Politics in the 21st Century: Are we blowing the Dream? Part 1

We are living at a time when some of the greatest mysteries of life are being solved, including space, computing, health issues, not the least of which is the mystery of the genetic structure-the Genome-that describes the makeup of an organism in terms of the structure of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA.)

With myriad applications associated with advances in genetics too numerous to mention, two areas where the benefits have been the greatest include health/medicine and law enforcement. Recently some of Ludwig Von Beethoven’s hair was tested to see if researchers could determine from his DNA the cause of health problems he suffered throughout his life. Testing showed evidence of liver problems and hepatitis B that likely contributed to his death (with his liver problems/failure exacerbated by drinking.)

DNA testing has disclosed astounding things about former mysteries, not the least of which include people researching their genealogy/lineage who have discovered the existence of an unknown relative (yikes.)

I don’t want to get sidetracked on my intended topic today, but with the Genome and the DNA sequencing as the proof, it seems a bit of an oddity that anyone in this modern, smart and informed world of ours today feels comfortable arguing that there are more than two different types of humans-male and female, although there are valid exceptions. There is somewhat of a birth anomaly representing a mix of the two, referred to as “intersex” which afflicts some 2% of births worldwide and about 1 of 100 Americans (not a trivial amount-some 3.3 million Americans.) These folks are a different circumstance and case than is being talked about in most of the gender rage and letter people contortion discussions: note for the record this discussion is about something immutable-unchangeable, e.g., a person’s biological sex.

This albeit small percentage of humans are also most deserving of support, understanding, compassion, love and in many cases-professional help. Nobody would know about such conditions unless the individual decided to tell you-somebody-about it: these are markedly different cases than the majority of those cited that are a result of personal choices and decisions.

Many included above have to make life choices as there is often a clear solution one way or the other in most of these cases. All to say that the concept of government organizations using terminology about “gender markers” on health support identifications and alternatives thereby is just kind of crazy. The same with corporations who have “dudes-males” as spokesman/representatives for things like tampons and yet somehow not breaking the irony or insanity meter…

We can learn absolute facts about a famous musician who died 200 years ago through DNA and yet we have grade schools that think it is okay to call Billy, Beverly, or vice versa, because at 9 years old some aberrant, sick adult explained to “them” that they have a choice and can identify as whatever they want to, male or female: oh, and parents don’t need to know about it.

The crazy part about this is if this happened just a few generations ago-let’s say in the 1970s-and a parent found out, went to school, caused a stink, maybe put a hand or two on some people identified as culpable-the teacher would have been fired, the Parent Teacher’s Association would have laid down the law-the school would be forced to focus on its number one mission of taking care of kids and education-and nobody would have defended some renegade or “outlaw” teacher, principal, school or school board taking such matters as sexual education into their own hands as if “they” decide what topics are taught-when-how-to students.

Today that parent would be arrested for misgendering their own kid-who knows what other crazy stuff would happen.

The Genome and genetic sequencing-DNA-presents a sharp contrast to those who have pushed the tin hat theory about 47 or more genders-and 58 or more states over the years. It is okay to be aspirational and live the life you want to, making choices, dressing up however or as whatever makes you feel good-have at it and enjoy yourself, but don’t impose by inflicting guilt trips on or hating on others who can’t possibly guess or keep up with the crazy ideas and “acts” so symptomatic of crazy-land America in the 21st century.

I made a joke about how ridiculous some of these life choices are and also what absolute arrogance, bratty, silliness and childish the “game” of pronouns and letter people is/has become, particularly where it concerns children and many teens not performing at grade level who should be concerned with other things-and not be confused with DNA and genetics. My joke was about wanting to be back in school and identifying as a lizard, and a friend said it was already taken! A college student at CCRI identifies as a lizard and wears his lizard suit to school: of course, he does. Who is anybody at CCRI to judge the life choices of lizard man????

Just imagine the conversation that ensues between an exchange student who meets lizard-boy in the cafeteria and asks if he is in a school play, biology drama, whatever: how dare you! In America today we’ve regressed from the idea that we are free to make choices but forget that with those choices come consequences. We’ve moved to a place where now we obligate-demand-that people honor or pay homage to our choices-no matter how silly, aberrant, ridiculous those choices are, while not holding people accountable for their actions.

Worse we are not only allowing-but in many cases sanctioning-and not holding people responsible for their actions-the disrespect of deeply held religious beliefs while belittling people with opinions in these matters who have the same rights to opine and weigh-in as those embracing or expressing the opinion.

Somewhere in my cultural lunacy archives there is an article about a man who thought he was a deer: 10 points if you can guess the outcome of that lunacy…hint-it may involve an “assault weapon” (OMG!)

There are thousands of documented cases where ordinary people (not criminals) have been accosted by law enforcement or government officials for failing to abide by and recognize some of this craziness, all the while undoing the concept of free speech in America.

Was live and let live too good a concept for this century? You can act like, dress up and call yourself whatever you want-a drag queen, ant, even a lizard-you have that right in America. And I can similarly exercise opinions and judgements about your choices as well, as both reflect opinions and viewpoints that everybody is entitled to express: you think you are a lizard-I think you need help. Two opinions expressed: has that right changed in America today?

With the erosion in society of the ability to disagree without resorting to name calling and violence has come the willingness on the part of the LSMBTG to lie about matters big, small, or simply not to address things they feel best left alone.

Has the WH Press assignment/Corps lost its luster? Well one of the problems is the paucity of happy and good news and the desire to report on same. It certainly doesn’t help when you have people who seem allergic to honest or serious answers, such as the encore of the experienced “nonanswer” spokesperson “Peppermint Patti” giving way to one of the dumbest, dim-witted quota-spokes rep giving non-answers that has ever disgraced the podium.

Which is only funny when you consider that the low point of all time was obviously during the Trump administration, am I right? It is apparently a major insult to refer to Shawn Spicer as a “Men’s Warehouse Suit Wearer” by this illustrious and exclusive crew: who knew.

We had an example this week where the German Chancellor visited Biden without any support staff or government members for a closed door session and a photo op, and yet none of the elite WH media asked one question about the elephant in the room called the Nord stream Pipeline…Think Jimmy Olson, Sarah McLendon, Helen Thomas, Sam Donaldson, Jim Acosta—the question would have normally been asked just to judge the “squirmfactor.” Well-think of it this way-would Trump have been asked???

This obfuscation by spokesperson did not start recently and has really always been a political technique by the party in charge-or the party looking to be in charge-or by both sides of the aisle alternatively in what has become political theater worse than liars’ poker.

We can argue about when this came into vogue, but you would be hard pressed not to argue that the 1960s exemplifies a time when the lies came frequent and often about all manner of things and yet the public was often none the wiser. Many who grew up in that time still favor a president named Kennedy who while still rated as one of our best ever, had enough “stuff” going on that he would have garnered more bad headlines than Trump in his heyday-none of which would need to be fabricated-including all manner of “real” affairs/trysts with mob/mafia/Russian/Hollywood “honeypots,” all while being unabashedly billed as running “Camelot” and publicized as America’s first catholic president!

He hired his brother in as Attorney General and made a concerted effort to go after the mob/mafia at a time when they were largely credited with helping him win in Illinois, went weak in the knees on the Cuba operation-the Bay of Pigs-rightly or wrongly waiting until we had events in motion, US military poised to provide support, calling off air support at the last possible moment when there were already many in harms way, shortly thereafter facing off against the Soviets in an effort that many believe brought us to the brink of nuclear war, and later sanctioned a coup in Vietnam against Diem where he naively believed that Diem would not be harmed. He did enact a tax plan and oversaw economic growth that would have likely made him a republican today, but history has been very kind to him over the years.

The topic is really about the political lies and those who propagate them, are they getting worse by the year and more frequent, have there always been this many and we just didn’t know, or have we reached a whole nother level of chutzpah and hubris or arrogance where the “ruling class” decides whether or not to be honest, knowing they can count on their champions in the LSMBTG to carry their water for them?

I’ve made the case before that we had a lot of serious water carrying take place from the mid-1970s to present. Remember President Ford-a University of Michigan football player who won two national championships-turned down professional contracts from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers. He was by all LSMBTG reporting so clumsy and inept that he apparently could not walk anywhere without destroying something. He was likely not the first president to ever hit a spectator at a golf tournament with a golf ball, but you would be forgiven if you believed it and all the other silly garbage reported on him. It was a point made by the LMSBTG so often they featured it on Saturday Night Live at the time (back when it was funny and had great music.) Ford was a well-respected leader of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives from 1965-1973: he wasn’t a political unknown, but neither was he a lifetime card carrying swamp member. The way Ford was treated by the LSMBTG is particularly ironic when you listen to and watch Biden maneuver around, with aircraft stairs a particular challenge.

Fast forward to President Reagan and we again see near scurrilous, yellow journalism directed against him throughout his eight years. It wasn’t just the press but the whole of the LSMBTG. He was consistently subject to snide press insinuations and aspersions of being lazy, with veiled reporting that he was not particularly smart-in spite of him schmoozing his way around a democrat-controlled congress hell-bent on preventing any policy, legislative or political successes. Which he consistently outmaneuvered throughout his tenure, convincing them to compromise on policy efforts he achieved through his “charm offensive.” His wife was similarly slimed for updating some of the décor, drapes, furniture and cutlery of the White House, as if she was spending outrageous taxpayer money on frivolous items, and often depicted as the “brains-” the “evil genius” behind the WH operations.

One of the greatest accomplishments of any president certainly since World War II was his unrelenting pressure campaign that eventually moved the Soviet Union to give up the ghost and tear down the Berlin wall. His one regret from his time-besides Iran Contra-was trusting Senator “Dirty” Harry Reid to uphold his end of the illegal immigration policy that was agreed upon in the senate: but Reid-having gotten what he wanted-had no intention of even bringing the idea and plan to a vote.

You no doubt noticed I skipped President Carter. His presidency was a disaster from almost any measure imaginable, but particularly for those of us who lived through it. If possible, the lingering effects and the aftermath of his four years was a tragic example of just how badly a president can truly screw things up and how long it can take to fix them. Nobody is happier to see President Biden in office than President Carter, who finally lived long enough to get the monkey off his back. Neither he nor President Obama are in the running for the prize of worse president ever, anymore.


13 April 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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