What Sane Person….

Sometimes I feel like King Pellinore in Camelot. In case this name doesn’t ring a bell with you, King Pellinore was an old king wandering around Camelot, looking for his kingdom, for “he seemed to have lost it.” He was willing to whack the anyones necessary to recover his kingdom, wherever it was.

Well, call me Pellinore, for I have lost my country and can’t seem to find it. Did I misplace it? Was it bombed off the earth? Or has it been changed so much by the woke, the stupid, the hateful left, that it is no longer recognizable? Physically, I suppose, it’s still here. The trees, the lakes and rivers, the towns, the mountains, the valleys, they’re all still visible. What I am missing, or my country is missing, is the common sense that was so evident in this country for generations.

My country is missing people who will face the facts, for it seems we are overrun by raving idiots, and I don’t use that term lightly. What sane person can look at Joe Biden and see anything but mental patient, controlled by the wicked, evil, America hating former president and his minions hiding out in the White House.

What sane person could agree to the depravity of transgender operations on little children, who should be worrying about what game they’d be playing with their friends instead of what sex they want to be on Thursday. What sane person would consider pedophilia by the new name Minor Attracted Person, something to accept, when the MAP demons ought to be hung from a high oak tree.

What sane person could look at the treason of the Bidens, the Obamas, the Clintons, the FBI, the CIA, and just about every demoncrat and many republicans in Congress, and say, “Oh, well, that’s just politics,” when they have sold out this nation to the highest bidders in the world, most prominently China, and Congress and the DOJ refuse to prosecute the guilty.

A brave Marine stops a lifetime thug in New York from harming people and the Marine is arrested, yet the 13% are given free rein to murder, loot and destroy businesses, and heads are turned away in every city to this flagrant destruction.

Our armed forces and their transgender and woke programs are ruining our military, and I guarantee you this bunch will not mind one bit shooting Americans should we ever mount a protest.

And, what about those millions of invaders streaming across the Southern Used to Be Border? Thousands and thousands of military age men from all countries, China especially, and do you think for one blue minute that they are here to become Americans? They are the orcs and Uruk Hai of our enemies and they are being sent to destroy our electrical systems, our food factories, our shipping ports, our rail systems. They are massing here, and when China decides to attack in some form, they will be unleashed upon us in all their destructive forces.

What I want to know is this: when will we do something to fight back, and not be so stupid as to think that the next election will solve the problems that are getting more pervasive every day. I was listening to some show today where they were still lamenting the not-so-great choices the republicans fielded in 2022. Can’t these eejits admit the fact that the elections were stolen AGAIN from perfectly good candidates. Otherwise how could some brain damaged person like that Pennsylvania senator even be allowed to run, much less win.

I am just completely fed up with our side, that talks and writes and pontificates all the while the country is circling down the drain. We are losing, and we are not fighting in the right way, or we wouldn’t keep losing.

Thomas Sowell said this, “If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarity.” Well, comrades, the barbarity is here and we do nothing but write and talk, and the forces of evil are winning more ground every day. Surely there are still strong military men waiting in the wings to help us regain our country. (Two names to remember if there ever is a backlash: Francis Marion and John Singleton Mosby.)

I can only pray that preparations are underway by the men most capable, to defend our country against all enemies. Meanwhile, like Pellinore, I will keep searching my last years on this earth for the country I have lost.

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