Russian Recruiting Policy Demonstrates One Possible Benefit of Biden’s Military Transgender Policy

I have written a number of pieces previously, where I decried the Obama and Biden Administrations’ apparent attempt to destroy our military from within. They proved very adept at using policy changes promulgated via Executive Orders or agency head directives.

None of these decision makers expended any effort to explain how these polices are of any measurable benefit to our military. Instead, they tout “diversity,” for diversity’s sake, and nothing else. As a retired Infantry Officer, I found and still find this disturbing. 

I have had a number of discussions with Flag officers and SES Senior Executive Service)-level, DOD civilians. Not one of them has been able to explain how these policies, meant to deny objective, biological reality, can possibly benefit our fighting forces. Not one of them has been able to explain how any of them will increase:

  • Lethality
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Survivability
  • Combat Effectiveness
  • Sustainability (logistics not tree hugging)
  • Readiness
  • Deterrence
  • Recruiting
  • Retention

…or any other metric by which we assess our military ability to kill people and break things (or credibly threaten to do so) in support of, and as determined by the National Command Authority (President and SECDEF).

I wrote about this here:   Woke Philosophy Foisted On The Military Destroys The Fabric Of Trust Needed By Combat Teams To Win Wars

This brings us to the issue of recruiting and retention. As we know, all the uniformed services seem to be having difficulty meeting recruiting goals, the Marines, less so, for reasons I mention in a previous piece: To Get To You, They’d Have To Get Past Us. – American Free News Network

Perhaps there is some light at the end of this tunnel. When we consider the metrics above, we have to consider those numbers in comparison to likely opponents in future conflicts. Today, the two top contenders for that honor are, China and to a lesser extent, Russia. Two of the metrics we compare are Recruiting and Retention, both of which affect our strategic ability to put trained manpower on the ground where we need it. Although Obama and now Biden’s woke policies have damaged our efforts in those areas Russia is having even greater issues.

The “special operation” in Ukraine has gone far beyond the projected two weeks to finish and the casualty counts are putting a huge strain on the Kremlin’s manpower pipeline. For a great analysis on the why’s and wherefores on this see my good friend and former boss over at Red State, Streiff’s weekly updates on that situation. Here is the latest: Putin’s War, Week 62. Kremlin Droned, Russia Dissed by Friends and Allies, and Ukraine’s Offensive Takes Shape.

The manpower shortage caused by inept handling of the offensive along with a stalwart defense by Ukrainians fighting on home turf, has been impacted believe it or not, by one of the Biden Administration’s top priorities, the affirmation of transgender disorders. 

Ben Kew, one of the great writers over at Red State explains.

Russia’s parliament is expected to tighten regulations on gender reassignment as part of an effort to dissuade young men from identifying as women to evade military conscription, according to new reports.

Further down

The death toll, which already stands at a staggering 193,000, has resulted in an increasing number of Russian men seeking methods to evade military service after Putin prohibited draftees from leaving the country. Meanwhile, an estimated 700,000 Russians are believed to have left the country since the war broke out, while some 12 million Ukrainians have fled the country to escape the conflict.

Read: Russian Men Are Changing Gender to Avoid Military Draft in Ukraine

The assessment from my foxhole? Presidents Obama and Biden have seriously degraded our Armed Forces by their insistence on including mentally disordered personnel in the ranks…which in turn has greatly impacted recruiting and retention. Partially ameliorating the effects of this absurd policy, is that the Russian Military is being hurt by biological males wanting to use the “cachet” of being transgender, to avoid military service. This might help our metrics when compared to Russia. However, we must remember that China is having no part of this nonsense, continuing to focus on warfighting capabilities.  Would that our own military start doing that once again. More to follow. Stay Tuned.

**Note to the reader: I don’t know whether I write this as snark or as a serious warning about the abject evil Democrat governance is bringing upon this great nation.

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12 thoughts on “Russian Recruiting Policy Demonstrates One Possible Benefit of Biden’s Military Transgender Policy”

  1. We need a few George Payton’s in military leadership, from Sec of Defense to the top men in the military hierarchy. Nothing else will keep our defenses strong. Must be maddening to real military men like you & your comrades.

  2. “Who more than self their country loved.” (America the Beautiful)

    Our NCA shows none of that. I remember when Merrill “Me, Mission, Men” McPeak told a standing room only crowd at the Pentagon that, “If you’re in the 67- 72 year groups there’s no place in the AF for you anymore.” Apparently his spirit still lives in the the bozos in charge today.

    They should be ashamed.

      • If the old saying “Don’t get mad, get even (or some variation on that them)” applies here, what can be done, realistically, to change this?

        • Many things to fix USMA and the Army and all the services.

          1. Reverse the Rumsfeld intervention of DoD in promoting General Officers. Return more power to the Department Secretaries and Chiefs of Staff in the selection of General Officers. Removes a lot of politics.

          2. Remove all servicemen suffering from the mental illness – gender dysphoria – from active duty.

          3. Eliminate DEI and every position that is about DEI.

          4. Remove women from infantry and SOF billets.

          5. Etc.

          • Those objectives are a start but… how do we get into the end-zone and then win the game?

            Honestly, I’m not looking for some talking points… well, unless they lead to a real discussion about the bigger plans… but I am looking for something that reasonable people might engage in real discussion about how to win this war.

            Sorry but IMHO, far… far too many of us want to put out the revealed solution but the fact seems to be that we need to have a discussion with a real exchange of ideas but… I suspect that we have more than our fair share of people that believe that they, and only they have the answer and that the rest of us need to just follow them.

            So, do we have a real discussion or do we just have a few of us that are allowed to lay out a plan and the rest of us must just… shut up and follow the leader?

            Frankly, I’m not much interested in the latter option but… like I said, there are a lot of us on our side that that seem to want to tell us what the answer is… I’m just not one of them.

  3. The assessment from my foxhole? Presidents Obama and Biden have seriously degraded our Armed Forces by their insistence on including mentally disordered personnel in the ranks…which in turn has greatly impacted recruiting and retention.

    So, how do we stop this kind of reoccurring social engineering in our military?

    We’ve discussed this before but short of tolerating it for 4, 8, or more years and then electing a sympathetic Republican president and then reorganizing the military for the 4, 8, or more years in office only to have the cycle repeat itself when a Democrat gets in office, what can be done about it?

  4. From what I’ve seen in my interactions with the military (33 years active and reserve) they couldn’t stand up to a Chinese or Russian army.

    • Shit… the Ukrainians are standing up to the Russians and, without a doubt, when push comes to shove, the US would be able to too.

      But, w.r.t. the Chinese, the last real conflict that they had with any other military power, i.e. Vietnam, they didn’t shine. Add to that that the Chinese have never exhibited the ability to project power beyond their national boundaries with any real alacrity, I just don’t see how even in our degraded state, and our allies’ mildly degraded state, the Chinese can project power anywhere outside of 400 miles of their national boundaries.

      But… let’s do what we did in Russia/Ukraine and do some bookkeepers accounting of what the Russians vs. the Ukrainians have w.r.t. population, military, and economy and just conclude that China will win because we ‘assess it’ as having more of everything, concentrated in the theater of operations so that the US will just… lose!

      Sorry, I’m not going to underestimate the strategic threat that China presents to the US and its allies but I’m also not going to overestimate it either.

  5. You have very likely through bias underestimated the capabilities of our transgender warriors. So far they have shown themselves much more adroit at logistics and fearless in the face of opposition from the conventional community. In an extremely short time they have defeated old political perceptions, aggressively and opportunistically turned the game in their favor. There’s every reason to believe they will whup any enemy’s butt even harder than they’ve whupped our own.

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