Dear White Conservatives

Black American voters saved Joe Biden in the 2020 Democratic primary and played a key role in him becoming the 46th President of the United States. They are the firm coalition of the Democratic Party, despite the diversity of backgrounds and opinions. However, some Black American voters have shown signs of openness to considering voting Republican. This is especially true when it comes to considering voting for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s economic plans and policies resonated better with Black American voters than any previous modern Republican presidential candidate. This is all the more true regarding Black American working-class men with whom Trump received 19% of their vote in 2020.

Joe Biden’s current approval rating amongst Black Americans (his core voting block in terms of percentage) is currently 52%. This is down from 82% when he first took office. Black people are starting to openly express their frustration and disappointment with the Democrat Party. Joe Biden and his administration’s incompetence are giving Republicans a real opportunity to expand the party beyond anything that we have seen in modern history.

One of the most misunderstood factors regarding Black voters is, why they vote so heavily in favor of the Democrat Party, how they select candidates to support, and when and why they prioritize descriptive representation.

Black voters are very complicated. There can be an entire book series on the subject. One of the most interesting elements regarding Black voters is examining their political and social philosophies, which at face value, seems to contradict Black voter interest. Hundreds of surveys indicate that although Blacks tend to overwhelmingly vote Democratic in elections, they are generally more socially conservative than other American racial and ethnic groups. So why do Black Americans tend to vote the way they do? Why does Black America vote so heavily favoring Democrats?

Unlike other conservative identity groups, Black voters seek strong signals that politicians will prioritize the group’s interest above their interest. This is because many Black voters have a very specific political experience that leads them to be extremely skeptical and shrewd about individuals who they allow to represent them. Thus, they are more likely to vote for a candidate that they have had personal interaction with or a candidate they see is showing interest in their community.

The most important feature to probably note is that most Black people vote Democrat not because of policy, but because of cultural reasons and racial grievances. Many vote Democrat because their families may have historically voted Democrat. The Democrat Party is all many Black Americans have the choice to vote for locally in many inner city elections. Thus, many think that Democrats represent their own best interest.

The reality of what is happening politically in Black America is far more complex, and has been shown in several recent polls. It would be a mistake to assume that Black America will reverse decades-old voting trends just because they aren’t satisfied with the status quo without any real effort or work put in by the opposition party. Black people didn’t automatically start voting Democrat in one election cycle. It was a gradual process. The Democrat party has gone above and beyond to get the Black vote in the past half of century.

However, very little is being done currently to keep and earn the Black vote. This is one of the reasons why these voters are so frustrated. They often feel like a political football where the Democrats automatically expect their vote without any real plan or tangibles offered and the Republican party often talks about Black American community issues in front of all-white audiences to try and showcase what is wrong with America without ever going and engaging with the community to discuss solutions. Republicans have a real opportunity to build alliances with the black community and expand the tent. Something that the party desperately needs if there is a path forward to win elections at the national level. This opportunity is greater than any other in my lifetime. But let’s not do this just to score political victories, but because WE actually care for America… ALL OF AMERICA!

With all that said, here is a message I want to share with my fellow White conservative brothers and sisters:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

If you are planning on reminding us (Black voters) how terrible and racist Joe Biden is, then I expect you to be willing to help me put in the effort to win Black voters in deep blue districts this up-and-coming election cycle. This would require vision and messaging on how conservative policies would benefit Black America. This means speaking directly with us about policies and knocking on doors in Black neighborhoods where most have never seen a Republican show up.

This means stopping assuming that Black conservative influencers and celebrities represent the average Black voter. I promise you, these people aren’t changing the minds and hearts of any Black Democrat or Independent voter. If you can help it, stop speaking stereotypically about Black people and our issues in front of predominantly white audiences for applause, rather than talking with us about how policies based on conservative principles of governance can help. Listen… Listen… Listen…

We aren’t a monolith. We all have different views and perspectives. Listen genuinely to people in these communities and the many problems that exist there. Black people in these communities don’t need to be lectured about the problems they face everyday. Just as you don’t need to be lectured on your problems. Contrary to what you may think or hear, most of us care deeply about everything from “Black-on-Black crime” to “single-parent homes.” As of 2021, Pew Research shows that only 31% of Black households are headed by single mothers and 5% by fathers. So, just in this area, Black folks have taken it upon themselves to start to reverse the negative trends we have seen in previous decades.

Please, listen to help deliver tangibles and focus on Black men specifically who will vote for whoever makes it easier for us to take care of our families and our finances. Most of us are entrepreneurially minded, pretty conservative in our personal lives, business oriented, and want to build up our communities. Like all other communities, we don’t enjoy being lumped in with the thuggery in the news, music videos, pop culture, and Hollywood. Be empathic, learn Black history, and go back to our roots together. This way, you understand the grievances that Black people have and how they have had to often deal with this same corrupt “two-tier” system of justice for centuries that you and even people like President Trump are now finally having to deal with firsthand.

Discuss school choice and homeschooling vouchers as well as the benefits of providing better educational options. Like anyone else, our children are our most valuable asset. Education is probably one of the main drivers of future economic prosperity. Understand, when you have conservatives working night and day trashing Blacks, you won’t find Black people who are willing to build alliances and join forces with you to defeat the same progressivism we ALL hate. I can tell you from personal experience, this is the biggest obstacle we (The Republican Party) face.

The misperception of the Republican Party being a racist party. It’s not just misguidance and lies from the mainstream media, many Black voters have given me examples of videos as well as posts they have seen on Twitter and Facebook that even I couldn’t defend. Show them the Republican platform and draw commonality on how their values align with it. Embrace your own “inner Booker T and Frederick Douglass conservatism.” “Do for self” does not exist in a vacuum.

Start conversations off with finance and capitalism. It is our (Black Men) love language. There must be either the repeal of bad policies regulating our daily lives or the proposal of new policies similar to Donald Trump’s Platinum Plan. Being color-blind isn’t going to work either. It’s ok to recognize that these voters are Black and different. They will respect that honesty and won’t see you as racist. Go into these Black communities with other Black-conscious conservatives. It’s important to have Black conservative thought leaders with you. I belong to the Conscious Conservative Movement and I am on the outreach committee for our local GOP in my county here in Michigan.

Outreach is our specialty and something I’m deeply passionate about. Feel free to contact me regarding outreach anytime. My email is below. So, let’s give this a serious shot, and you’ll see legitimate results, but it has to be a long-term effort and commitment. You can’t have a red wave without garnishing at least 10% of the Black vote. With REAL outreach, Trump and other Republicans can win over a lot of Black people who are angry with the Democrat Party. Let’s do this! As our great CCM leader Sonnie Johnson says, “Let’s make a generational ideological change here in America!”


Marcus Watkins

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3 thoughts on “Dear White Conservatives”

  1. I am so thankful for black conservatives, though I prefer just ‘conservatives ‘ myself. Your greatest problem is that when people think of blacks, they think of the blacks who riot, steal bag loads of goods from stores because they can, who murder indiscriminately. Y’all need to get your message out where you live, not depend on others to bring conservative viewpoints in as a visitor.

    You conservatives in your community are your strongest asset and you must use your strength to convert your neighbors. I also agree with you that we conservatives ban together & present a united front to the communists. It’s the only way to dominance in the political world.

    By the way, blacks may have foolishly supported Biden, but 13% cannot elect anyone alone. Biden won through cheating, rigged voting machines, mail in ballots, etc. If the election had been fair & honest, he’d be in a nursing home for Alzheimer’s patients instead of being a puppet on a string.

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