The Age of Upside Down

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?” ~Simon and Garfunkel 1967.

Seems appropriate in this age of upside down. Where are the heroes? Where are the adults? Where are the sheepdogs that protect the flocks? Are they gone or just uncaring? Who stands for the values that made us?

I’m in my 70s and, by the grace of God, I’ve seen stuff. I remember the tumultuous 60s. Participated in the Vietnam War. Saw the faint of heart 70s. Won the Cold War. Heck, I remember prayer in public schools. And I remember when America was a beacon of light to the world. What I don’t remember in America is the progressive radicalism I often see today.

I read a Wall Street Journal article that said the things we once thought important are now in retreat. Only 39% of Americans feel religion is important down from 62% two decades ago. Patriotism 38% versus 70% in 1998. Raising children 30% versus 59% in 1998. And community involvement, 27% versus 63% in 2019. Have we retreated from the values that once defined us? Have Norman Rockwell’s portraits of America been whitewashed? But it is not just America.

Have we also whitewashed Western Civilization? Have we turned our back on the things that built us while promoting those feel-good things, fantasies, ideas, cults that didn’t? Do these declines represent an ignorant view of how America and the Western World came to be? Or have we simply gotten lazy in believing that the grapes will always be on the vine and ripe for picking? If you believe the latter, read Lamentations. Yes, religion was taught in Western Civ courses before both were abandoned.

How then, do we turn apathy around? One way is to see the pretend land of cyber-ego for what it is, a nameless, faceless cult of avoidance. Another is to restore the family before we fall below replacement levels. A third is to stop being fiscally irresponsible before we run out of payees. The values of free thought, speech, religion, and capitalism made us. Avoidance didn’t. The choice my friends, is ours

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  1. Simon and Garfunkel went on to quote Mrs. Robinson as saying Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away. We can hope that instead he was just searching the clubhouse for the right-sized fungo bat to come back and knock some sense into everyone.

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