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Build Back Better was going to be Joe Biden’s and the country’s return to greatness.  The Democrat Party equivalent to MAGA, only better.  We were promised all would be back to normal.  Lie.  We were told adults who knew how to run government were back in charge.  Lie. We were promised that COVID 19 would be defeated, jobs would return and families would be secure again.  All lies.  Nothing’s been built.  Nothing is back and nothing is better.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  After over $ 4 Trillion in borrowing, printing and spending money we don’t have for big government programs we don’t need, we are much worse off.  Thanks, Joe!


Just as North Korea is neither the people’s, nor democratic, nor a republic, Build Back Better is nothing that it claims to be.  After two years we are witnessing the destruction wrought by Biden’s vision for America and it ain’t pretty.  We know Biden is exhibiting signs of dementia.  We know he’s been an ineffectual lump for the past 50 years in Washington, D.C.  Yet, miraculously he’s been very effective in fundamentally transforming a once great country into something George Washington could not recognize.  He didn’t do this alone.  He couldn’t.  The $4 Trillion BBB money was seed money spread to his miserable gremlins to do their dirty work on the nation. 


The BBB was filled with all sorts of leftwing wish list items, particularly “green energy”, climate change prerogatives.  Joseph Robinette was never known as a climate nut while in Congress. Not until his pseudo-campaign for President in 2020 did he really start spouting Chicken Little utterances about the coming end of the world and ending fossil fuels, and other such nonsense.  Voilà, now the government is attempting to eliminate gas stoves.  It’s also, in essence, outlawing the internal combustion engine by forcing compliance with unattainable emissions regulations, and no suitable replacement in sight, the way it outlawed the horse and buggy 120 years ago (not).  The government is shutting down our energy sector and handing over the keys to China.  What could go wrong?


We’ve seen nothing of the boondoggle infrastructure portion of the BBB except Mayor Pete mouthing off about racist roads and female test dummies to improve crash equity, whatever the hell that is.  Apparently, crash dummies, up until now, have been misogynists all these years and we didn’t bother to notice.  These dummies don’t even know what a woman is, and obviously don’t care, but Mayor Pete (who obviously doesn’t know what a man is) is now going to fix all that.  Dummies will be dummies.


What are we left with under BBB but record inflation, back to dependency on foreign oil and thanks to a whistleblower (leaker) a confirmation that the Brandon regime has secretly placed our troops in the Ukraine while gaslighting us about that war’s results to include biohazard labs and nuclear technology, the number of Ukraine and Russian troops killed, and regime change in Russia.  You know, small stuff like a potential hot war with another nuclear power that is now aligning with China, thanks to Joe, Blinken, Nuland, Austin and Milley, the Five Stooges.  The result of that “leak”?  More gaslighting from the regime, telling us that one weekend warrior at 21 years old has complete access to all of the nation’s top military and foreign policy secret intel.  If you believe that, I have a (fill in the blank) to sell you, cheap.


Have you ever heard Biden show any outrage toward communist China?  Ever?  Why did he allow their spy balloon to complete its mission?  He showed no anger over this.  The CCP has set up secret police stations in our country to include NYC.  We now find out the Chinese thugs running the station were giving political donations to NY Democrat politicians.  Any outrage from the White House?  Crickets.  Amtrak Joe has not once confronted Xi Jinping about the Wuhan Lab COVID leak that supposedly killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.  Banking records obtained by Representative James Comer (R-KY) reveal massive payments from CCP front companies directly to Biden and his family members.  It makes sense Biden would not criticize his employer.


To keep us distracted, the crime wave Democrats unleashed since 2020 is being permanently upheld by Soros DA’s and the most radical, utterly stupid judicial nominations in the history of the nation.  As Brandon likes to say, “Not a joke”.  Thankfully, but unwittingly, eighty-nine year old liberal Democrat Senator Diane “Dinosaur” Feinstein is aiding the cause of justice by delaying “Let’s Go, Brandon”s judicial nominations through her monthslong absence.  Finally, Republicans held firm (like Jello) and miraculously denied Schumer’s request to replace her on the deadlocked Senate Judiciary committee.  No more judges who can’t define what a woman is, for now.  Age has its advantages and we thank the CCP Senator from California for not retiring.  Now if she can just continue to recover from shingles for the next 21 months, we may be able to save law and order in the country.  Maybe.


With record national debt, climbing interest rates, record inflation, flat stock market, Social Security and Medicare in fiscal trouble, the BBB has built us back broker than ever.  The BBB trillion$ has spawned a liberal plague of viruses throughout the land.  These viruses are brutally attacking all areas of our national economic and spiritual health.  Our antibodies are lacking and unprepared for this outbreak.  Our families are under attack from the abortion Nazis.  Our children are under constant assault from the LGBT Alphabet lobby that is sworn to upend science and biology at all costs.  The moral rot that was normalized in the Roman Empire and helped to bring it down, is being normalized here and with the final result being unavoidably the same.  From

“At times the Roman Empire specifically taxed approved homosexual prostitution and gave boy prostitutes a legal holiday. Legal marriage between same gender couples was recognized, and even some of the emperors married other men. At the very time (Apostle) Paul wrote, Nero was emperor. He took a boy named Sporus and had him castrated, then married him (with a full ceremony), brought him to the palace with a great procession, and made the boy his “wife.” Later, Nero lived with another man, and Nero was the “wife.””


Sound familiar?  This is what our country is becoming in front of our very eyes, yet we’re told by the likes of has-beens like Kellyanne Conway that Ron DeSantis spends too much time on “culture issues”.  Financial stability is meaningless without cultural stability.  We should never accept the Democrat “new normal“.  It is abnormal and we should say so at the top of our lungs!  Brandon has managed to attack us both internally with a savage attack on our culture and legal system and externally with our enemies as well as those who were once allies.  Our country is in dire straits.  We are in desperate need of strong moral leadership.  We are doomed as a country without it just as we are each individually doomed without our moral compass pointing us in the direction of Truth.  Can we survive another two years of the disaster that is the Biden Regime?  We must build back America, but not the Democrat Party way, the American way.



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