Is America Out of Control?

Look around, America and much of the world is in chaos.  And it’s all since the infamous election of 2020…the election that took strong American leadership out of the world arena, deposited a puppet, and taught Democrats how to win an election…the election that allowed the Left to finish the job of destroying America…four years late.

The planet has been turned upside down ever since, with every rock upturned, releasing every human worm and declared legitimate.  Expressing disapproval of homosexuality or trans can lead to legal consequences.  But, not to worry you perverts, Minnesota is working on a bill to make pedophiles a protected class. Free speech, if not dead yet, is dying.  A blind man can see it.  Excuse me, a woman can see it, a trans can see it, a binary can see it, a nonbinary can see it, a genderfluid can see it, even a pangender can see it.

Depending on the poll, between 70 – 80% of voters now think that the U.S. is spiraling out of control.

No wonder, every time this administration speaks, it’s a lie.  The president and his cabinet are incapable of leading, or even being moral.  Obama’s footprints are everywhere. Our Inflation is not transitory.  J6 was not an insurrection. It was massive manipulation to look like insurrection. The Russians didn’t blow up their own pipeline.  The Feds push sex changes, while young children are incapable of determining the consequences of their actions. The COVID vaccines didn’t solve any medical problems, they only made things worse, much worse.  The dead and injured around the world are counted in the millions, and without compensation. Our borders are virtually non-existent.  Infrastructure?  It’s falling apart.

Our spending is as drunken sailors. Where’s the money going?  There is no Build Back Better or any building, for that matter. Biden can’t speak truth or with any articulation.  He’s been away too far, for too long.  His priorities are his crime family and our enemies that pay them.

We’re a breath away from war, and quite possibly nuclear war, and no one is telling us why. Is it another Iraq-has-weapons-of-mass-destruction story?  The U.S. is sending troops to Ukraine… and we don’t have a right to know? The press now lies as a matter of course. The only reliable information we get comes from leaks.  The press has become irrelevant.  The New York Times actually said, on Thursday, that we don’t need a fully-functioning president. That’s how bad they don’t want Trump. So, who controls the nuclear ‘football’?  The founders knew that a free press was a bulwark for freedom.  But, it’s all gone. Real investigative journalists with any even moderately loud voice can’t be found, especially since Tucker was fired.

Government and corporate powers have now merged.  You can hardly find anyone with a free and independent thought. While the Right looks for signs of communism, fascism has set in, and it’s now entrenched.  We see on a regular basis corporate marketing doing some of the dumbest things.  We are being force-fed blasphemy.  Anyone for a Bud Lite?

Children are not learning in school except socialist and degenerate indoctrination.  During COVID, teachers’ unions saw to it that teachers didn’t teach.  Many of the young are now in need of counseling and have become anti-social. Our students are at least a full year behind, many with parents that think they are being progressive by giving away their kids to deranged deviates.

In Indiana, several Brown Elementary School employees, including a teacher, were charged on Tuesday after a 7 year-old special needs student was allegedly forced to eat his own vomit with a spoon in the lunchroom.  Who are these people with authority over our children?  These people are dead inside, soulless, and they are everywhere.  How can we find common ground with people like this?  We can’t!  Parts of our country need prayer, better yet, an exorcism.  Many of our churches and people of faith have, at the very least, been silent too long.  It hurt me to the quick to even write this.

We go from crisis to crisis while the Left makes sure that they don’t go to waste.  Leftist thought in our education system has permeated generations of young people. What is evil is sold as good.  What is good is sold as evil.  God has been abandoned, mass shootings are becoming commonplace and we blame inanimate objects. Filling the vacuum is a new form of paganism that is destroying our society, killing and mutilating our children, selling many migrant children into slavery, all with smiles of approval from government and corporate powers, including donors from both parties that demand cheap labor.

Biden’s campaign seems to be focused on ‘finishing the job’ as he puts it.  Since the job of government is never finished, I have to take his meaning to be, as Obama said years ago, the work of ‘transforming’ America… getting it ready to be handed over to the globalists.  And, once and for all, putting chains around the wrists of the good people of this country.

We embrace God and freedom.  The Left embraces evil and slavery.  Accept it.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Choose now, there is no more time

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1 thought on “Is America Out of Control?”

  1. I declare Mr Lorenzo, I have been writing this same thing since even before 2020 & the thanks I got was to be told to not be so “harsh!” by the editors in my local area papers.

    Where I live , the majority of folks are MAGA supporters, Christians and patriots & we know there are millions like us across the nation. The headlines don’t go to regular folks but to the racists, the mentally disturbed, the destroyers of our culture, the communists that have infiltrated every aspect of our lives.

    “Vote them out” ended in 2020; I am so dismayed at the state of our country that I can hardly bear it sometimes.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to go on so, but your always excellent writing just made me angry at the destroyers of our once great Republic.

    Thank you for your words.

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