that crisis, they slowly increase the controls, the subjugation, the terror and chaos, to drive another cult like appeasement of the masses.

It begins with the take down of our major infrastructure hubs – transportation, power and energy, and food supply. Concurrently, such disruptions drive a massive run-on banks, as people try to ensure they have cash to buy or obtain any remaining goods, as supplies rapidly decline from plentiful to non-existent. We’ve seen the physical attacks on power sub stations. We’ve seen cyber–attacks on infrastructure – from energy to hospitals etc.

We’ve seen the attacks increase across the US on our food processing facilities. And, we’ve seen – I believe – not coincidental – an increase in the number of train derailments across the US involving everything from hazardous chemicals to critical supplies, and energy. Concurrently, we’ve also seen a banking and financial crisis recently with banking issues (e.g., SVB) and bit coin (e.g., SBF) – resulting in a run on banks that is driving major economic impacts across America.

The subversion of America could easily be accelerated at the “right time” to advance a desired level of anarchy and chaos. It could occur nationwide, in a region of the USA, or select states. Creating panic, chaos, and destabilization can be achieved relatively easy with small groups – as we saw in the progressive BLM and Antifa “summer of love.” Remember, 1% of the 1.5 million illegal got aways is a 300 man insurgent army on call in every state across our country.

To this we must add the reality of what we see daily – the radical progressive left’s unhinged attacks on our constitutional rights, civil rights, economic and energy security, and physical security. Add to this, with this a woke administration, where we’ve seen the weaponization of justice and national security against patriots, while the same complicit bureaucrats ignore their leftist armies like Antifa. Why? Because Antifa and others are available to called up on in minutes to sow chaos. These extremists are on speed dial to assist in the terror, anarchy, and chaos – as our domestic enemies have a need.

In the first scenario – insurgents and criminals, the efforts then move from a coordinated, gorilla style attack on our infrastructure – to purposeful increases in crime, looting, arson, etc. to accelerate and drive the anarchy and chaos. Within 48 hours – mayhem will have ensued. And in such a case, those well-organized criminal networks – for example the Mexican Cartels, along with Chinese special ops who’ve infiltrated America’s open borders – who are also likely to be well armed – can begin to take control of major parts of cities, states, and with little to no retribution for weeks or months or longer.

That’s not to mention cyber-attacks from state or state sponsored groups or others in parallel, coordinated or not, etc. Such attacks could include intrusions into federal and state highway systems – for example hacking the notification boards to further drive panic (e.g., noting on those boards that all citizens must immediately leave the area due to terrorist actions, a bomb(s) threat etc.) – the panic and clogging of transportation arteries would be immediate, last for hours, and result in hundreds of deaths –

In the second scenario – compromised leaders, we could see a similar start, but in select states and cities, in order to effectively allow certain governors – in concert with a compromised president – to impose draconian measures on the people – label who they wish as insurgents, and thereby move from a peaceful democratic republic to a dystopian tyranny overnight- while our courts, congress, and government at the state, county and local levels become ineffective or non-existent.

But if we saw such attacks occurring across America increase simultaneously, our law enforcement, national guard, and military would not only be overwhelmed – but also tossed into complete chaos. Our government, from local cities, to county, to state, and federal level would be forced to implement continuity of government (COG) efforts, to ensure a continuity of operations – to provide the basic government services. But the ensuing disruptions would rapidly accelerate into an uncontrolled state of anarchy and chaos. As noted, such mayhem wouldn’t need to occur in every state. The crisis needed to impose martial law, could be achieved the same impact by picking selective states, or a region.

We only need to look back to the shut down of the colonial pipeline on our eastern coast back in 2019. The Colonial Pipeline was the victim of a ransomware attack in May 2021. It infected some of the pipeline’s digital systems, shutting it down for several days. In DC the district of crime – and surrounding areas – our military and intelligence agencies were impacted immediately – why? Because after a few days, no gas, no ability to drive to/from work, they likely had to go into continuity of operations – given the military garrisons were shut down. The shutdown affected consumers and airlines along the East Coast. The hack was deemed a national security threat, as the pipeline moves oil from refineries to industry markets – resulting in what? President Joe Biden declaring “a state of emergency.” A key point – attribution was not possible. We have still only notionally identified Russian as being involved. So, what happens when we have two or three coordinated cyber-attacks on our infrastructure from individual insurgents, state-sponsored, or others?

Martial Law

Such efforts would inevitably lead to a declaration of martial law – so before we go on with this very real possible set of events, let’s discuss martial law for a moment. If we have in place a “compromised” executive or executives (e.g., president and woke governors), or an extremist legion of local elected officials who purposefully seek to undermine our democratic republic – we must imagine the real possibility of their abuse of the use of Martial Law.

The imposition and the consequences of which are enormous, and the potential to stop or roll back the effects once started – being minimal. But to achieve this we must believe that there are those in our government bureaucracy and leadership that are willing to purposefully undermine our country, our elections, and our constitutional republic. But haven’t we already seen this? Do we not believe what we’ve seen?

“Under total martial law, the normal American law enforcement and legal system is replaced by a stricter set of laws and punishments that is completely controlled by the military or executive branch of the government. The normal checks and balances system built into the Constitution is suspended.”[7]

Who Can Declare Martial Law? Well, the President or a governor(s). Any challenges would be pushed aside as normal laws are suspended. If I’ve read the law correctly, it is also the president and governor(s) who decide and declare who the insurgents are. Think of that in present day context. Every Trump MAGA person is considered a white supremacist, extremist, insurgent according to numerous statements – including by the current president[8]. As if those scenarios are not bad enough, there is another twist to consider.

Waking our Woke Military

Let’s add to this potential dilemma the fact that we rely on 1% to fight for us while 60% of the remaining 99% is going woke. Our military is being purged of independent thinkers. The unconstitutional forced vaccination of troops was called off, but the prosecution continues. The DOD funded drag shows on military bases happen while the pentagon’s leadership feigns they don’t know? Really? The DOD leadership pushes woke CRT, equity, use of pronouns (which is solely to appease a few mentally disturbed transgenders and impose a lexicon on the masses to normalize this mental illness). The CJCS and SECDEF speak of finding and hunting down the white supremacists in the ranks – and understanding white rage – as our recruitment drops like a rock and the standards for entry drop with that decline. So – as we build a woke 1% of the military – we are seeing the development of a complacent, compliant, and likely complicit set of actors in the imposition of marital law.

I lecture yearly on cognitive warfare at the Army War College – and I start my lecture by noting two things. First, that the military takes an “oath of office” to support and defend the constitution, NOT an individual. And second, by noting that each officer in the room has taken that oath freely and is willing to sacrifice their life for our country, our freedoms, and their fellow Americans. So I ask them, “are you willing to sacrifice your job?” “Are you willing to decline an illegal order?” “Are you willing to resign rather than be compliant, complacent, and complicit?” The room is usually very silent.

In these imagined scenarios, we can also imagine where a military moving from a robust set of patriots, to a woke force. Imagine that – and we must also realize the imposition of martial law – aided by such, is not a major stretch of the imagination.

We must look to history for lessons in this regard.

There is a kind of dictatorship that can come about through a creeping paralysis of thought, readiness to accept paternalistic measures by government, and along with those measures comes a surrender of our own responsibilities and therefore a surrender of our own thought over our own lives and our own right to exercise the vote. The free system gives the right to every citizen to do something for himself. Because he has the right, the opportunity is always there.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

I could go on, but the potential picture is clear. You have seen much of what we’ve covered on the evening news. Do you believe what you see?

What can we, must we do, to avoid such a calamity?

There are some immediate actions we must take to preclude such scenarios. Each deserves a great deal of thought and consideration, but with an eye on the approaching storm. Actions to consider include:

  • Educate executive branch employees, and remind them, that their oath is to the constitution, not to a person or organization.
  • All Americans should read the constitution and understand their rights.
  • State governments and the people, having the majority of power under the constitution, need to be prepared to fully understand and exercise their legal and constitutional authorities.
  • Educate the military and our national security apparatus (i.e., intelligence community, FBI, DOJ, DOS, ODNI, etc.) on how to handle unconstitutional or illegal directions or orders; how to report or refuse such direction or orders; and, how arrest those who try to take unconstitutional acts.
  • State and local governments plan and prepare for such chaos and potential violence. It is a matter of when, not if.
  • Congress should charge, then arrest, the Attorney General, FBI Director and Secretary of DHS for treason.
  • Congress should skip impeachment, and charge the Manchurian president Biden with treason, so as to bypass the DOJ, as the Constitution places such a trial in the hands of Congress.
  • Arrest, fine, imprison, and preclude public officials (federal, state, local) for abrogating their oaths of office from holding further public office as detailed in both federal and state laws.
  • State governments prepare for America’s Armageddon by preparing continuity of government and operations, for the deployment and control of your national guard troops and look at rapid expansion and deputization of citizens in support of local sheriffs now.

The title of one of Ray Bradbury’s books, a great science fiction author, is apropos for these imagined, but all too real, scenarios. Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Be prepared! As our greatest generation is passing by thousands each day, we see the future of our country will be determined by the masses who’ve taken their freedoms for granted. They will, or may, soon find out freedom comes with a much greater cost when it’s not properly tended to, and they may find centuries of despair, millions of dead and tortured, under dystopian tyrannical despots if they fail to take their responsibilities seriously.

Edward L. Haugland, © 2023, all rights reserved.

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