Trump Candidacy-A Major GOP Dilemma

A number of articles have appeared in this space talking about Donald Trump and the issues surrounding him as a President and as a candidate. At some point, one might expect that the last word on this topic will have been spoken or published and we might be spared more punditry on that particular subject. My last comment on the subject dealt with the very real possibility that Trump might derail his own candidacy for good by attacking his GOP rivals.

The theory was that by doing so, Trump would “jump the shark” politically and leave himself with no path to the GOP nomination, much less that White House. Instead, the Democrats may have jumped their own shark on the back of District Attorney Alvin Bragg of New York City. Bragg, a man of little charm, sketchy legal talent, less common sense and a lot of TDS inspired animus, indicted Trump without even charging him with a crime. The result has been to reinvigorate Trump’s appeal in the GOP and with moderates. That raises an old question: can Trump win a Presidential election?

At first glance, the question seems almost silly. Based on the latest RealClear Politics polls, Trump has a lead over his GOP rivals that is practically insurmountable. The only serious contender is Ron DeSantis, and Trump has twice as much support as DeSantis does. In state after state, Trump polls huge double digit leads over his rivals among Republicans and once the indictment by the legal hack Alvin Bragg became news Trump’s lead grew!

Trump also received more votes than any other candidate in history before 2020, only to lose to the worst candidate in history in an election marred nationwide allegations of fraud, electioneering in violation of states’ Constitutions, ballot harvesting, and media cover-ups to benefit Biden. However, the crucial issue for the GOP is the phenomenon of GOP/Trump/moderate voters who have been convinced by the media and Trump’s behavior that they cannot vote for Trump under any circumstances. The problem with that is it is difficult to tell how widespread that feeling is, but it is easy to tell that it is significant. Liberals love to play to that crowd too.

So, is Trump a liability or an asset? The poll numbers plainly indicate he is an asset, but polls cannot account for fraud and media bias. Nor can they account for irrational hatred. Trump inspires all that behavior in his opponents. Despite the utter disaster that is the Biden Presidency, Trump’s lead over Biden in a theoretical Presidential campaign rematch is still in the single digits among all voters!! At the same time 63% of Americans say, “the country is on the wrong track”. How does one square that circle? An obvious answer is hatred of Donald Trump.

Just this week I engaged in a debate with a self-described GOP member who has “never voted for a Democrat”. In 2020 he voted Libertarian, and in 2024 he swears he will vote for Joe Biden or any other Democrat if Trump is the GOP nominee. Asked why, he replied,

I had great hopes when Trump was elected and have always wanted him to succeed.  He has just failed me on almost every issue that is important to me.  It does not bother me when he has the rare, good idea.  It bothers me that they are so few and far between. I am not a Trump hater that wants him to fail.  I am a disillusioned Trump supporter who feels that I got swindled by promises of spending cuts, debt reduction, and balanced budgets. I don’t want the man running up debt for another 4 years.  And anyone who does is crazy.

I have already stated repeatedly that the Trump charges are political and should be dismissed.  But being wrongly charged does not make him more fit for the office.  You talk about the many battles Trump faced, but don’t mention him winning any of them.  You provide lots of excuses for WHY HE WAS INEFFECTIVE.  I don’t care why.  There is no evidence to show that he has figured out how to be effective if he were to serve again.  If I failed at my job and went into my CEO and said, “Hey, it’s not my fault.  Our clients didn’t like me and my colleagues worked against me and HR was mean to me.  Give me another four years to show I can really help this company out.”  Do you think he would say, “Gee, you’re right.”  Of course not.  I’d be fired on the spot.”

When I pointed out that Trump actually WAS unfairly and illegally targeted for impeachment, spied on by the Deep State, investigated and hounded by the FBI, CIA, NSA, the media, the Democrat party, and even the judicial system, this long time GOP voter claimed that as evidence that Trump cannot get along with anyone and is therefore unfit to be President!!??!! He also dismissed all of Trump’s successes as insignificant compared to Trump’s failure to rein in spending. If that attitude is shared by even 10% of GOP members and moderates, it could doom Trump’s campaign to failure.

What can the GOP do? Unfortunately, there are not a lot of good options. Replacing Trump by forcing him out of the race legally (or illegally) would ensure that his massive base of loyal voters would desert the GOP. They outnumber the Trump hating GOP members by a wide margin. There is also a large percentage of moderates who love Trump, and they may be just as numerous as moderates who cannot stand him. So, forcing Trump out in any way is a terrible idea. What the GOP needs to do is close ranks around ALL of its candidates and let the primary system determine who will be that GOP nominee. Once that person is known, the party and its leadership need to gear up and do everything they can to get that nominee elected.

If the Democrats can elect a brainless fool like Biden, and a nearly brain dead invalid like Fetterman, the GOP should easily be able to get Trump elected IF they bring their A Game. That means they don’t have spineless RINOs like Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham damning the candidate with faint praise, or casting aspersions about their electability or extremism. Democrats know the goal, to gain power. They play it well and they fight dirty. Republicans need to be just as willing to get dirty (legally) and support candidates they may not love, but who will help push the agenda that the GOP and most Americans want and need. Doing anything less will guarantee that Biden, and/or the Democrat party, will have 4 more years to continue their destruction of the American Republic.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Candidacy-A Major GOP Dilemma”

  1. This is only a “dilemma” in the author’s mind. Trump will be the Republican nominee and he will win next year provided the Democrat/communist voter fraud can be defeated.
    Great progress toward that goal has been made which is why, even with two years to strengthen their cheating techniques the rodents still lost the House and only with help from Ronna McRomney did they keep the Senate.

    Look at the map. We need Arizona Georgia and Wisconsin to win – or do we? Yes we can win Arizona and Georgia and probably will, but Wisconsin could be a problem – enter Virginia.
    The rodents stole many states in 2020 but for some reason we don’t hear much about how Virginia was stolen.

    We still took some seats there but the theft of the ECVs was breathtaking. We now have an ambitious Republican governor, Lt Govern, and A G in Virginia . That could cut enough cheating off to will Va 13 ECVs so no need to worry about Wisconsin.

    • I don’t believe the Democrats will allow Biden to carry their standard. Trump will likely be running against someone like Gavin Newsom, or the left-wing loon dream candidate, Michelle Obama. If a significant number of RINOs desert the party because of Trump’s candidacy, the election is too close to call. The midterm was not a good performance by the GOP. They lost in Arizona, lost in Georgia, lost in Michigan, etc. As crazy as it seems, the Democrats are still quite popular in large swaths of this country. We cannot afford to lose any GOP votes.

  2. So, I am ambivalent on Trump. I don’t love him, I don’t hate him. I agree with everything your friend said. Trump accomplished very little, especially regarding his campaign promises. He didn’t “drain the swamp”, build the wall or put Hillary in prison. Would I prefer DeSantis? Absolutely.

    However, that doesn’t mean I would vote for the Democrat nominee as your friend threatened. Are there better options than Trump? Obviously. However, for some reason some Conservatives are batty about him and he’ll probably get the nomination. But Trump’s middling performance cannot be a reason to support a party that aggressively undermines and actively destroys everything good and right about our country. Your friend needs to consider the consequences. Trump not doing much of anything good or a Democrat doing much evil. Hands down, even Trump dissenters should vote for him.

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