Crime and Sacred Cows

Thanks to the Biden administration, the Democrat party, and left-wing politicians and prosecutors across America, this country is experiencing a serious increase in violent crime. Hardly a week goes by without a mass shooting being reported, while assaults, rape and armed robberies are all increasing as well. Of course, Democrats and RINOS want to blame that increase in crime on Trump, but the statistics from the FBI show that total violent crime was down during Trump’s administration. The trend reversed after Trump left office. Even more inconveniently for the race-baiting Democrat party, the burdens of violent crime are falling more heavily on poor Americans and most heavily of all on black Americans. That has brought the topic of crime control back to the top of the national agenda.

Now that the topic is a concern again, one must hope that it leads to better policies than this country came up with in the past. Oddly enough, previous administrations at the national, state, and local levels did have a few victories in the fight against crime, but politics seems to have militated against maintaining some of the most effective policies because they skewer some time-honored sacred cows of both the left and the right.

For example, the Democrats have been pushing hard with their campaign to defund police, eliminate bail, and refuse to prosecute a large array of crimes, some of them violent. They claim that is because community policing and vigorous sentencing of felons does not reduce crime. That’s seems illogical, and counter-intuitive on its face. How is it possible that taking felons off the street fails to reduce crime? The answer? It is NOT possible. Rudy Giuliani (among others) proved emphatically during his tenure as mayor of New York City that aggressive policing and harsher sentences for felons does reduce crime. Violent crime decreased by more than 40% during Giuliani’s mayoralty.

So, if it worked, why did the policies change? Because the champion of the race-baiters, the Democrat party, used allegations that such tough on crime approaches were racist to get elected to city government and they eliminated those policies. In addition, they now refuse to prosecute criminals for a litany of crimes, including felonies. The city went from being tough on crime to being soft on criminals. The predictable result? Instead of the 2005 hit song “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp”, someone needs to write one called “It’s Hard Out Here Unless You’re a Pimp, or a thug, or a rapist…”. Democrats cannot give up on their race baiting when it has served them so well for 60 years, and they do not care how many of their voters must die to keep their party leaders in power.

Meanwhile, Republicans have their own sacred cows, and none is more important than the right to life philosophy. Republicans fought for decades to reverse the ridiculous Roe v. Wade decision, and conservatives are just as dogmatic about that issue as Democrats are about defunding police and being soft on crime. Well folks, I am here to tell you that conservative Republicans are hiding an inconvenient truth from their voters as well. While Democrats tell their voters, and especially black voters, that they are the only organization protecting them from racist and fascist law enforcement, Republican leaders are hiding the fact that abortion reduced crime significantly in the decades after Roe v Wade was passed. Freakonomics’ legalized abortion/crime link to get real-world validation in 15-20 years | Boing Boing

That is anathema to moment of conception, right-to-life Republicans, so the GOP leadership will never acknowledge that fact. There are two reasons; 1) moment of conception conservatives would be outraged at the idea that an act they consider murder would be portrayed as a positive; 2) Democrats would immediately accuse the GOP of wanting to kill minority babies because they are racist and thinking minority kids are budding criminals. Factually, the studies showing that abortion and decreases in crime are strongly related (the first one was published in Sweden) are just as valid for white people as they are for any other racial group. However, not one Republican is willing to touch that “third rail”. Meanwhile, Democrats do not care to publicize that fact because thugs and minorities (especially Black Americans) both tend to vote Democrat.

That leaves the country stymied on an issue that could point to a moral solution that both parties could live with: government provided birth control instead of abortion. Of course, that would outrage the most zealous conservative right to lifers, but a majority of conservatives and moderates could accept such a program if it was shown to significantly reduce crime rates in poor communities. That coalition would be enough to overcome opposition from the Democrats who want as many poor and uneducated people as possible to become voters. Democrat propaganda is most suited to controlling and influencing such people to vote for more government programs, the bread and butter of the Democrat party. Meanwhile, it should win grudging acceptance from right-to-lifers if it reduces violent crime and saves lives.

Those are examples of each party being unwilling to level with the American people because they are afraid of the political consequences. The problem is that inaction is leaving a growing cohort of American trapped in decaying neighborhoods that are being overwhelmed by crime and are collapsing economically. If Republicans would agree to free contraception, and Democrats would agree to effective policing, the winners would be the Americans in those poor crime-ridden communities, but in the end, neither party gives a darn about the well-being of those Americans. That is a recipe for more death, poverty, and chaos. As a conservative and patriotic American, it pains me to see the party that I count on to do what is best for all Americans act like a bunch of Democrats by putting political expediency ahead of the general welfare. Something has got to give.

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