Trifle With Nature at Your Peril, be it Human or Otherwise. Is Society Becoming Zanier and More Insane by the Day? Part 1

I don’t know when news in America turned into what seems like clown circus, crazy politics 24×7-it certainly wasn’t when CNN debuted and people suddenly discovered what many of us had experienced for some time moving around in the military: it is a big old world out there and bad things-natural disasters, crime, war, plane crashes, etc.,- happen all the time in places most have never heard about. And America-our government-us-taxpayers help out in almost each and every case without exception-friend and enemies alike.

CNN was established in 1980. What a great idea it was to have an alternative news source covering these worldwide events. In the scheme of things-life-it strikes me as somewhat of a microcosm and a warning that nothing is certain in life and even the best of ideas and most novel concepts don’t or won’t endure if people forget what the mission and concept was-and is-that distinguished the brand in the first place. There was no question what CNN was about in the 80s and into the 90s.

There is no question what they’ve been about since-if we had to put a date on the slide into oblivion it might have been toward the end of the Reagan years, definitely the Clinton years, failing proudly into the 21st century.

I’m guilty as charged on the politics front-it is hard for a conservative not to think in those terms these days when there are so few feet and so many bullets and you have idjiots in media (former) like Don Lamone making frankly un-American, impassioned arguments to an Indian American like Vivek Ramaswamy that he is “not black” and has not walked in “that skin” and therefore, has basically no right to an opinion on an issue concerning blacks.

Which is just as ridiculous-if not moreso-as the LGBTQ+ (aka, the letter people) chanting no “uterus, no opinion” while standing next to a dude pretending to be a woman who may be in “drag” but does not have the integrity or smarts to think through the construct…nor-more importantly-the required “plumbing” that qualifies (for an opinion…)

It does not seem like that long ago in terms of life and events having watched CNN expand and morph and wildly succeed and branch out into politics and become a propaganda arm of the democrat party and leftist politics as they moved away from their strength-the news- and seemingly focused 100% on clicks and click bait. They have certainly been behind-proud cheerleaders-of some of the now proven biggest hoaxes in LSMBTG history. Worse yet, they still trot out some of the more obvious debunked hoaxes periodically because they still have some large percent (of a small percent) of viewers willing to enjoy the lies and “red meat:” it is somehow the good old days for both.

I don’t watch CNN anymore-no matter if it is the only option playing-I’m bored-and traveling. It seems illogical for them to host absolute liars and not contest a word they say no matter how off-base, made up or outrageous it is, while they frivolously waste time when they have a decent but controversial guest-because they don’t like the message, opinion, or subject: it’s not news.

Somebody sent me a video of one of these “opinion, no opinion” folks going through their first “menstrual cycle.” It looked very difficult and hard-well, funny-and stupid-and disturbing-not unlike the Shining and watching Jack Nicholson descend into lunacy and craziness and mental illness. If your goal in life is to be an actor and show your fuzzy arse nation-wide, no matter how dumb, silly or stupid it makes you look, congratulations: you made it!

I’m picking on CNN because it is so easy: they basically found and grew the golden goose, harvested the eggs and grew a massive, successful empire, and then killed and ate the goose.

Our government is worse by far because with three branches of government and some ~535 legislators working “the beat,” you would think there would be a certain amount of policing and sanity-checks and, well, decorum, to keep the insane-or more appropriately-the “ludicrous” members in check since they reflect on the entire body: but you would be wrong. They deserve our respect and frankly, it is not easy living in the swamp and being exposed to one of the most dangerous little islands of crime, corruption, and cultural lunacy in our country (DC.)

Each representative is elected from a constituency of some ~735K Americans, be it a county, locale, area, place, whatever. Which can be a bit frightening if thought about too long or deeply, when you consider that-in theory-folks like this or AOC are supported by some majority of that number, no matter how small.

But much like CNN, these days our government is more like family than ever before-likely in our history-and every crazy brother, sister, uncle, aunt-whatever-has the internet, is active on social media-and there is no stopping “Karen or Ken.”

What motivated this line of article is watching the purple haired, electric green clad legislator-the amorphous or androgenous Representative Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut- “gush” on Transportation Secretary Pete Bootyguy about his latest taxpayer funded brilliancy-no, not the racist nature of our transportation system-that’s just amateur hour, idjiotic theater compared to this geniusosity-I’m talking about the lack of female dummies in the government and industry crash test dummy program.

Cause with America hitting on all cylinders these days-with an administration that is just excelling everywhere you look-and very few hills to climb or problems left to solve-just at the bottom of the proverbial in-box in terms of priorities, why wouldn’t this be a priority? In fact, it is astounding that nobody has taken this issue seriously in the past: until Petey. He may not know the schtick from the shinola, or how to oversee ports, air travel, distribution transportation lines, and likes to fake ride his bike around-cause, green-was not too good at being a mayor, not much of a people person, no good at filling potholes or dealing with black citizens, but that guy is wicked smaht and all over this idea to help us “little people.”

And being an observer of life and a big helper these days, I have both an observation and a solution-an inexpensive fix to this problem-that I think is genius. We could simply not “gender” the dummies-because-you know-just a few minutes ago the folks making these observations could not explain what a woman is-so unless these dummies are more like the ones you get from one of the places that was allowed to stay open under COVID restrictions, it seems fraught with social risk to assume genders. All test dummies from this point forward will be renamed “DemDums,” in recognition of the fact that they are recognizably gender neutral and shall not be gendered-which pretty much tracks with the data that does not identify genitalia trauma as one of the leading 1000 issues or complications associated with accidents or safety concerns (don’t bother fact checking my hyperbole…)

Of course, this solution would require a dose of common sense-which is not so common these days, in line with things like recognition that pretty much every human on this earth was born to/from a woman-as far as we know at this point! If you know of an exception-please call Br-549 and ask for Junior.

This solution saves taxpayers about 20M to run the program and is a real “feelgood” kinda vibe, the type that makes everyone feel better about “schtuff.”

And after all, in todays self-absorbed, “me-me-me” culture where it is all about me feeling good about myself, no matter how silly, stupid, childish or evil it reflects on me, what is not to like about solving this problem-that nobody knew we had-so wisely!

And yes-I know-we need something distinctive or “identifying” to have these DemDums stand out-I’m thinking a hat, t-shirt, or maybe something based along the lines of the very distinctive representative from Connecticut, who knows how to stand out in a crowd. A theme along the lines of a purple crow or raven type idea-maybe a pirate hat-with a parrot….

It’s not just CNN-nor congress-nor the 3/4ths of a million folks who think like them-nor Budweiser, Bed, Bath and Beyond, etc., etc. I think it’s our education system and the lack of teaching of critical thoughts and basic facts: of nature, of humanity, of life lessons.

These stories remind me of one of our hens-Rose. She and her sister Juliet are prolific egg layers-and-no, we don’t typically eat them, and yes-it does have a little bit to do with not eating animals you name…

Rose is germane to my story because of my belief that farming and ranching is an enriching, rewarding and incredibly educating experience for those who “take it on.” Most certainly for us-retired military and government civil service-but also for family, grandchildren and friends who ranch, work supply chains and everything associated with the lifestyle.

The reason for that is mainly due to the life lessons that constantly emerge from the day-to-day actions and operations on a ranch. Not only myriad steps necessary just to get started, but also the daily challenges associated with management, care, feeding, weather, animal husbandry, maintenance, security and “schtuff.”

For relative newbs to the lifestyle-although, full disclosure-my wife grew up around a dairy farm run by her grandfather in Iowa-and I didn’t-it is surprising that the lifestyle is most like being in the Army.

That may sound like the sketchiest and stretchiest of all stretches-and not to get too sidetracked-as it is not a hill I’m dying-on-but consider that as a simple analogy, you find yourself responsible for all manner of different needs, personalities and problems. You constantly monitor, react to and fight the weather-I watch it as much if not more than during deployments in Germany (and I’m the “Staff Weather Officer” of the ranch.) Ranching takes special equipment that has to be maintained (preventive maintenance checks and services,) and much like training, you have to keep your head in the game and out of your 4th point of contact because every day provides the opportunity to get hurt-stuck, pricked, bit, kicked, head butted, soaked, frozen, broken: myriad opportunities to excel, rinse and repeat!

If you had told me even 6 years ago that several key elements in my life would include a tractor, 3-ton duelie, an All-Terrain Vehicle (with wench (the other kind,)) golf cart, I would have marveled and asked “What planet am I on?….”

Oh-and if anything goes wrong or is amiss, sick, tired, cranky, cut, lame, knocked down, broken, leaking, coyotes calling at oh dark thirty-whatever-you need to get on it with a sense of urgency-move out with a purpose-cause things that don’t get taken care of get worse-and more expensive.

If you see or hear something “odd”-a strange noise-observe something out of order-get inattentive, careless or hurried-or harried-in getting things done, there is usually swift repercussions and ramifications: and there are only one or two people responsible for cleaning up any spills on aisle 7…

Chickens, horses and donkeys (livestock guardian dogs, Guinea Hens, barn cats, house cats, kid’s cats, kids dogs, etc.) will educate you pretty fast on the concept known as “pecking order.” Even the most novice, newb, ignorant of life itself farmer or rancher will observe and abide by these direct lessons pretty quick-that you ignore at your peril. Because when the dominant mustang, mare or chicken, dog or Guinea puts one of their peers in their place who tests the “order,” it will be a cleanup on aisle 7-and you are the one with the tools to do it (the mop, bucket, vet dollars, tractor-whatever it takes.)

Now what does this have to do with our topic? Well Rose is dutifully sitting on a nest because that is a chicken’s nature, and she is a good chicken who is taking care of business. She is holding up her end of her responsibilities by laying and then sitting on her eggs to produce more chickens. Rose is not unlike our grandkids or other children in our society who have basic instincts and knowledge of things but go through an educational process and guidance that gets them to the point where they are old enough to understand the ramifications and repercussions of the actions they take, the decisions they make and the consequences thereby. Not unlike Rose, these life lessons are important to and for the survival of the species-the production of a normal, functioning member of our ranch/society that is prepared for the seasons, stays clear of dangers and leads a productive life.

Society has deemed children to be adults for most things at the age of 18 in with few exceptions, but it is a well-known medical and science fact (nonetheless still hotly debated) that the human brain is not fully developed until about the age of 24-26, no matter how mature looking or acting or educated the child appears.

Much like that child going through the educational and more importantly the maturity process, depending on the wisdom, guidance, judgement, ethics, morals and integrity of those responsible for them-predominantly their parents-Rose is a good chicken going about her chicken business.

As diligent as she is about keeping that nest warm, she is simply ignorant of the fact that she can sit on those eggs until hell freezes over but without a rooster in our flock, there is zero chance that one of her eggs is going to hatch: zeroit’s zero, Jim.

Much like that old Army saying, Rose can wish on one claw and poop in the other-and we know which is going to fill up first. Now both Rose and her sister Juliet produced offspring before-when we had a rooster-so it isn’t like she doesn’t know the deal. But for now, the mean old supervisor will keep removing the eggs and eventually Rose will either lose interest or simply go on to other things.

Rose is about two years old. One of our grandkids who is now 8 was not a big fan of our roosters for several years-all they did was harass and “beat up” the other chickens and never held up their part of the chicken business by laying eggs like all the other chickens. Fate decided and we agreed that when the roosters ran their course we would move on, but he now knows the basic functions and why a rancher looking to hatch chickens needs a rooster in the flock.

We could have a rooster who does not want the responsibility-and in animal-chicken terms-that would be a pretty useless animal from any standpoint-as there is really one primary mission a rooster has (and it is not waking us up in the morning.) Note for analogy’s sake that a rooster who wants to be a regular, egg laying chicken can never achieve that dream, no matter what is done to accommodate, promote, champion and acknowledge the “noble chicken” desire.

Not unlike pronoun “pickers” we all know and see and love these days….

3 May 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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7 thoughts on “Trifle With Nature at Your Peril, be it Human or Otherwise. Is Society Becoming Zanier and More Insane by the Day? Part 1”

  1. Hey Max:

    You forgot the second most important thing the rooster does–keep the hens from pecking each other to death.

    Ever hear of the Wendy theory regarding “The Shining.” You can find a video on it, but it’s very tied into lighting, which is interesting.

    Have a great day, sir!

    • True that Ethan-funny you say that-I have two I’ve been separating for the last week or more. They also protect-uncanny how they go after the Gkids. First rooster came by chance from a school project we “inherited”-very fine, large specimen who made the mistake of spiking the wrong “hen:” combative as hell. They learn if you are willing to grab them, pin them and re-establish priorities and “pecking order,” but a lot like work…

  2. Great article Sir, we were stationed in Germany also, 7 years and had a great time they wouldn’t let us extend though because of the so called Peace dividend after the 1st Gulf and the Berlin wall went down. We live in Colorado Spring and have 7 chickens and 4 nasty ducks. we get one egg from our one chicken, whos’ name is Rose, maybe 3 times a week and 3 eggs from the ducks almost daily. Wife wanted ducks but didn’t realize they will ruin 5 buckets of fresh water in about 10 minutes turning them into Mississippi river water. Anyway great article and hope to read more in the coming months and years.

    • Hahaha-Hey SGT Snuffy-thanks for reading. Wife wanted ducks at one point-ain’t happening-we have a decorative pond that takes a lot of time, trouble, maintenance, etc.: last thing we need is an animal with a goal to “poop it up!” We were on track to do another few years in Germany, but I canceled after a “little” spat with my BN and BDE commanders….sometimes it is just time to move on!

      • Question there is, is there some critter with low support-intensity that eats duck crap and thus acts as a natural cleaner?

        I’m thinking something like… well, many years ago the Calgary Zoo had a problem with their hippos flooding the tank with crap faster than the keepers could keep up cleaning it. At some point, somebody got the idea of adding tilapia fish to the exhibit–and the tilapia took to the hippo crap like manna from Heaven, enough so that if memory serves CZ has had some downright monster fish and could easily add a profitable fish-farm to the operation if they so chose. (As an aside, knowing what they eat this is what floors me about the “trendy foodies” pushing tilapia–I wouldn’t touch ’em even if I DIDN’T have the seafood allergy that was one of my many 4-F’s.)

        • I’m rarely stumped for words-but here I sit-picture that guy with hand on head-is he sleeping? Daydreaming? Distracted-now freaking the frau out by smelling Tilapia at the grocery store????

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