We Don’t Know What Happened-Stop Trying To Shove Bad Policy Down Our Throats

A madman murdered people in a mall. Before we jump off a cliff, let’s see the details.

I just finished watching Jen Psaki’s rant on the mass shooting in Allen TX. She knows what’s the problem. It’s under the video just to her left on the MSNBC propaganda post she has. “It’s the guns.” The murderer’s roll in the crime seems to have escaped her “analysis.” Then again, she has a template to use, so analysis is not needed.

Before we go one, a look at the facts. There are an estimated 20 million AR-15s in private hands in the US. Assume 3 “high capacity” magazines per rifle, that’s over 60 million magazines in circulation. The number of .223 rounds has to be in the hundred of billions, coming from factories working 24/7 (thanks to Democratic politicians) and countless private citizens reloading their own.

Psaki then list the typical “solutions” to stop people from committing murder. We need Republicans to embrace “common sense gun reform” while never explaining what the “reforms” are. Seeing the invasion going on our southern border and her party’s desire for “comprehensive immigration reforms” I’ll hazard a guess the “reforms” won’t help.

Items listed before Ms. Psaki’s address include 30 day waiting periods, raising the age to purchase firearms, limits on purchases of guns and ammunition, restricting the ability of people accused of domestic violence to possess guns, or placing them on a don’t purchase list copied from the FAA “Don’t Fly” list.

It again comes down to the desire of the left to harass the law abiding public while doing nothing to stop the criminal from obtaining firearms, most of whom obtain them through illegal means. A 2019 Department of Justice study shows of the guns used in crimes, the overwhelming majority of criminals used crime or subterfuges to obtain them:

43% purchased them on the black market.

15% obtained them from friends or family.

11% used a straw purchase.

10% purchased them from a retail store.

12% other.

6% stole them.

.8% from a gun show (hell of a gun show “loophole”).

She rants on the fact Texas has Constitutional Carry, basically a citizen can carry a pistol (openly or concealed) as long as you don’t have a restriction (e.g., felony conviction, domestic violence order, etc.). Hate to tell you Jen, people exercising Constitutional Carry are not involved with crimes. If they were, it would be front page above the fold in the NY Times, etc. Also, the predicted blood bath with Constitutional Carry has not happened, sorry to disappoint you. Jen, perhaps you should look above at the stats on where crooks get their guns. It’s not from gun shows, but from illegal methods.

Ms. Psaki mentions the shooting at a Luby’s outside of Fort Hood TX in 1991. Full disclosure, I knew an Army officer murdered in that shooting. I will point out one of the survivors, Dr. Susan Gratia, was present with her parents and left her pistol in her car. At the time, Texas did not have a permit system statewide. She spoke to the Congress later saying leaving her gun in her car is the greatest regret of her life. Dr. Gratia watched her parents murdered by the shooter, and by obeying the law, she could do nothing.

By the way Jen, that shooter, like most mass shooters, did not use an “assault” rifle, or “assault” weapon of any type. He used pistols, like 78% of mass shooters do. We know, you’ll get to them soon enough.

Something I want to point out, and I’ve said this countless times. We don’t know what happened, YET! As I sit writing this (Sunday afternoon, 5/7/23), the crime scene in Allen TX has not been fully processed, and we don’t know if this was a single shooter, or did they have assistance in one form or another. The shooter appears to have been a private security officer, but we still don’t know where he got his weapon from, etc. However, this won’t stop politicians wanting to jump off halfcocked and force bad legislation through. Remember the scary phrase of Barrack Obama, “Discover great opportunity in great crisis.”

Perfect example of not knowing, in 2015 a Muslim man walked into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando FL, a known gay hangout. The shooter murdered 49 men and women before he was killed by police. Immediately it was known the shooter was homosexual, and he had issues. Problem was that the shooter was not gay. Besides being married to a woman, his social media indicated nothing to say he was homosexual, he had no known gay friends, and did not associate with gays. While he did go to the club before the attack, it was likely he was reconnoitering the location in preparation for his attack.

As of this morning, the shooter is now a Neo-Nazi from a patch on his body armor and comments in his social media. I have no doubt he will soon be referred to as a “White-Hispanic,” at that fits the narrative. The report is confirmed by “anonymous” sources in the FBI. The same type of sources that said Russians were “colluding” with the 2016 Trump campaign or that Darrin Wilson shot Michael Brown “like a dog.” It’s not that the 4th Estate and federal law enforcement have made mistakes in the information they’ve put out. No, they have lied through their teeth on controversial matters, and we must go further than Reagan with the Soviets, “No trust, verify multiple times.”

It is way too early in this matter to know the full facts. Let the process finish before we make judgments on how to go from here. By the way Ms. Psaki, a man using a Range Rover ran over a group of people in Brownville TX this morning, killing 7 and injuring 10. Jen, do we need “common sense Range Rover reforms” to stop this from happening again?

Michael A. Thiac is a retired Army intelligence officer, with over 23 years experience, including serving in the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. He is also a retired police patrol sergeant, with over 22 years’ service, and over ten year’s experience in field training of newly assigned officers. He has been published at The American Thinker, PoliceOne.com, and on his personal blog, A Cop’s Watch.

Opinions expressed are his alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of current or former employers

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5 thoughts on “We Don’t Know What Happened-Stop Trying To Shove Bad Policy Down Our Throats”

  1. The left’s ‘common sense gun reform’ is their usual lexicographical twisting. The proposed ‘reforms’ are neither common sense nor are they about guns.

    • I’ve said countless times, liberals, you want guns removed, you first. We disarm your Secret Service agents, your private security, etc. If it’s “the guns” when you will be safer with them no being near you, right?

  2. Aww, Mike. You already know that a Democrat has to “Fix” something, any old way they can, even if it is to cover up their real motive, when it comes to firearms. Every once in a blue moon, they even accidentally admit it.
    Jen Psaki is one loud mouthpiece, but that’s all she is. Cute little redheaded communist, isn’t she?

    The only way our problem with mass shooters gets cured is the day when the schools quit pouring crap into our kids heads, and the left quits demonizing inanimate objects, and that means that a generation or two will we remain suffering through, if ever anything is done. We live in an “Anything goes” society. That includes acts of evil.

    Do I believe that schooling thing, or that politics thing will ever be fixed? Yes! At the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    Audrey Hale used an AR to do her atrocity. Expect that to become a trend.

    When man loves worldly things more than he loves his maker, he is doomed. These people who go out and commit what we call atrocities, lost their fear of the almighty, if they ever heard of that to begin with. They have no moral compass.

    But Democrats have to go and blame things on inanimate objects.

    • In too many arguments to count, I explain the an AR-15 and Ruger Mini-14 are almost twin firearms. The only differences are cosmetic and mechanical Personally I think the Ruger has a better iron sight than the AR-15, and each put out the same rate of fire. But trying to explain facts to them does not work.

      • Explain to them as well that Winchester and Remington both had a magazine-fed semi-auto rifle on the market in Nineteen-Friggin’-Five, so it’s not exactly new technology.

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