A Tale of Four Crises

“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”

~ Adolf Hitler

Greetings my fellow Americans!

If there is anything that those who seek the end of America appear to have learned, it’s that the best way to defeat us is to promote the weakening of our patriotism and commitment to our founding principles. Although history shows that this began in the United States well before my 60 years of corporeal existence (and has been endemic to all human societies since time immemorial), I am old enough to have witnessed the fundamental transformation laid bare, and accelerated, by Barack Obama as he assumed the office of POTUS in 2009, but which was being made manifest well before—more like the 1960s and ‘70s.

Along with the turmoil of three highly public and impactful assassinations (JFK, MLK, Jr., and RFK) came the calls for population control, as the “experts” of those times proclaimed that people in first-world countries, i.e., the USA and others in the global West, were unduly exploiting and exhausting the limited resources of Earth, at the expense not only of those in the third world who were unfairly reaping little or none of the benefits of western civilization, but the whole of humanity, as our home planet was deemed incapable of supporting the numbers of humans projected to inhabit it by the year 1980. Enter the Population Boom, Crisis #1.

By the early 1970s (and after the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the rendering of the SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade, both to stem the tide of destruction at the hands of Crisis #1), the mean temperature, carbon content, and the size of the ozone hole in and of the air we breathe, and which surrounds our blue marble to protect it from our celestial enemies—most notably the Sun—began to be prominently paraded through our news and entertainment conduits. Initially touted as “global cooling,” it was predicted that Earth would holistically cool to such a level as to make life unsustainable within 20 years, with the vices of western civilization and society again being Enemy #1 of our fragile ecosystem. Behold Crisis #2.

Insofar as Crisis #2 sustained the climate (pun intended) of fear and enabled the systematic intrusion into the daily lives of those deemed to be most guilty of destroying our planet, we enjoyed a relative lull in radical behavioral modification, until the advent of COVID-19 (we had other, less prominently proclaimed pandemics, as well as the promulgation of AIDS, in the meantime). Not only did we allow governments to tell us that we couldn’t, as otherwise asymptomatically healthy citizens, socialize without wearing masks and being injected with concoctions comprised of genetic material, but that a “new normal” and “great reset” were being instituted in the face of threats from a novel virus that, by many accounts, was the consequence of our failure to solve Crises #1 and 2; hence Crisis #3.

Crisis #4 has an especial irony to it, as it has been lurking in the shadows of our increasingly permissive society for decades, showing up in the so-called mainstream at times in entertaining ways via music, movies and television, and has only recently reached purported critical proportions by leveraging the “best” of the aforementioned crises plus those with reputed systemic origins, i.e., racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Our fourth entry into this saga of American and Western devolution and destruction is Transgenderism, now proclaimed to be the most underrated, yet most heinous, of all injustices and perpetrations against the modern, progressive interpretation of the “natural order.”

So, why call out these four, and claim that there is a tale to be told by tying these together? What may be obvious in some ways, yet quite obscure in others, is that we, as citizens of the United States of America, are both tearing ourselves apart and ensuring our eventual extinction as the “greatest civilization on Earth,” without a single overt military action against us. Through guilt, we are systematically abandoning our patriotism and the ways of life which have enabled us to enjoy Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as endowed by our Creator.

What is going on much more behind the scenes (yet right in front of our faces) is that we are regenerating our species at much lower numbers, and addressing so-called Crisis #1 without even realizing it. We’ve killed 60 million unborn babies since 1973, and, with the mainstreaming of pornography, homosexuality and transgenderism (i.e., sexual mutilation), our younger generations are reproducing new Americans much less frequently. Couple these with mounting evidence that the supposed remedies for COVID-19 are actually carrying genetic materials targeting the normal operations of reproductive organs, both in males and females, and you have a cocktail for a strategic yet peaceful usurpation of a land mass rich and replete in natural resources to be controlled by an agency much less guilt-riddled and self-defeating. Regardless of whether this has always been our enemies’ plan or we’ve enabled it through our own complacency and/or lack of self-worth, we are about to willingly surrender what so many before us fought and died for if we don’t wake up soon.

Der Fuhrer would have been proud.

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