The Navy’s Drag Queen SpokesMAN

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf


Those of you who follow my writings, especially on military matters, know that I have little truck with the Biden administration’s overt campaign to emasculate America’s military. The National Command Authority has bent over backwards to place women in positions that they are ill-suited for, such as Infantry units and Special Operations Forces. Sadly, their publicly-stated reason for these efforts, is not the betterment of our military.

These decision-makers come right out and state that their objective is “diversity,” for diversity’s sake, and nothing else. In the case of females being in combat formations they are not physically or emotionally suited for, they are even more blatant. What real warriors call, “the skirt mafia,” loudly and proudly proclaims their efforts are to increase the number of females (the biological kind) in Flag Officer billets.

I have examined this in earlier pieces, in one of which I ask: 

How will this policy or decision:

Increase Lethality, Cost Effectiveness, Survivability, Combat Effectiveness, Logistical Sustainability, Readiness, Deterrence or any other metric by which we assess our military ability to execute missions/tasks as determined by the president and SECDEF?

And then further state:

To date, not one senior officer,DOD civilian, or even a NEOCON, NRO pundit, has been able to answer any of those questions about any of the left’s social degradation of the Armed Forces, including the study of the non-existent, “systemic racism” in the military or “white rage” in general society. The closest was a 4 Star General, who told me that it was important to keep women in Special Operations Units so we could retain (my words here) the ability to grope Arab females in the combat zone. Interestingly, we somehow, we managed to triumph without that capability in desert combat theaters in both World War I & II. In short, no measurable benefit.

You can read the rest of the piece where I discuss some of the costs: Woke Philosophy Foisted On The Military Destroys The Fabric Of Trust Needed By Combat Teams To Win Wars

One of those costs, is a huge decrease in recruiting and retention numbers. Last June, when the Army publicly worried about being unable to meet their (already lowered) goals I published a response to that. I wrote:

Consider the issue of replacing old farts like me, with competent, motivated young men to fight our nation’s wars. The Soldier (Marine, Sailor, Airman) we are looking for, wants to be the hero. He does not want to be stuck inside the wire, forbidden to rescue his fellow citizens from certain abandonment and death. He doesn’t want to have to rely on team members who are so mentally disordered that they cannot figure out what sex they are. These young men do not want to be continually harangued for being MEN. They don’t want to be continually browbeaten by lesser men for demonstrating the attributes that are necessary to win wars…the manly attributes necessary to protect our citizens. If the Army thinks it has recruiting problems now, just wait.

Read: To Get To You, They’d Have To Get Past Us

Rather than address this in a manner that would attract the testosterone-fueled demographic that actually fights and wins wars—those young men at the pointy end of the spear, the services have doubled down on this idiocy. If you recall in the article above, I gave the Navy much deserved kudos for one of their previous recruiting videos. Sadly, the Navy has now gone all in on promoting mental disorders. Observe this video courtesy of the Libs of TikTok and with a hat tip to my colleague and great writer, Marcus Watkins (@MWatkins924)


What was the U.S Navy thinking?

You can read just exactly what here: US Navy platformed ‘drag queen influencer’ to attract youth to the military in hiring crisis. 

What were they thinking indeed? It makes absolutely no sense to target an infinitesimal part of the population to make up for declining recruiting and retention stats. It makes even less sense to take a course of action that will further alienate the demographic you really need to win a bayonet fight in Fallujah…or in the Navy’s case, swim up on a hostile shore to help prepare for the arrival of the rest of the landing team. Given the current circumstance, the old saw, “never attribute to malice, that which can be explained by stupidity,” may no longer be apt. Perhaps we should be accusing the left of malice. Malice and forethought in deliberately destroying one of the most respected institution in America. More to follow. Stay tuned

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9 thoughts on “The Navy’s Drag Queen SpokesMAN”

  1. Mike, I wrote about this years ago.

    I boil your good questions down to one – How do women increase the combat effectiveness of an infantry unit? The question applies readily to SOF and Armor. Like to see data for combat aviation.

    To the 4 stars’ comment: Attach female MPs as needed to support Infantry and SOF. Don’t make them part of the combat team.

    If Conservatives can get past the cheat in swing states and take POTUS and Congress, I want to be appointed the Grand Inquisitor of DoD. Or, DA. Or, USMA. I’d settle for XO or CofS to the Grand Inquisitor if they’ll do their job thoroughly.

  2. I never have assumed good intentions on the part of the DemoKrat Party or leftists. They are wicked and they are transforming our country just as Barack Hussein envisioned. May be too late to turn this around.

  3. The sailor’s creed reads: “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. … I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world. I proudly serve my country’s Navy combat team with Honor, Courage, and Commitment.”

    I knew we were headed for trouble when they let women serve on bommers…6 mo. at sea could cause issues…men will be men and so will women…my 4 yr. term was served on the USS Bashaw AGSS 241 you can tell by the hull # that we were the oldest fleet boat in service…we were recommissioned/refittied in MI CA ship yard in 1964 I joined her in June of 65. She was refit for a special purpose to wet deck launch Navy SEALS off shore in viet nam. Our home port on station was Subic Bay. We would go in with decks awash with the conning tower above the water and SEALS would clumb out of the bridge hatch and paddle/swim ashore. We would hangout on station until the mission was complete maybe hrs. or days then we would tow them out to sea with our periscope to safety. I left service in late 69 and am proud to say that this E5 MM (SS) helped in some way to contribute to the military action.

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