Two Sides of the Same Coin

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The premise that Americans who believe in the Constitution are on the far right is a canard. It needs to be challenged whenever there is an accusation that “you are on the right.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Political theory has always portrayed tyranny as being on the left side of a line and anarchy on the right side of the line. That makes the comparison easy to understand. With tyranny, there is total control of everything by the government, with anarchy there is no control of anything. With tyranny, all human effort benefits the leader. With anarchy, all human effort benefits one’s self.

Tyranny is a government controlled by a single person or a group of people who make the rules themselves for their own benefit. They use force to carry out those laws, they conquer areas to add to their domain. Typically, the ruling leader is strongman with gravitas or a member of a famous family. Quickly, the leader will surround himself with enforcers, the lieutenants, the people responsible for maintaining order and complete control. The people are subjects of the ruler, they are slaves to the ruling class, and they must do as directed. Everything benefits the deep state, with crumbs for the subjects.

History reports stories about Russia, from the czar to Stalin. Those people went from a “light” form of tyranny to a crushing form of tyranny, where every aspect of life was controlled and measured. China went from a tyranny of dynasties controlling the illiterate gatherers to a tyranny of a single ruler for life, with a privileged party to steal the labor of their subjects and slaves. Cuba went from a friendly corrupt tyrannical President, who would kill a rival without cause, to a murdering thug surrounded by other murdering thugs who crushed all descent. And recently, we see the transformation of once the richest Nation in South America – Venezuela. The worse the tyranny, the more people risk everything to escape the oppression.

It is harder to find anarchy. With anarchy there is no law, one can do whatever they deem important. Everyone is for himself. Historically, research the French Revolution. There was no leader, there was chaos, there was horror, there was rape, murder, larceny – there was absolutely no law whatsoever. Intellectuals, priests, thieves and common folk were executed without legal cause. Within anarchy, feelings ruled more than Rule of Law.

But anarchy does not last. It is unsustainable. There is no method of creating order when there are so many different feelings. At some point, the people will demand a savior, someone to restore order. The French people were afraid, they were willing to sell their souls to sleep peacefully through the night. A savior came to save the French people – Napoleon. He promised order, he would lead the French people to the pinnacle of power, thanks to a conscripted French army.

The French people agreed to trade anarchy for tyranny and a chance to rule the world!

Do you see what happened? Anarchy morphed into tyranny. And tyranny will morph into anarchy. Study the American Revolution. Thirteen colonies said enough of British tyranny. So, they fought for their independence. But did they pull together? Or did each Colony do what they felt was necessary. When one studies the effort, the Colonies were closer to anarchy than any form of Constitutional government. Indeed, it is a miracle that the revolution was a success given the Articles of Confederation!

There is a better representation of the differences between tyranny and anarchy than a simple straight line. It is a circle and unfortunately, I have not found the source. At 12 o’clock is the ideal government, perfectly balanced between tyranny and anarchy. At the far right of 12 o’clock high, at 5:59 and 45 seconds is total anarchy. At the far left of 12 o’clock high, at 6:00 and 15 seconds is total tyranny. That makes an interesting presentation which is historically accurate, as there is little difference between tyranny and anarchy. Indeed, they are two sides to the same coin.

Why is there no difference? Both tyranny and anarchy ignore man’s God-given rights!

It is that simple. And the Framers of this Nation understood that process of morphing between tyranny and anarchy. They wanted nothing to do with it. They wanted stability. They understood that they needed to create a balanced government, a government that required consent of the people. They wanted a government that stood at 12 o’clock high, with a slight lean to the right allowing the people more freedom.

And from the truths of the Declaration of Independence, the Framers created a Constitution which demanded that government protect those God-given rights.

So, when the media reports that the Antifa and BLM people are fighting against the white supremist and neo-Nazis people, they are lying. Those four groups are the same, they all stand at 6:30, stealing the rights of the people.

When the democrat and republican members agree on a bill to transfer wealth from one group to another due to fairness, they are lying. Those elected officials are standing at 7:45, it is the behavior of tyrants.

When the libertarians and progressives want no drugs laws and no laws defining human behavior, they are lying. They are standing at 4:15, and support anarchy.

When republican lawmakers want cheap labor to help the American people purchase tomatoes, they are lying. They are standing at 8:20, increasing the tyrannically behavior of government.

When democrats want to legalize illegal behavior such as border crossings for the purpose of receiving thank-you votes in future elections, they are lying. They are standing at 5:10, promoting anarchy versus the Rule of Law.

We are the citizens of the United States of America. Our government was created to operate at a little to the right of 12 o’clock high. There we must stand to preserve our God-given right

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