Tales of the Trail Boss; A Military Leadership Series

In March of 2003, Coalition Forces crossed the border from Kuwait into Iraq. I had the high honor and privilege to lead a small element forward, alongside the combat units bearing the brunt of the fight. Our task was to provide real-time intelligence for our higher headquarters, which was responsible for logistical support to all Coalition forces in Southwest Asia.

Tales of the Trail Boss is a 4-part series about that initial push into Iraq and the young folks of our armed forces who displayed great courage, leadership, ingenuity and a bit of humor along the way. It happened something like this…

Tales of the Trail Boss, Pt 1:  Meet The Trail Boss


Tales of The Trail Boss, Pt 2: Tallil Tom


Tales of The Trail Boss: Part 3: The Great Train Robbery


Tales Of The Trail Boss: Conclusion-Green Beans & Ice Cream


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      • That claim was… weird! But, in today’s world where right is wrong and wrong is right I suspect there are plenty of people that open their mouths before they’ve engaged their brains.

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