The fertile imagination of E. Jean Carroll

Clearly, no one knows what did or did not happen in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room 25 to 30 years ago between Donald Trump and his accuser, advice columnist E. Jean Carroll. But after perusing a series of Carroll’s tweets from around a decade ago – that are still up by the way – her claims of sexual battery now seem even less credible than before and far less compelling than anti-Trumpers would like them to be.

The tweets were dug up by Twitter users @HollyBriden (Hollaria Briden, Esq.) and @MillennialOther (Meara).  They were published last week by Twitchy.

I know that advocates of the fleeting “me too” movement will accuse me of blaming the “victim” for passing on these little gems, but please!

Am I taking these tweets out of context? Certainly I am. But the judge in this case saw fit to allow a 2005 Hollywood Access tape into evidence, so why not let the public see what makes E. Jean Carroll tick?


A previous version of this article appeared on Power Line.

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1 thought on “The fertile imagination of E. Jean Carroll”

  1. I’m certainly glad a woman published these tweets instead of every woman ignoring them and forcing a man to publish them!

    This society is really messed up when someone that tweets those kinds of things can then accuse someone of a crime like rape and then have it treated seriously by “jury of their peers“.

    But, then again, it wasn’t treated seriously, it was treated as a thin rationalization for find that detestable Trump liable for damage so they could create the appearance of guilt and, because of that, punishment.

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