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Vaccine Tyranny
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Abortion on demand, Anti-Racist Equity, Global Climate Change, and Covid mandates, lockdowns, and closures all are examples of bogus science being used for awful government policies.

When the science isn’t scientific, but is based on political science, government is going to do badly.

Consider the U.S. response to the Wuhan Virus. Someday, there’ll be case studies on how our governments’ responses created the worst debacle in the history of American public health. Cascading deadly decisions that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

From the beginning, the greater part of the response to the Wuhan Virus Pandemic should have been, “We don’t know.” Instead, professionals who should’ve known better, made up answers. The public health bureaucrats, Big Pharma and hospital corporate bosses, media lackeys, and millions of Americans being the “good Germans” of the NAZI era became instant zealots for the wrong, ineffective, destructive, government policies.

From January through May 2020 no one knew, for certain, the real infection rate (Ro), the real mortality rate, the co-morbidities, and mortality rate if hospital care capacity was overwhelmed. So, fifteen days to stop the spread was fair enough. But, that was it. “Flattening the curve” of disease to not overwhelm hospitals was the only policy supported by the data – the limit of hospital beds, ICU beds, and ventilators.

By June of 2020, states were acting differently in response to the pandemic. Rightfully so, because the progress of the virus wasn’t following the projections from the experts. Something was wrong with the analysis and conclusions.

Throughout the next year, Free states went from ending forced closures to stopping every mandate, including masking up. The Subject states clung to their diktats and doubled down until reality mocked them too much in 2022. The Federal Government stayed locked in on stupid, like mandatory masks on airplanes until a single, brave Federal Judge ruled the emperor had no clothes on.

The absence of any objectivity in the media outside of the few megaphones of Conservatives was appalling. The suppression of contrary opinions and dissent from The Narrative of Pandemic Fear Porn was actively suppressed on social media by Big Info Tech. Consequently, the hard decisions about what to do couldn’t be left to stand alone in the court of public opinion because it devolved to be either a kangaroo court or a witch trial.

The “don’t knows” about the Wuhan (Covid) Virus became the “what ifs” where an unmasked American was tarred as a person who wanted to kill grandparents. Silly, huh? But, it was carried to the extreme where “what ifs” became “holy craps” that opposing The Narrative supposedly meant many ignorant, evil, insane, and dangerous things. All of which are demonstrably false.

The data in 2022 shows how wrong “the science” was. Rational empiricism proves how twisted political science created closures, social distancing, mandates, masking and preposterous, inflationary spending.

The virus didn’t come from animals. It came from a lab.

The masks didn’t protect the wearer or others from Covid because – well, look up what a micron is, the size of the virus in microns, and the protection of masks in microns. The masks were like using chain link fence to stop mosquitoes.

The closures, which crushed the economy, and destroyed so many small businesses didn’t stop a virus. Viruses virus. They spread. Sooner or later.

The vaccines don’t stop the virus. They may mitigate the effect in some demographics, but they don’t prevent the disease. Data may show they increase the likelihood of multiple cases of Covid. Pfizer released a study that showed their “vaccine” was 12% effective. That’s not a vaccine. It’s just a jab. Just very well-funded by taxpayers and without any concern for many adverse effects.

Finally, the medical science of curing diseases retreated to the political science policy of vaccinations only. Big Pharma and Big Hospitals should have started the best practice protocols for healing in the early months and improved them over time. Instead, the one size fits all of no treatment until patients couldn’t breath and then admit them to ventilate them and let them die is disgraceful. The only “one size that fits all” is a body bag.

Doctors who were successful in aggressively treating Covid were suppressed by Big Tech. The real success stories, like monoclonal antibodies, were not promoted.

The loss of confidence in the medical establishment and public health officials is correct – and staggering.

Sunlight is the only disinfectant to keep political science from metastasizing as faux science. Free speech and a free press in every format are the way to have ideas exposed and compared in public.

Frankly, as I taught in Research and Methodology for the Social Sciences at West Point, that’s the way we really know what we know. Every hypothesis must be challenged hard.

No policy can be defended by rhetoric – by the single word “science.” Let the data speak clearly. Discern what data is present or missing. Welcome dissent and demand “show me.”

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