How to Destroy 60 Years of Racial Progress

The way to destroy 60 years of racial progress is to let the Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Cultural Marxists continue to say and do what they are saying and doing. Let them be the barking Race Bullies crying “Racism” more than the fabled shepherd boy cried “Wolf!” Let them impose new racial quotas and cynically discriminate based on race. Let them try to impose reparations.

Racial integration, by every measure, made spectacular progress since legal segregation ended in 1964 and 1965. Unfortunately, throughout that progress, race became a business opportunity for some to shamelessly pimp. Likewise, liberal welfare programs made poverty a business like race. At the same time, these poverty and race-based programs helped destroy Black families. Broken families resulted in addictions, crime, failures in education and work, and more, worse poverty than just being poor.

Then, to make matters worse, race became the basis of all evil in the twisted fantasies of Critical Race Theory. Race is both the excuse for all failure and the opportunity to create a new system of racial discrimination against Whites and Asians. Race is fundamental to Cultural Marxism. Meanwhile, most Americans shed their bias and embraced integration as the morally superior proposition.

Despite this progress, so much so that even old epithets are seen as unspeakable anathema to most Americans, the denizens of the Left went whole hog Human Secularist Totalitarian. Cultural Marxists to the max.

Since Cultural Marxists see all of life through the distorted lens of race, then all things become about race. Consider how often so many people and things absurdly are called “racist” or “white supremacist.” Frightfully, if all things really do become about the race, then many White people will think of themselves as White with a unique, unifying White identity. That has been a bad idea since the 1950s when integration was the goal of the Civil Rights Movement. A totally woke America will create the real White Racist or Supremacist bogeyman – who doesn’t exist today.

America needs to make “Woke” merely an old joke to survive.

Seriously, we must crush Critical Race Theory (CRT), Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) ,and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), while promoting ethnic (not using the word “race”) integration everywhere.

I bought and read 18 of the source materials that Voddie Baucham Jr. used to destroy CRT from a Biblical viewpoint in “Faultlines.” From White Fragility to Critical Race Theory to Teaching Diversity & Social Justice to Is Everyone Really Equal to How to Be an Anti-Racist to … ugh 18. It was a long, tough read. What wasn’t written in Gibberish was in Babble, Gobbledygook, Balderdash, Drivel, Jabber, Prattle, or both plain and pretentious Nonsense. Every premise, finding, and conclusion is mock worthy. Also, the absence of rational empiricism is astounding.

Reject the language of the Left. Don’t use their words. When they speak, challenge them from the start to state their definitions. Like, ”Define diversity.” “Define equity.” It takes very little homework to devastate their assertions.

For starters, read Thomas Sowell, the late Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Voddie Baucham Jr, and James McWhorter to destroy their Cultural Marxism.

Wherever possible – and don’t give up if it isn’t possible today – de-fund every job based on race, focused on race, or making decisions based on race. Uproot the cancerous weeds at every level of government and in every business and organization. Eliminate race-based programs, offices, positions wherever they are. Stand up to the criticism and lies that will be cast against you.

Most of all, love your neighbor as you love yourself. Treat all Americans with dignity and respect. Show kindness and care for all Americans. Take it upon yourself, individually, to help those in need

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