Differences That Make a Difference

Football 365 sounds like a great site, maybe something akin to Good Morning Football or NFL Total Access on the NFL Network, on Channel 212 on DirecTV. Alas! it’s not about real football, but just soccer.

Still, the site isn’t political, despite being British. At least, I couldn’t find any real politics in this article from the site:

Leah Williamson is latest footballer to fall victim to a sport designed for men

by John Nicholson | Monday, April 24, 2023 | 9:41 AM GMT

We live in a world created by men, largely for men. A world in which male is the default, to the detriment of women. Anyone who doubts this, even though the evidence is all around us, should read Caroline Criado-Perez’s book ‘Invisible Women’, which does a brilliant job of analysing the gender data gap and how it discriminates against women in almost every aspect of everyday life.

And this isn’t just a minor irritation; it leads to dangerous outcomes for women. For example, PPE used in the pandemic was designed to fit male faces, not women’s. And crash test dummies are a standard male size which in turn leads to women being 47% more likely to be injured in a car crash.

OK, maybe it’s a little bit political. That crash dummies might be sized as an average male doesn’t change the impact of the crash. Women generally being smaller and lighter than men means that, in an accident, they have less mass to absorb the same amount of kinetic force.

Similarly, women who play football do so in boots that are designed for men and consequently suffer more injuries. Or at least that is what the evidence suggests. It needs a lot of scientific study.

The consequences of this are being analysed, but the stats say women are three times more likely to get an ACL injury like the tragic one England captain and all-round superhero Leah Williamson has just suffered. The same injury that Beth Mead and Vivianne Miedema have also relatively recently suffered. And while it takes men typically seven or eight months to recover, it takes women 10 or more. This is important stuff.

There’s a lot more in the article, which can also be read here, noting that there are differences in how the feet of men and women are generally shaped a bit differently.

Even the length of studs is controversial for women. They are designed around male weight, bulk, movement and traction, but women are physically very different, they run differently, pressure and weight is placed differently on the feet. Doctors say wearing longer studs means they get stuck in the ground and this increases the chance of twanging an ACL. Tell it to Leah.

Other things are mentioned, such as that the soccer balls are the same for men and women, but women have an increased incidence and severity of concussions in soccer.

So, golly gee willikers, gee whiz, it appears that, just in general, in an article which has nothing to do with, and never mentions ‘transgenderism,’ males and females competing in the same sport have different physical outcomes, and are experiencing different physical dangers. At some point, perhaps, just perhaps, the #woke leftists who insist that girls can be boys and boys can be girls might admit, even if it’s only to themselves, that there are real differences between males and females, differences which make a difference in sports and other physical activities.
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