Dreams of My Youth

The dreams of my youth, stifled and curbed,
my existence lost in the gale.
The song in my soul, muzzled and mute,
except for a forlorn wail.
The turmoil serves a greater purpose,
a shift in the paradigm,
As the trials that tempt to unmake me,
mold me infinitely stronger with time.
The fire has created an unconquerable warrior,
forged by the flames of life.
The hammer has shaped a razor’s edge,
pummeled by blows and strife.
The blood of my forefathers flows through my veins,
the steel of Damascus my spine.
The force of Mjolnir beats in my heart,
bestowing power and the divine.
I have emerged a fearless work of art,
a blade glistening in the sun,
tempered and polished with the Grace of God,
A masterpiece once He’s done!
Julie Plott Counihan


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