Trifle With Nature at Your Peril, be it Human or Otherwise. Is Society Becoming Zanier and More Insane by the Day? Part 2

The first part of this article walked through what constitutes “cultural lunacy” in terms of my “news and info that I can turn into a rant” filing system (and somewhere an infantry guy just groaned, a la the cosmic “Lurch-style,” thinking like, what this time, air? Water? Wind? Sweetie in Stall number 3????)

My not-so-subtle point being how crazy-and curiously (perversely) entertaining-it is watching these stunato’s self-immolation into oblivion. It’s like some type of incurable disease or social lemming-like momentum that causes a Zombie-like brain deadness where they start circling the drain and just-can’t-stop (somebody cue the idjiot Carey soundtrack.)

I-we-could go through hundreds of them-the woke dotards list of corporations, actors, athletes, royalty; like a mostly watered-down American beer commercial campaign celebrating “the real men of genius.”

The poster-child for all-time when this topic comes up might just be “Tater,” CNN’s (former) invisibly and puzzlingly untalented and seemingly unqualified anchor who beclowns on cue and yet rose to become a George Kostanza-like character-network “talent-” who came along too late in life for Seinfeld, but could star in a perverse redux of headlines around the world featuring things like ship disaster videos where Mr. Potato Head would beam happy thoughts and describe the minor navigation problem that took out part of a town that was “not a planned stop for the cruise-ship,” something like the Eagles “Dirty Laundry” (Could have been an actor, but I wound up here.)

From Hershey’s Chocolate, Bud Light, Gillette and Harry’s Razors, sports teams, sports in general, the list is near endless, and it has become difficult keeping track of the trends and the brands-people-idjiots to avoid. I think this point is universally understood and clear, but if not, just look at what has happened to Fox News in the last 8 years as they have become confused and infected from the inside-out on their brand-who their customer base is-and the difference between the news-opinion based journalism-and some lunatic interpretation of balance and bias.

It is probably not a coincidence that we watch on average zero television anymore and it is increasingly limited to crime shows-reality TV-in the form of “Forensic Files” and “48 Hours.” These shows are increasingly coming under fire because of the undeniable trend exposed in the modern day violent inner-city toxic mix of criminal gang-drugs-hoodlum-broken family, single parenthood nightmare stories that somehow feed campaigns focusing on “gun violence” instead of the modern family dysfunction and the ever-increasing slide of inner city schools unable to teach and educate children anymore, contributing to younger and younger criminals-as young as 11 and 12-throwing their lives away in these cesspools of an endless cycle of violence.

How can a modern city like Baltimore Maryland-DC-hundreds of examples-spend billions of dollars on education and yet suffer-condemn-the children-entire school districts-where the percentage of kids capable of performing at grade level is single digit??? Even in the districts who are seemingly doing well we have lunatic leftist and socialist perversion of the concept of education that is rampant in California and the northwest, but somewhat typified by several bedroom DC counties in Virginia, including Loudoun and Fairfax.

But I’m burying the lede again-which is how I got here-and that is not my topic for today.

The theme of these two articles came to me as I thought of a counter point of sorts to the plethora of unmitigated BS, lies, zaniness and craziness that is in the news every day of every week of every month these days demonstrating just how insane and over the top this whole letter nonsense has become in a society that seems destined to pursue and suffer the travesty and tragedy of many ancient societies that fell from prominence and became renowned in history from a combination of decadence, ignorance, and over the top largesse and disregard-as well as disrespect-of the people that depended on them for leadership.

Several recent over the top legislative actions and outrageous incidents of violence provide evidence that we are a society in decline that seems both unable, and more importantly, unwilling to change. We are rather plunging headlong to the point where our culture and construct of governance is going to collapse of its own dead weight as it becomes simply unsustainable.

If society fails to take seriously its most important function-which is certainly the welfare, care, health and education of children-history will judge poorly the leadership of such a society.

We already have a precedent set during the COVID hysteria of a series of immoral, illegal and fascist actions and dictates by federal, state and local governments that ignored science, violated constitutional rights and inflicted untested and dangerous experimental drugs on many workers and “captive” employees who were forced to choose between their livelihoods and an experimental vaccine that our government failed to properly test, validate and certify.

Worse-they incentivized, promoted and threatened consequences against those who saw the danger in what constituted a propaganda campaign of lies, distortions, mistruths and aggressive behavior against any and all who did not toe the party-line.

What will be thought of a society that dictated winners and losers like some lottery or game of chance that saw head/pot shops, tattoo parlors, liquor stores, big box retail stores, Black Liberation Revival Movement (I’ve heard from readers who believe it is disrespectful to use this term: too bad, so sad, don’t read it-but check this out…Black Nationalists-huh-maybe rethink your view on this group of opportunists…) and ANTIFA protests as perfectly fine to stay open and to take place, while closing churches, gyms, restaurants and other commerce related activities with seemingly no common sense or constituent input considered. Shockingly the DMV actually became more efficient with mail in service and appointments…the DMV

First to the most egregious act of legislation perhaps in modern history. This story reads like something out of the “Bee” or Mad Magazine. The Washington Legislature is passing legislation that basically allows runaway children to be hidden and protected against parents who fail to “get with the program” for gender dysphoric children. So, your confused and perhaps bi-polar, autistic or other mentally challenged child runs away for whatever reasons children do these days-the wind, bad bagel, off meds, watching some television program that triggers, lack of availability of favorite cereal-again, whatever-and these politicians-who obviously not only somehow know better than parents-are going to hide and protect them and perhaps undertake steps that help bring about the fantasy or delusion that the parents have not been supporting.

Is there anything worse in today’s society than advocacy to do things to children that parents don’t support and are not willing to do-originally under the guise of kindness and support and advocacy? But now under the threat of action, sliming, canceling, and shaming? It’s not like we don’t now know that all the propaganda, in your face threats and publicity, lies about things like puberty blockers and testosterone supplements based on faux and flawed studies, resulting in unfounded propaganda that put little smiley faces on results, turned out to be so much nonsense-not unlike all the COVID propaganda.

It’s like the left’s handbook of propping up lies and mistruths and finding the most edgy material on which to base their silliest arguments.

Who knew there was such a thing-but the President of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health-who is apparently a doctor-Marci Bowers (a trans-identified male) equates bans on mutilation of children to-you guessed it-racial discrimination:

The president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has penned a letter in which the celebrity gender surgeon compares bans on experimental child sex changes to racial discrimination and claims that nature lacks a definitive answer to the question of what a woman is.

Hmmm-our society is so sophisticated and educated these days, with scads of unprecedented information available at our fingertips-the total amount of information available doubles about yearly-thirteen months-yet our culture is producing people who are schooled and trained as doctors who apparently believe and say these stupid, ignorant things like this-and people are listening.

I’m not a doctor, biologist, female or letter person, but the “nature” we experience on our farm/ranch is pretty definitive on all of these subject matters that are apparently so confusing to these idjiots.

We have some several hundred animals on our farm/ranch-we can tell the females from the males very easily-even the chickens and Guinea Fowl. The other important point to consider is that even the dumbest animals-and they stand out and distinguish themselves just like humans in society-can tell the males from the females (its twue-even the dumbest-the Guinea Hens who forget they can fly and parade back and forth at the gate for hours and try to outrun the dogs.)

Think about that: the doctor would have you believe that nature lacks a definitive answer on that question-men versus woman, males versus females, what gender a species is-and yes, I know, it is difficult with chickens (for instance)-but if you are too simple to figure it out-they have ways to let you know: trust an old-Army guy on this (they let you know, Jim) the clue bus for chickens and Guinea is when that little package arrives from the back of the animal (we call it an egg, but “gender it up” if it makes you happy,)….now we are benevolent ranchers, so if a hen wants to identify as whatever, then, yes-whatever-but it is hard-and fruitless-to argue with those little “clue buses.”

Is there a point in the education process where you learn so much that you become ignorant again-so balanced out by counter narratives and argumentative points that you reach paralysis of analysis in thought and spout ignorant inanities like this?

Far worse is the thought that a doctor like this is going to be treating humans that she professes to be unable to distinguish somewhat key attributes and characteristics that-I don’t know-might be important to pursuing a diagnosis?

It is clear from the writeup that a person who has been responsible for some ~2000 vaginaoscopies had to make a call-aided by nature-somewhere in that process (and I’m just thinking out loud here…)

I wonder what Don Limone would think about this commentary, because being discriminated against is “just like having body parts cut off or inducing irreversible changes like puberty blockers, testosterone or estrogen supplements,” or other things that will adversely affect your health the rest of your life.

This doctor thinks nature lacks a definitive answer to the question of what a woman is-but she knows from results and the facts associated with her dogma that a male undergoing puberty blockers will never achieve an orgasm.

What kind of sick human being advocates chemical induced, irreversible changes to children who can’t possibly understand the ramifications of these actions?

If the name sounds familiar, you might have heard it from the infamous series about Jazz Jennings and his/her surgery, particularly the video about problems with body parts splitting and attempts to fix it.

The “doctor” acknowledges that much of this-the trends, the numbers-bases upon societal influence-not unlike fashion-but further opines:

Then, after claiming that there is no “biological measure” to indicate who is a woman, the president of the world’s leading transgender health organization makes a valiant attempt at defining woman.

A “woman is what society sees based upon the gender identity the individual projects,” said the trans-identified male who has performed over 2000 vaginoplasty surgeries. “No measure in biology gets it right every time. For every rule, there is an exception.”

Systematic reviews of the evidence for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for youth have revealed that the research is of extremely poor quality. In light of this, SwedenFinlandEngland, France and Norway have all pivoted away from affirmation and medicalization for this vulnerable cohort of young people. The implementation of aberrant treatment in the US propagated because “England, Finland, Norway, France and Sweden” were doing it: so it must be good, because, Euros…. But each-all of these countries have stopped these sicko policies based on the bottom-line fact that reported results showed no difference whatsoever in suicide inclinations correlated with any of these treatment regimes.

And it is sad to observe what the problem is, but it is straight forward. If you break a bone, get pneumonia, headache, gunshot wound-whatever-these are medical conditions with known treatment regimens-and while there are alternatives, treatments are well understood and somewhat “chalk.” You would rightly condemn a parent whose child broke a bone or suffered from a disease who did not follow societal remedies. If you observed an action that was ubiquitous right up into the 80s-parents smoking with children in the back seat, OBTW, without seat belts-that is a heinous crime today. Puberty blockers, elective surgery, estrogen supplements…not so much.

Mental health issues are no different and must be treated. In a recent article I joked about Lizard Man, but whether friends are humoring him or whatever is going on there, it is an indictment of our society that mental health issues-of any type-associated with children that go untreated by professionals trained to help-but not by deviants and mental cases who sadly fell through the cracks and never got the treatment they needed themselves, is a travesty of our own making that is increasingly causing these kids to act out in ahistorical ways that have no precedent in our society and culture.

We support these aberrant activities to our peril-and that of our children.

11 May 2023

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