Twitter is Lying

Twitter is Lying; I know many people think that with Elon Musk owning twitter, then perhaps the rational people had won a round in the fight for the soul of our country. Apparently not:

A screenshot of a social media post Description automatically generated with low confidence

Reading my tweet, in which pointed out (to the Kansas City Star newspaper) the well-known fact of the high level of mental illness in the LGBTQ community, I can see no promotion of violence, threat, or harassment. If I pointed out to a third party that a cancer sufferer undergoing Chemotherapy has a compromised immune system, would that be considered harassment? My tweet pointing out well known mental health issues within the LGBTQ community is not harassment, its simple observation of a fact. Nor could any rational person consider this harassment since the comment is directed to the @KCSTAR, not the LGBTQ community. How exactly is a comment to a newspaper any form of harassment?

After four days, I agreed to let Twitter remove the tweet, since it was abundantly clear that the twitter appeal process doesn’t actually exist. Just as Facebook’s process doesn’t actually exist.

So here is what twitter said. For the record, the statement is a lie. I did not violate twitter rules, nor did they perform any sort of review:

“What happened?

We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features. While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers — no Tweets, Retweets, Fleets, follows, or likes. Your account will be restored to full functionality in:

5 days and 8 hours. “


My first tweet out of twitter jail will be to note that twitter lied in claiming that I violated the rules in the first place, lied when the claimed that ‘they determined’ I had violated the rules, and they also lied when they claimed the decision could be appealed.

In the past, there were public interest groups such as the ACLU that would sue companies that did not follow their own rules about due process for such incidents. Today, the ACLU and other groups are more interested in restraining free speech than protecting it.

As I was thinking about this, I remembered a conversation I had with a friend from high school. He was not a US Citizen, his parents had fled to Canada to avoid the draft, and later returned to the US, though they remained Canadian citizens. My friend now lives in London. I asked him how he was doing with the lack of free speech in Britain. His response was that it wasn’t about free speech really, it was all about civility.

All about civility. Well. The government gets to define what is civility now. Does it become ‘uncivil’ when you catch a politician lying and speak about it in a public forum? Well, not yet anyway.. But evidently it is uncivil for a Christian to pray in public in Britain. Silently. It’s also uncivil to preach the gospel in public in Britain. So why do I bring up Britain? Because its apparent that the left wing in the US, especially among the tech giants, wants exactly those same speech rules in the US. Twitter and Facebook, today’s equivalent of the public forum, are trying very hard to redefine free speech as only referring to speech that does not offend a protected class.

I don’t think its possible to overstate the danger that the radicals are bringing on themselves by their desired restrictions. Nowhere in the Constitution of the US, nor in the historical record of the US is their any suggestion that anyone in this country has the right to not be offended. Especially as any one man’s statement of fact can be interpreted as offensive no matter how mundane the comment. Of course, decent people are not offended by the truth. But we are not dealing with decent people here.

How far the country has fallen since Lincoln. During the Lincoln presidency, Newspapers often compared Lincoln to a monkey. On the front page. In a cartoon. Without being censured.

As radio came into widespread usage in the US, the political and religious attacks from all sides broadcast over the radio were brutal, no holds barred. And each side gave as good as they got. And that was healthy.

The rise of talk radio in the 80s gave a healthy voice to free speech. But because so much of that talk radio was conservative, the left wing in the US started going on the attack. But rather than responding in kind, their solution was to censor the voices of conservatives. When that failed, they tried to ridicule them.

Eventually, the left in the US started to answer back with shows like The View, but they never reached the level of popularity of shows like Rush Limbaugh. And the left never forgot their original plan to censor speech that they disliked.

Then came Facebook and Twitter. And the left quickly succeeded in corrupting coopting these platforms for themselves, by claiming that they were just trying to maintain civility. Ignoring the fact that when they are the definers of civility, civility can mean anything they desire.

Evidently posting scientific facts in disagreement with the left-wing doctrine is ‘uncivil’. I have lost count of the number of times that my simple statements of fact on subjects ranging from mental health to climate change have been taken down because they disagree with the doctrinal answers. I have pointed out that the IPCC Synthesis Report claim that climate change is causing more severe hurricanes is simply false. And it was corrected as misinformation on Facebook. When in fact it was the synthesis report that was wrong.

My tweet about the level of mental health problems in the LGBTQ community is true, it’s a well-known fact. It’s been published and discussed many times, but the thought police hate it.

Both Twitter and Facebook claim to have an appeal process when content is removed. But as far as I can tell, their claim is a flat out lie. If pointing out that the statement is simply a true fact is not accepted on appeal, then it is not an appeals process, it’s an examination of doctrinal purity.

The brutal mental health effects of forcing adolescent females to mask for two years to avoid the actually non-existent COVID threat should really be examined. Sure, everyone told them it was for their own good. But the subconscious message to these vulnerable young girls was “your face isn’t worthy of being seen”. And “no you can’t visit your friends; they might make you sick”. Could there be any messaging more damaging to a young woman? But try and bring that up, and its sexist and/or racist and uncivil. And censored. The left loves to avoid serious discussion with accusation of sexism and racism.

Thirty years ago, social media was granted an exemption that allowed them to accept posts without being libel for their content. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The intent of that law was clear, to allow free expressions in a public forum. But rather than complying with the intent of the law, and only taking down actively threatening content, the left leaning social media companies have chosen to interpret the law to mean that they can take down any content they don’t like, exactly the opposite of the intent of the law.

It’s time for the courts, and the state and federal government to enforce the intent of the law. The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Twitter and Facebook, interpreting the law as intended. Social media companies cannot be held libel for abuse of their platform.

The clear intent of the law is to allow the maximum amount of free speech. Not to allow the social media companies to take down any content they found in any way offensive. Thirty years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union would have been on the case immediately, suing Facebook, Twitter, and every other platform to force them to follow the law. Today the ACLU is demanding censorship. How the forces of freedom in our country have fallen. Freedom of speech is the most important civil right, there is a reason its listed first. Without the right to talk, you don’t have the ability to think.

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  1. Elon Musk is not and never has been a conservative. He admits he voted for Brandon in 2020. His hiring an ex-NBC Universal exec as Twitter CEO should show you what he really is, a showman and business man with liberal tendencies.

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